Howard Behrens, Hillside Villas, original canvas print

Howard Behrens was a famous American painter. Behrens was born 1933 in Chicago but was a long time resident of the area of Washington D.C. Behrens holds a Bachelors and a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Maryland. He was a popular painter who is well known for his post-impressionistic paintings and was a master in the palette knife technique. He considered himself an expressionist who has integrated the spontaneous nature of the Impressionist painters. He had many famous fans, the former President of the United States George Bush and his wife Barbara Bush as well as the real estate tycoon Mr. Donald Trump.

His painting Hillside Villas was painted in Mexico, more precisely in the famous Las Hadas Resort. This painting was a gift from his wife Judie, who accompanied Howard Behrens to the most beautiful places around the world and supported his career as painter. Howard Behrens died on April 14, 2014 in Potomac Maryland. He suffered from the Parkinson’s disease. Behrens left behind countless admirers and left his special marks in America’s art scene.

Details Facts
Artist Howard Behrens
Artwork Painting
Image size 25.5×34 inches
Themes Tropical and beach
Published in 2000

Hillside Villas Value (Original Painting)

Sell or Pawn Hillside Villas Amount paid
Sell the Hillside villas for $15,000
Pawn the Hillside villas for $5,000


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