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Searching for a cash-for-gold company in the US offering the best deals for all kinds of gold? Well look no further, because pays the highest prices and offers the most transparent and beneficial way to sell online. is a Fintech startup company with millions of dollars ready to buy your gold. Our company proves that running a gold-buying business can be done in a way that is honest and ethical – Transparent & Beneficial like a Bank.

Sell 24K gold: $74.18 per gram | $114.98 per dwt
Sell 18K gold: $52.76 per gram | $81.78 per dwt
Sell 14K gold: $41.15 per gram | $63.79 per dwt

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      Get Cash for Gold Jewelry

      We buy all kinds of gold jewelry and offer amazing purchase prices. We pay the highest possible price for your gold and even more for designer jewelry. reDollar is the new, consumer-friendly way to get cash for gold jewelry. Our competitors hate our high standards and business ethics because we strive to make YOU happy – not our business owners or investors.

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      Get Cash for Scrap Gold

      There is no better place to get cash for scrap gold than right here! We’ll pay the absolute highest prices for any kind of scrap gold. Individuals and commercial clients alike are welcome to cash their gold with us. Things like broken gold necklaces, mismatched rings, or outdated brooches are perfect for selling, getting you a substantial amount of money in return.

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      Get Cash for Gold Coins & Bars

      See it. Hold it. Feel it. Move it from one hand to the other hand and hold it up to the light. Isn’t it beautiful to see a gold coin or a gold bar shimmering? An item that beautiful deserves a reliable buyer like reDollar paying you the highest possible price. The current stock price for one ounce of gold is $2425.98, and we’ll pay you $2306.99 per ounce. That is a reliable cash-for-gold deal!
      We buy all kinds of gold coins, gold bars, and ingots, regardless of your item’s condition. Don’t think that it’s not worth the effort to sell tiny gold bars. Even 1 gram gets you $74.18 in your wallet.

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      Get Cash for Gold Watches

      We are happy to offer you top dollar for both, well-running gold watches and gold watches that don’t work. When we buy your watch, we don’t just pay for the gold it contains. We consider all value-building factors like demand, supply and availability, condition, low serial number, type of escapement, historical value, age, case, complications, material value, parts, grade, and quality.

      And with us, even a scrap gold watch can sell for a very high price!

      Get Cash for Dental Gold

      A piece of dental gold doesn’t really appeal to the eye because most dental scrap looks unhygienic. Furthermore, its unattractive appearance is often accompanied by a bad smell. But don’t let yourself be fooled! It’s worth more than you probably think. So sell your dental gold with reDollar and celebrate getting paid the highest possible price.

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      Get Cash for Melted Gold

      Any kind of melted gold is eligible for selling with us. We determine the gold’s purity with our X-ray machine and pay you for the exact amount of pure gold contained in your item.

      Service for liquidators, authorities, attorneys, heirs, and estate sale companies: We offer a free evaluation service with NO obligations. We check your gold and provide a detailed report explaining what you have and how much it’s worth.

      Cash for Gold – We serve the entire USA

      reDollar has become an important buyer of gold, jewelry, and other luxury assets, serving the American people from coast to coast. We are proud to have customers from New York to Juneau, sellers young and old, some selling just a wedding ring, others a vast collection of coins. Whether it’s one dollar or tens of thousands of dollars, every transaction with reDollar is processed like with a bank. There is no better-organized or more reliable  cash-for-gold company in the USA.

      Understand the Value of Your Gold

      reDollar is both an outlet to sell gold online and a place to gather knowledge about gold, because we know that educating people about gold  prevents them from getting scammed or accepting an unfair offer.We are attacking a whole industry that created dealing standards to the disadvantage of sellers and to the benefit of business owners. Companies making huge profits on YOUR gold are ethically questionable and outdated. Thanks to the internet, the American people now have the option to get cash for their gold without getting ripped off.

      What’s in your gold?

      If you own gold, it’s important to understand how gold gets compounded and how value originates. The most important value factor for the majority of gold in circulation is the portion of gold used to create a gold item.

      Usually 41.6% pure gold, 58.5% pure gold, or 75.0% pure gold is used to create gold jewelry. For gold coins, 99.9% pure gold is used very often for manufacturing. The more pure gold a piece of gold contains, the more valuable that item is worth.

      Let’s assume we have four gold rings that look exactly the same and weigh 10 grams each. One was made of 10K gold, one of 14K gold, one of 18K gold, and one even of 24K gold*. Despite the similarities in appearance and weight, there is a significant difference in value among the four rings.

      Value of a 10-gram, 10K gold ring: $292.64
      Value of a 10-gram, 14K gold ring: $411.52
      Value of a 10-gram, 18K gold ring: $527.59
      Value of a 10-gram, 24K gold ring: $702.76

      *24K gold jewelry exists, but due to its softness, fine gold jewelry is very rare.

      Value impact of designer- made merchandise

      When trying to sell your gold to a small, local cash-for-gold company, it’s a huge benefit if you already know that you own designer jewelry – or if you know a company like reDollar that will identify the designer for you. A special source or a big-name designer can have a significant impact on the value of your jewelry.

      reDollar finds it out

      So many interesting designers and brands exist besides Tiffany & Co., Cartier, or Harry Winston. What you need is a buyer with the ability to find out if a piece of jewelry is from a designer or high-end brand. Very often, markings have become almost unreadable due to the jewelry’s age or constant wear.

      In general, high-end jewelry is easy to identify because its materials are very exclusive. If gold is used, it is usually 14K gold, 18K gold, or even platinum and not 10K gold. Another indicator is if the jewelry includes gemstones or diamonds. They can be small, but usually they have an appealing rich color and a high grade. Engraved serial numbers and additional gold stamps are other signs to look for. Each of these indicators is just a piece of the puzzle, and it’s the responsibility of the expert to put those pieces together and finally identify an item as designer made or brand made. Literature and auction catalogs are very beneficial to an evaluation process, which is why reDollar built its own library and is constantly expanding its collection. We own books from all over the world, allowing us to compare any suspicious jewelry with a clearly identified comparandum for reference.

      Tiffany New York platinum white gold diamond ringTiffany Diamond Ring

      Platinum Tiffany & Co. brilliant-cut diamond ring with 0.27 ct. marquise diamonds, 0.20 ct. pear-shaped diamonds, and 0.13 ct. round brilliant diamonds.

      Sells for up to $2,500

      amber, chrysoprase, Silver Art Nouveau Georg Jensen BroochAntique Georg Jensen Brooch

      Art Nouveau Georg Jensen brooch made of silver, amber, and chrysoprase designed as a silver wreath with cabochon gemstone and flower-head decoration.

      Sells for up to $1,500

      What’s in your gold and what’s it worth?

      This is a common class ring made of 10K gold. In the photo below, along with the gold ring, we show the exact portion of pure gold used to produce this class ring. Not only do we think it’s interesting to see the amount, but it’s also helpful in understanding where your gold’s value is hidden.

      Weight: 16.78 grams
      Purity: 10K gold (=41.6% pure gold)
      Weight of pure gold: 6.98 grams
      Real material value: $545.06
      Cash-for-gold value: $491.05

      compound of a 10K gold college ring: gold, silver, copper

      Knowledge about Karatage

      KaratagePurity% Au

      In the US, commonly used gold alloys

      22Dark Yellow91.7%3.2%5.1%
      21Yellow - Pink87.5%4.5%8.0%
      18Pale Yellow75.0%16.0%9.0%
      14Pale Green58.5%41.5%0.0%

      What’s in your gold and what’s it worth?

      This is a common necklace made of 14K gold. In the photo below, along with the gold necklace, we show the exact amount of pure gold used to produce this necklace.

      The following information applies to the necklace pictured below:

      Weight: 38.11 grams
      Purity: 14K gold (= 58.5% pure gold)
      Weight of pure gold: 22.29 grams
      Real material value: $1740.83
      Cash-for-gold value: $1568.32

      You can see how much pure gold was used to produce a gold necklace

      Cash for Gold & Jewelry – reDollar Expert Treatment

      What is the most important difference between reDollar and your neighborhood gold buyer or pawn shop? Of course, the price you’ll get paid by us will be much higher, but there are some other very important differences as well.

      reDollar experts handle a cash for gold jewelry transactionWe believe that we have one of the best equipped cash-for-gold laboratories in the US. For jewelry and coins, we use the latest fluorescence measuring system, a density determination scale, and equipment for diamagnetism tests. For gemstone and diamond jewelry, we use gemological microscopes, polariscopes, handheld spectroscopes, and an X-ray machine. The equipment is worth a small fortune and rarely used by local pawn shops or jewelers.

      Our technology is a huge advantage to you as a prospective seller. Knowing exactly what’s on our lab table allows us to pay extremely high purchase prices because it eliminates any risk when buying your assets. Many competitors deduct an additional fee from the amount you’ll get paid as a safety buffer to cover any potential losses due to inaccurate gold evaluation.

      If a gold buyer evaluates just one small 5-gram gold ring incorrectly, he’ll lose between $162.41 and $322.18 depending on the purity he believes it’s made of. Experience, knowledge, and a clean, well-organized gold lab are essential for maintaining our high quality of work. A gold evaluation completed in just a few minutes on a dusty countertop can’t be more accurate than a thorough examination done on a professional evaluation table.

      Always check the location and the infrastructure of a cash-for-gold company you’re considering working with. You could lose a significant amount of money if you trust the wrong company. operates under full transparency, allowing you to check our work in detail every step of the way. We provide you with a detailed analysis report showing all items you delivered and explaining how we arrived at the offered purchase price.

      Cash for Gold Jewelry – Finest Jewelry Welcome

      What do people usually do when they inherit fine jewelry? What about gemstone jewelry, diamond jewelry, antique jewelry, or jewelry of great importance or historic value? Some sellers contact auction houses and others try to find a local buyer or collector. Selling very valuable jewelry at auction is better than selling it to a local buyer, despite the high auction selling fees. But now, there is an even better, more convenient option! is a new way of selling, offering the highest prices even for the finest and most-valuable jewelry. We won’t let you walk away with a bad deal and we’ll never lowball you, because we want you to come back to us – tomorrow or even ten years from now.

      As we’ve already mentioned, dealing with very important jewelry requires both the latest technology, like X-ray machines and high-quality microscopes, and significant professional experience – because sometimes, experience alone is not enough. reDollar is prepared for even the most complex jewelry evaluations. First, we own a tremendous library of books and auction catalogs from all over the world to use for reference and comparison. And second, we work with experts from New York to London and Tokyo. Promising to evaluate very valuable pieces in a couple of minutes is not realistic. Such a process can take some hours or days to find out what materials are present and if a piece is authentic.

      Historical Facts about Native American Jewelry

      reDollar is a very patriotic company and is extremely interested in American jewelry and its history. We have many books in our library describing how certain jewelry designs originated and how, where, and why jewelry was created. We would like to share some basic history we think you’ll find  fascinating.

      Colonial Time Jewelry

      Jewelry from the colonial time was strongly influenced by European immigrants who often came from the Protestant England,where the lifestyle was utilitarian. They believed that human needs were more important than creating luxury goods or luxury jewelry. The jewelry they created was practical, simple, and probably sentimental, but not from overwhelming beauty.

      The pioneers used to work in small workshops and castings. Every small town had its own jewelry, offering basics pieces like wedding rings, buttons, belt buckles, gold thimbles, or modest pearl necklaces.

      Over time, they kept up with new trends, met the demand, and improved the beauty of crafted jewelry.

      Those who could afford them bought items made of silver or gold, which were important status symbols. People with limited budgets bought items made of steel, bronze, tin, or tombac. Tombac, invented in London around 1670, was priced in between gold and brass. About 70% copper and only 30% zinc or brass, tombac items were finer and more exclusive than those just made of brass.

      More-valuable jewelry was decorated with garnet, topaz, and if available, even diamonds in old brilliant cut. Semi-precious jewelry, however, was adorned with glass and fake stones.

      After the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776, the economy was growing fast and the success of trade had been established. Everyone who could afford it bought jewelry commemorating these exciting times. For example, pendants or brooches displaying George Washington were in high demand, as was any kind of jewelry with patriotic symbols. Brooches, rings, and mourning jewelry honoring veterans or fallen soldiers were so popular that they could not be made fast enough to supply the demand.

      Native American Gold Jewelry

      10K gold brooch, Civil War period
      America’s Oldest Jewelers, Goldsmiths, & Silversmiths

      • Shreve, Crump & Low Co (1769, Boston)
      • Shreve Jewelers, George Shreve (1828, Saco)
      • Shreve, Crump & Low (1858, San Francisco)
      • Jabez Gorham (1818, Providence)
      • Black, Starr & Frost (1810, New York)
      • Greenleaf & Crosby (1867, Jacksonville)
      • Jaccard & Mermod (1829, Missouri)
      • C.D. Peacock (1837, Chicago)
      • Tiffany & Young, Young & Ellis (1837, New York)

      Importance of Jewelry Commemorating the Civil War

      Events like the Civil War, the American Revolution, or the Great Depression had an important impact on jewelry made during that historical period. It’s important to find out as much as possible about a piece of jewelry because rarities are often hidden and the value is not always apparent. If a watch or a ring was originally owned by a politician or soldier, or a necklace or brooch can be linked to an important, well-known person, the item might have a high value. high values can be present. We rely on our experts to uncover any important historical facts about the items you send to our laboratory.

      Engraved silver watch back case from civil war period

      The Value in Your Gold – A Historical Retrospect

      Nuggets on newspaper with current gold priceIt was 1666 when King Charles II gave control to London bullion merchants over gold and silver transactions. It was necessary to centralize the trading activities due to the huge discoveries of gold in South Africa and Australia. The British Empire was the most important gold nation mining the largest amount of gold at that time. London was the world’s capital of gold transactions and still is to this day.

      In 1919, the “Gold Fixing” was born. Five major firms were brought together to do a “gold price fixing” in the morning and in the afternoon. These firms were Mocatta & Goldsmith, Samuel Montagu & Cie, Sharps, Pixley & Cie, N.M. Rothschild & Sons, and Johnson Matthey Bankers. The participants were called together to meet in the gold room and agree on the gold fixing price.

      Today, the gold fixing still exists, but thanks to new technology, the participants no longer assemble in person. Since 2015, the Bank of Nova Scotia – Scotia Mocatta, Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank USA NA, Société Générale, Goldman Sachs International, and UBS have been responsible for the gold fixing.

      What does that mean for your cash-for-gold transaction?

      About 90% of all gold and jewelry transactions are based on the material value, while only 10% of all transactions achieve more than just the gold price. For all transactions, the gold fixing and the current gold price are very important when making a deal with a buyer offering almost the spot price for your gold. During trading hours, the gold price changes constantly, literally every second, and can be tracked live. reDollar offers 95% of the current gold price per ounce of tradeable fine gold, which makes price fluctuations very interesting to sellers. If the gold price is rising, you’ll get more money out of your gold, while a decrease in gold price means getting paid less.

      Is this really important for my cash-for-gold transaction?

      It depends on the amount of gold you want to sell. If you sell a small 14K gold pendant, the difference in a price fluctuation is insignificant. But if you’re selling several ounces of pure gold, for example, a change in the price of gold can have a substantial effect on how much you can get paid, resulting in a much higher or lower price.

      Cash for Gold – Online Now

      Start online to get cash for gold

      The first step to getting cash for gold is to start online. We offer two easy ways to begin the selling process. You can either order a shipping kit, which will be sent to your home or office, or you can request a shipping label, which will be sent directly to your email. The shipping label can be combined with free pick-up at a convenient location of your choice. Starting online takes only two minutes and requires simply providing your basic transaction information.

      Ship your gold

      If you want to receive your cash as fast as possible, mail your items as soon as your shipping kit or mailing label arrives. We offer full insurance for any kind of gold. Thanks to Parcel Pro’s high-value services, we are able to insure even extremely valuable shipments up to $150,000.

      We evaluate your gold

      Shipping takes only 1 to 3 days and will be processed by our experts on the same day. We record your gold as it is unpacked and share a link to the video with you. We then evaluate every piece of gold, no matter how small, and calculate a price. Our analysis report will be sent to your email address within two hours after opening your parcel.

      Agree to our offer and get paid in 10 minutes

      It’s easy to accept our price. Just reply to our email or text message and we’ll send you your payment. PayPal or Zelle transactions can be completed in just 10 minutes, and because the accountant is always on duty, we can send payment 24 hours a day, even at night.

      No obligations! No risks! No fees!

      To us, a satisfying cash-for-gold transaction means no obligations, no hidden fees, and no deductions. You can reclaim your gold anytime without getting charged to have it sent back. We’ll do everything we can to exceed your highest expectations in a gold transaction. Our slogan, “reDollar – Transparent & Beneficial Like a Bank,” reflects exactly how we work.

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