Cartier Paris desk clock, table clock

A wonderful and outstanding piece from the house of Cartier is this desk clock. This fine watch is gold plated and was skilfully and uniquely crafted in France. A masterpiece that shows the timeless elegance of Cartier, a classic piece of fine watches sought after from collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. The clock has a Quartz movement with an alarm function and sapphire cabochon on the setting knobs.

Details Facts
Style table watch, travel watch
Movement Quartz
Case gold plated
Case diameter 49mm
Glass Sapphire Crystal
Age made in the nineties
Model number 2984
Category luxury watches

Cartier Paris table clock value

Sell or Pawn this Cartier clock Amount paid
Sell this Cartier clock for $100
Pawn this Cartier clock for $70

Photos of a Cartier Clock

Cartier Clock in BoxCartier Clock BackCartier Desk Clock in Gold

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