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citrine inspection with reDollar polariscopeA gemstone is a wonderful and sometimes also a very valuable item. Not only a diamond entices and thrills with its fantastic beauty. Also other gems like a ruby, a sapphire, an emerald, an opal, a very rare jadeite, a serendibite, a grandidierite, a painite, a musgravite, a bixbite or also a jeremejevite can be very fascinating and extremely expensive. is a great place if you plan to find out how much your gems are worth or if you plan to sell a gemstone. You can sell gems just like 1-2-3. Very qualified appraisers, a high-tech lab and an amazing customer support will accompany you if you decide to sell your gemstones to our company. By the way: you can expect the highest prices and an extremely fast payment into your checking account. Alternatively we mail a money order or a personal check to those who won’t like using a bank account for the selling deal. is prepared for any situation and any customer needs.

Sell your gemstones now, if you are ready to cash out. Just get started online and tell us your personal information. Describe your gems that you plan to sell and decide for a convenient and fully insured way of shipping to us. Shipping to our labs is free of costs at any time – also if you sell gemstones into the $100,000 range. Selling extremely valuable gemstones will be discussed on the phone, before shipping, to find the best and safest way of delivery. Extremely valuable gemstones will be picked-up at your home or your office by an armored transportation service.

Our Experts are using latest equipment

a natural untreated ruby gemstoneThe experts have access to latest gemstone examination equipment and a breathtaking laboratory. Besides common lab instruments for gemologists like polariscopes, microscopes or refractometers we are also using hydrostatic scales and X-ray examination technologies. We do not only spot inclusions, we are also able to refer inclusions to a geographical area or even to a specified mining operation. Our experts are attached to an international network of gemologists for sharing inspection reports worldwide if needed. Withing seconds, we can submit X-ray reports, microscope videos or photos from our gemstone network what is also very helpful to support our gemstone treatment expert for  identifying treated stones. We are also proud to own a huge library with tons of books, specialist literature and renowned scientific journals from all over the world related to gemstones. Please be aware that we also buy gemstone literature to expand our huge library. Even foreign-language books are welcomed. Sell your rough or cut gemstones and attach your gemstone literature to your sale as well.

Individuals and commercial clients can sell gemstones

Gemstones, even loose, are as common as gold and jewelry in the US. Not only millionaires and companies own gemstones. Almost every US household owns diamonds or other gemstones. In the majority of cases gems are mounted in a ring but also loose diamonds and gemstones are in circulation. Loose diamonds are coming in a card box including a certification. Diamonds like that can be calculated by yourself using our diamond calculator. Individuals often underestimate their owned stones, because of this underestimation, they also don’t offer their stones for selling. Don’t do the same and underestimate your precious stones, mail them to for an unbinding price check. Our appraisers can tell you in less than 24 hours how much money you can get paid for your gemstones (loose stones or even mounted in a ring). Keep in mind that there is no obligation to sell your gemstones to our company. Take action right now and start selling online to sell now or just to check your gem’s current market price.

Sell gemstones online using our price lists

We have an open house philosophy. Beware of companies not publishing or telling prices. Many companies argue that telling prices on the phone or on the internet is not reliable because it’s always a must to see the offered item in person to make a binding statement. Generally they are right because also our company has to see your gemstones in person but we are able to offer a “from.. to” price list. Unreliable sources avoid telling prices because they hope to make a quick cash deal if they have you in their store. The dealers hope that fast cash in hand is the best argument to convince a customer. Beware! You could lose a lot of money! Our gemstone expert Tamay Rostan is expecting your questions.

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