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Tamay Rostan, responsible for diamonds and gemstones

My Name is Tamay Rostan, responsible for diamonds and gemstones

My name is Tamay Rostan.

 About meFacts
NameTamay Rostan
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Responsible fordiamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other gems
Year of birth1969
I likeNew York, mountains, books, collectibles
I dislikepollution of the environment

Questions, Tamay answered

 Questions askedTamay’s answers
Harry from Columbus askedHow much is a loose diamond worth?
Donald from Memphis askedHow much is an emerald worth?
Thomas from Portland askedHow much is a yellow diamond worth?
Isaac from New York City askedHow much is a ruby worth?
John from Springfield askedHow much is a diamond worth per carat?
Carolyn from Lakewood askedHow much is a 1 carat diamond worth?
Melissa from Memphis askedHow much is a small diamond worth?
Dolores from Minneapolis askedHow much is a 2 carat sapphire worth?

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