Shiny but also valuable? How much is your silver worth?

You would like to find out how much silver is worth? We need to know, if you are looking for the value for selling silver or the value for buying silver. There is a huge difference between selling and buying. First, it’s good to learn that silver is an important metal. It won’t be only used for jewelry, coins or ingots. Silver is also very important for the electronic industry, the automotive industry or medical supplies. The demand of such industries affects the current value of silver – also the value of your silver coins or your silver jewelry. There is more to it than that. The demand also affects the sales prices for jewelry, flatware, coins, accessories and other silver items. A high demand makes your silver items more valuable and let sales prices for jewelry and other silver stuff increasing.

And how much is silver worth? What’s the current stock market price for silver?

Silver is a commodity and will be traded in troy ounces or kilograms. Ounces and kilograms are also the unit of weight if you speak about jewelry, coins or ingots. Therefore we list above the current silver price each ounce and each kilogram:

Current value each ounce: $16.12
Current value each kilogram:$522.23

Please consider that the stock market value is completely different to the value for selling or buying silver. The stated prices are only important for traders, dealers or even the industry. They can afford to buy huge amounts of silver and they can buy it for approx. that price. The stock price is just an indicate value, for you as an individual to observe the price trends.

I would like to sell my silver, how much is my silver worth?

Silver is not as valuable as gold. But silver has an important status in the US economy. You are lucky, if you own silver jewelry, silver coins or silver flatware. And you are very lucky if you own a huge amount of silver because it’s valuable and easy to sell to gold and silver buyers. Generally, silver is silver and always equally valuable if your calculation is based on the commodity price. No matter if you own coins, jewelry, flatware or tableware. Of course, rare silver coins or antique silver jewelry is more worth than damaged silver cutlery but only if this pieces are really unique pieces. We highly recommend you, not to sell for a deduction of more than 25% of the commodity price. Take a look at the following calculation:

Current silver value at the stock market: $16.12 each ounce
Up to 25% of buyer deduction = dealer margin: minus $4.03 each ounce
Payout amount you can expect: $12.09 each ounce

You can compare gold and silver buyers, based on that calculation. Don’t accept any arguments for a higher deduction. Silver and gold are very easy to handle and buyers should be glad to get your silver offered. Don’t sell it for less and check the dealers carefully. Only sell to reliable places like Never trust your neighborhood dealer if you don’t know how much your silver is worth. Always figure out what you own before you offer it. If you like to sell without checking your goods, get sure that you know a really honest expert. Fast deals with fast cash can turn out as an expensive experience.

How much is silver worth, if I like to buy silver?

The purchasing price has nothing to do with the selling value. In contrast to the selling value, there is a big difference between buying jewelry, buying coins or buying flatware. It’s because of the workmanship and the manufacturer. Even silver coins can be evaluated easily. We recommend you to buy silver coins only from reliable sources and not for more than 15% over the commodity price.

How much is silver worth if I would like to buy jewelry or silverware?

It’s not possible to give a reliable answer because, as we said, it depends on many facts like the brand, the workmanship or the edition. We would say that the silver you would love to buy is worth what you are willing to pay for it. You are ready to pay the asking amount, if you really love a special piece of jewelry and if you can afford it. Well, you should not pay every asking price but you should pay an adequate price.

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