Sell your 1 carat diamond with us: any size and any quality accepted!

redollar expert is checking diamonds with loupeLearn more about the value of  your 1 carat diamond(s) and consider as your perfect partner for a potential selling transaction.  Please bear in mind that we don´t only buy 1 carat diamonds, we buy diamonds of all kinds, fancy diamonds as well as classic white diamonds. With us you can also sell loose diamonds with grading reports from GIA or other laboratories as well as diamonds without certification. Our certified and highly skilled diamond experts are prepared for every situation. We have the financial power to buy very expensive diamonds as well as little stones. With us you can count with a transparent and fast selling transaction. Our offers are very high in the industry because our primary goal is your satisfaction and recommendation, not a quick profit. We work on a very high level of professionalism and transparency so that you always feel comfortable during the entire selling process. Selling diamonds is a highly delicate and competitive business but what clearly distinguishes us from many others is our profound experience paired with the excellent prices we can offer you for your dazzling asset – your diamond.

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Our current 1 carat round diamond prices:

D $5,400 $4,250 $3,700 $3,025 $2,675 $2,050 $1,725 $1,450
E $4,050 $3,675 $2,975 $2,675 $2,375 $1,975 $1,650 $1,400
F $3,425 $3,000 $2,675 $2,450 $2,150 $1,900 $1,575 $1,350
G $2,825 $2,675 $2,375 $2,150 $1,975 $1,775 $1,475 $1,300
H $2,300 $2,175 $2,025 $1,900 $1,800 $1,625 $1,400 $1,225
I $1,950 $1,850 $1,725 $1,675 $1,600 $1,500 $1,300 $1,150
J $1,600 $1,550 $1,500 $1,450 $1,375 $1,275 $1,200 $1,025
K $1,325 $1,275 $1,225 $1,175 $1,125 $1,075 $1,000 $875

Overview of your 1 carat diamond selling options:

  • Sell certified 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell non-certified 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell loose 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell natural 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell 1 carat diamond jewelry
  • Sell engagement and wedding jewelry with 1 ct diamonds
  • Sell 1 carat diamond earrings
  • Sell 1 carat tennis bracelets
  • Sell colored 1 carat diamonds
  • Sell 1 carat fancy diamonds
  • Sell 1 ct Champagne diamonds
  • IA Graded and GIA Certified 1ct Diamonds
  • EGL Graded and EGL Certified 1ct Diamonds
  • IGI Graded and EGL Certified 1ct Diamonds
  • AGS Graded and AGS Certified 1ct Diamonds
  • UGL Graded Diamonds
  • Other Laboratory Certified 1ct Diamonds

Why to sell your 1 carat diamonds online?

Fancy yellow diamondOnline transactions have become more and more normal in our society. And there is a good reason. Because of the strong competition and the many buyers on the internet you as customer have the choice to choose the best. Times are over when your next door jeweler could get your diamonds for a bargain because you were limited on options and comparison offers. Nowadays you can benefit from a pool of information and knowledge on the internet and you can choose your best selling options. Online reviews and an informative website tell you more about the reliability of the buyer you select. reDollar operates online only to reach as many customer as possible, nationwide and international. Our valued and satisfied customers from all over the world are our motivation and drive to continue our success story. Your trust in us is our commitment to you to offer the best and most attractive services. Our team of experts guarantees a professional evaluation and high payout amount. Once you agree to our offer we work on a fast same-day payment, more information regarding our payment options you can find under get paid. All our services are cost-free for you. Shipping and insurance is part of our responsibility to make sure your valuable diamonds arrive safely. Get in touch with our experts to get a free estimation for your diamond(s), we are convinced we won’t disappoint you.

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