What is vintage gold?

Vintage gold is old gold from former years very often also named as antique gold. In the majority of cases when people talk about vintage gold, they talk about vintage gold jewelry. Vintage gold can be popular classics as well as old fashioned pieces that are hard to sell. Many old items made of gold can be named as vintage gold: rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cuff links, pendants, earrings, pins and many others too.

Where to find vintage gold?

The most exciting place where vintage gold can be found is on flea markets. Many tradespeople offer their vintage treasures on flea markets. It’s a great pleasure for a visitor or collector to walk around the numerous of stands and look for vintage gold. You can be very lucky and discover truly treasures among all the old things. Nearly everyone who visits flea markets regularly can tell thrilling stories about great pieces which were found on flea markets. The one calls it passion the other waste of time. It falls to the respective person to like that way of treasure hunt or not. Flea markets are a wonderful place for any kind of vintage things, not only for vintage gold also art and old pieces of daily use can be bought at this colorful places where the past meets the present, now and tomorrow.

Also at auction houses you can buy vintage gold. The advantage over the flea markets is unambiguous. Auction houses always inspect and appraise the items before they were approved for the auctions. That way you can gain a founded knowledge about the vintage gold you would like to buy or in what you are interested. This makes it very transparent for you. The disadvantage is that you have to buy high fees when you would like to bid at auctions. The possibility to make great bargains is of course lower than on flea markets. Also eBay or Craigslist are interesting marketplaces where you can find vintage gold to very attractive prices but the important thing is to separate the treasure from the trash, especially when you don’t buy from professionals.

Why is vintage gold so popular?

Vintage gold is that popular because it reminds us of past times, brings back long-forgotten memories and let us wear creations of classics that never go out of fashion. Vintage gold can be more than “normal” gold, it’s antique so the age of the vintage gold makes it so precious for us. When you wear inherited vintage gold from your grandma it might brings you back unforgettable moments with her.

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