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Shop Rules | Shipping | Payment Methods | Become a Member works hard to always get you best deals. If you regularly sell precious metals with us, you get a free membership for our online shop and you automatically qualify for huge discounts. We believe that together we are stronger what is the reason why we provide testing equipment and other merchandise at wholesale prices or even below recommended wholesale prices to our highly respected members.

We do have shopping rules. You fully agree to those rules if you buy from us.

  1. Fair use rules apply for buying from us. Don’t exploit our huge discounts and share the benefits with other clients.
  2. Members qualify for one discounted purchase per month and per product.
  3. You agree to not resell merchandise bought from our shop.


  • We ship on the same day, latest on the next business day
  • First class shipping within the US is always free
  • Priority shipping costs $5.00

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

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