Sell gold coins online is your number-one buyer for gold coins. We are the most reliable modern way to sell gold coins for the highest prices. Today, we’re paying up to $2213.92 per ounce of pure gold.

Liberty gold coins, Lady Liberty by Augustus Saint-Gaudens

American Eagle $50 $2213.92
American Buffalo $50 $2213.92
Indian Head $10 $1070.65
Double Eagle $20 $2187.11
Eagle $10 $1074.21

Krugerrand bullion gold coin South Africa

1 oz gold $2213.92
1/2 oz gold $1106.96
1/4 oz gold $553.12
1/10 oz gold $220.68
1/20 oz gold $110.34

INT. GOLD COINSBritish Sovereign gold coin

1 Sovereign $521.09
20 Francs Swiss $412.88
2 Rand S. Africa $521.09
10 Roubles Russia $550.99
20 Francs France $412.88

reDollar expert using microscope for gold coins reDollar Coin Laboratory Every gold coin delivered to our lab undergoes a careful inspection. We gather all the important information about your coins and share all details with you in a written expert report. In addition, we provide you with a thoroughly explained purchase offer.


damaged scrap gold coin

24K gold $71.19/ gram
24K gold $110.34/ dwt
22K gold $65.27/ gram
22K gold $101.17/ dwt

ship and get paid in 24 hours SELL YOUR COINS NOW We guarantee you an extremely high, unbeatable purchase price for your coins. You can either get started right now or order a free selling kit designed to ensure safe and convenient shipping. There is NO obligation, and you can reclaim your coins at any time.

Sell Gold Coins With Us – Industry Leading Payouts

Americans love gold coins. Owning gold coins gives you a feeling of freedom and independent wealth. Nearly every US household owns or has owned gold coins, and many are flipping them like cars. They buy when there is a crisis, and they sell the gold bullion again if they need some money or reDollar research for buffalo gold coins with literature an magnifierprices are high. Gold coins that were inherited or bought a long time ago are great for selling and perfect to keep up your cash flow. They are very valuable and can be sold fast and for really good prices if you know a reliable outlet. Fortunately, you’ve found, your number-one buyer for all coins. was founded to meet the tremendous demand for a reliable place to sell gold coins for as close to the spot value as possible. Our customers know that even bullion coins aren’t easy to sell for a fair price to a local buyer, which is why we receive a huge number of gold coins from all states and even from Canada. Recently a package of gold coins arrived from Puerto Rico worth almost $5,000. If you’re looking for a great place to sell gold coins, you’ll find that reDollar is designed especially for your needs.

Gold Coin Price List

This is how much we pay for your gold coins. No deductions apply – not even for damaged coins. You’ll get paid exactly what you see here.

Coin Purity Weight Selling price
all Bullion Coins* .999 gold  31.1 grams = 1 oz $2213.92
all Bullion Coins*  .999 gold  15.55 grams = 1/2 oz $1106.96
all Bullion Coins*  .999 gold  7.77 grams = 1/4 oz  $553.12
all Bullion Coins*  .999 gold  3.11 grams = 1/10 oz  $221.39
all Bullion Coins*  .999 gold 1.55 grams = 1/20 oz  $110.34
Krugerrand  .916 gold  33.93 grams  $2213.92
Krugerrand .916 gold 16.965 grams $1106.96
Krugerrand  .916 gold  8.482 grams  $553.12
Krugerrand .916 gold  3.393 grams  $221.39
Krugerrand  .916 gold  1.969 grams  $110.70
50 Pesos Mexico  .900 gold  41.66 grams  $2671.76
20 Pesos Mexico  .900 gold  16.67 grams  $1069.09
10 Pesos Mexico  .900 gold  8.33 grams  $534.22
5 Pesos Mexico  .900 gold  4.17 grams  $267.43
 2.5 Pesos Mexico  .900 gold  2.083 grams  $133.59
 2 Pesos Mexico  .900 gold  1.667 grams  $106.91
1 Pesos Chile (till 1892)  .900 gold  1.52 grams  $97.48
 2 Pesos Chile (till 1892)  .900 gold  3.05 grams  $195.60
 5 Pesos Chile (till 1892)  .900 gold  7.62 grams  $488.69
 10 Pesos Chile (till 1892)  .900 gold  15.25 grams  $978.02
 5 Pesos Chile (from 1895)  .916 gold  2.99 grams  $195.16
 10 Pesos Chile (from 1895)  .900 gold  15.25 grams  $978.02
 20 Pesos Chile (1926-1980)  .900 gold  4.06 grams  $260.38
 20 Pesos Chile (1896-1917)  .900 gold  11.98 grams  $768.31
 50 Pesos  Chile (from 1895)  .900 gold  10.17 grams  $652.23
 100 Pesos Chile (from 1895)  .900 gold  20.34 grams  $1304.45
100 Coronas Austria .900 gold  33.875 grams  $2172.49
 20 Coronas Austria .900 gold  6.775 grams  $434.50
10 Coronas Austria  .900 gold  3.387 grams  $217.22
100 Francs France  .900 gold  32.26 grams  $2068.91
50 Francs France  .900 gold  16.13 grams  $1034.46
40 Francs France  .900 gold  12.90 grams  $827.31
20 Francs France  .900 gold  6.45 grams  $413.65
10 Francs France  .900 gold  3.23 grams  $207.15
5 Francs France  .900 gold  1.61 grams  $103.25
 20 Francs Swiss  .900 gold  6.452 grams  $413.78
 1 Pound British Sovereign  .916 gold  7.988 grams  $521.40
 1/2 Pound British Sovereign  .916 gold  3.994 grams  $260.70
 $1 Liberty Head  .900 gold  1.672 grams  at least $111.74
 $1 Indian Head  .900 gold  1.672 grams  at least $111.74
 $2.50 Liberty Quarter Eagle (small)  .900 gold  4.18 grams  at least $279.36
 $2.50 Liberty Quarter Eagle (large)  .920 gold  4.37 grams  at least $298.55
 $5 Liberty Half Eagle  .900 gold  8.36 grams  at least $536.15
 $5 Indian Half Eagle  .900 gold  8.36 grams  at least $536.15
 $10 Liberty Eagle  .900 gold  16.72 grams  at least $1072.29
 $10 Indian Eagle  .900 gold  16.72 grams  at least $1072.29
 $20 Liberty Double Eagle  .900 gold  33.44 grams  at least $2144.59
 $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle  .900 gold  33.436 grams  at least $2144.33
 5 Pesos Argentina  .900 gold  8.06 grams $516.91
 1 Ducat Austria  .986  gold  3.49 grams  $245.21
 4 Ducat Austria .986 gold  13.963 grams  $981.05
 20 Francs Belgium  .900 gold  6.45 grams  $413.65
 2.5 Pesos Columbia  .900 gold  3.99 grams  $255.89
 5 Pesos Columbia .900 gold  7.98 grams  $511.78
 10 Pesos Columbia .900 gold  15.97 grams  $1024.19
 10 Kroner Denmark  .900 gold  4.48 grams  $287.31
 20 Kroner Denmark  .900 gold  8.96 grams  $574.63
5 Marks Germany  .900 gold  1.99 grams  $127.62
10 Marks Germany  .900 gold  3.98 grams  $255.25
20 Marks Germany  .900 gold  7.96 grams  $510.49
10 Korona Hungary  .900 gold  3.38 grams  $216.77
20 Korona Hungary  .900 gold  6.76 grams  $433.54
100 Korona Hungary  .900 gold  33.86 grams  $2171.52
 1 Ducat Netherlands  .986 gold  3.49 grams  $245.21
1 Guilders Netherlands  .999 gold  13.20 grams  $939.67
5 Guilders Netherlands  .900 gold  3.36 grams  $215.48
10 Guilders Netherlands  .900 gold  6.73 grams  $431.61
 5 Roubles Nikolaus II  .900 gold  4.3 grams  $275.77
 5 Roubles Alexander II  .900 gold  6.66 grams  $427.12
 5 Roubles Alexander III  .900 gold  6.44 grams  $413.01
 7.5 Roubles Nikolaus II  .900 gold  6.44 grams  $413.01
 10 Roubles Nikolaus II  .900 gold  8.60 grams  $551.54
 15 Roubles Nikolaus II  .900 gold  12.90 grams  $827.31
1 Rand South Africa  .916 gold  3.994 grams  $260.70
2 Rand South Africa  .916 gold  7.988 grams  $521.40
 5 Pesos Uruguay  .916 gold  8.52 grams  $556.12

All bullion coins means all gold coins containing 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, or 1/20 oz, like American Eagles, Buffalos, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Kangaroos, Philharmonics, Pesos, and many other coins.

Understand the value before you sell a gold coin!

Gold makes a gold coin valuable – period. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a lying or talking about numismatic gold coins or really rare coins. But in almost all circumstances, we are talking about gold coins that are available in significant quantities. Even very old gold coins from the “Old Europe” are mostly trading for the spot price or less. Twenty franc gold coins from Switzerland were minted between 1897 and 1949, and 99% of those gold coins are trading for the spot price or some percentage lower. The amount of gold used to mint a coin is the key indicator of its value. The value of almost all gold coins is tied to the current stock price, which makes price evaluation pretty simple. A seller or buyer of gold coins needs only three indicators to find out how a coin is worth:

That’s it! Factors like the condition of a coin or if the coin comes with a certification or capsule are secondary in importance. If you understand how a reliable gold trader will handle the pricing of a coin, it won’t take long for you to find out how much you can get paid for your gold. Our company does two jobs: first, we buy gold and precious metals for the highest prices and second, we see it as our responsibility to inform people about the value of their gold coins to prevent them from potential scams.

Have damaged gold coins? Learn more about the gold coin melt value in our expert article.

Understanding the value of gold coins

Historically, gold has always been an official method of payment. Shortly after the barter economy and after shells were used as investigate American Eagle gold coin with a reDollar magnifiercurrency, gold replaced almost all forms of payment for goods and services. It’s not only the monetary value of a coin that makes gold so interesting to human beings; it’s also the long history and the fascinating importance gold has had for thousands of years that attracts buyers and sellers every day. Handling gold like money is the only way for a satisfying and fair selling experience. If you travel abroad, do you buy or sell euros or pounds without knowing the official exchange rate? Of course not. Selling a gold coin is pretty much the same business as exchanging dollars for foreign currency. Understand that your gold coins have an indisputable value, and the amount you can expect to be paid is something definite, not dependent on the mood of the buyer. If you sell a gold coin with reDollar, you’ll get paid the highest possible price on the market and receive a written report on the coins you sold.

Very expensive equipment is needed to test gold coins

A reliable gold buyer like reDollar lives on very narrow margins of a certain percentage like a bank. And to have a good business, a buyer of gold coins needs excellent equipment. Every single gold coin you deliver to the reDollar laboratory is opened under video recording then undergoes X-ray testing, ultrasonic testing, and a density investigation. We are even able to detect the tiniest portion of tungsten hidden inside a gold coin thanks to our high-tech equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars. We do this first to know exactly what we’re buying and second to provide you with a gold coin report showing all testing results and the amount we can offer you. We also include a complete breakdown of the total amount offered so you know exactly how much we’ll pay you for each individual gold coin. See our draft report for a recently sold package of gold coins. The report shows a description of your gold coins including weight, purity, and quantity and a checklist of all tests we performed. Keep your gold coin report for your records or share it with a co-seller in case of an inheritance sale or if you act as a liquidator or lawyer. reDollar gold coin report sharing coin details and value

Sell gold coins online is designed to provide a great selling experience, and we worked hard to create the best way possible to sell gold coins online. Gold coins have a decent value, and shipping one or more coins requires a well-thought-out process. While many sellers are not prepared to ship valuables, we offer you free coin-shipping supplies. You can either order a selling kit for gold coins or, start the process right now. If you order a selling kit, we’ll mail you a solid bubbled envelope, or a box, sorting pouches, a gold-selling confirmation sheet, and selling instructions. If you sell your gold coins online, we’ll provide you a free and insured shipping label right away. Selling is easy and hassle -free.

Sell US gold coins and foreign gold coins to

Here in the US, Indian Head gold coins, US Buffalo gold coins, and US Eagle gold coins or are very well known. Even kids are familiar with them. But there might be many more gold coins in your pocket. Gold coins from Canada, South America, Europe, or Asia are very common, too so it’s good to know that buys your US gold coins as well as foreign gold coins from all over the world. They can be vintage, modern, or even antique.

Unknown gold coins and damaged gold coins

Some people underestimate the value of unknown or damaged gold coins. Don’t make that mistake. Each coin still has value because of it’s gold content. Check the gold price per pennyweight to find out that even a small gold coin can be valuable. Keep in mind that damaged or scratched coins have to undergo a melting process, but they can still be sold easily.

Sell Gold Coins Q&A

More questions about selling gold coins? Just contact us for advice.

How much can I sell a 1 oz gold coin for?

A 1 oz gold coin is a tangible asset that can be sold easily. But how much can you get if you plan to sell you one troy ounce gold coin? A reliable gold buyer will offer you at least $2213.92 for your 1 oz coin. Gold is one of the few commodities that has successfully maintained its value over time and can be called a store of wealth. Gold coins, and especially one ounce coins, are  considered a safe investment haven and are easy to store, transport and liquidate. Never-ever settle for less than 93% of the current spot-price.

What is the best way to sell gold coins?

There are many different ways to sell a gold coin. You can sell your gold coin through an auction process, you can bring your coin to a pawn shop, coin dealer or to a gold exchange or you may sell your gold coin online. But what is the best way to sell your gold coin? Generally spoken, the best place to sell your gold coin is the place that offers you the most money for your coins! And it’s really easy to compare buyers. The spot price of any one ounce gold coins is currently $2330.44. A gold buy back offer of at least 93% would be a fair offer.

Is it easier to sell gold coins or gold bars?

Generally spoken, one or the other shouldn’t be easier to sell as both, bars and coins, are reflecting the same value if they have been made of the same alloy and as long as they do weigh the same. If we get very specific, gold bars may be easier to sell. Gold bars are almost always made of pure gold (also known as 24K gold or 999 gold) while gold coins can be made of 90% gold, 21K gold, 22K gold or even 986 gold. It may be more challenging to sell a gold coin made of a less common gold alloy. While bars are easy to identify, those coins may give headache to a less skilled buyer.

Can you sell gold coins at a bank?

Most banks in the United States are not buying gold coins. Back in the day, most banks would buy your gold coins but stopped doing so due to a tremendous increase of counterfeited coins in circulation. In the last twenty years, the value of gold increase dramatically what resulted in many worthless fakes. Besides expensive equipment, experience is needed to identify a “high-quality” fake. With just a few exceptions, hardly any banks are buying gold coins back these days.

Sell gold coins for cash near me

Sell gold coins for cash near me as a very common request to find a buyer locally. Typically, pawn shops, gold exchanges, jewelry stores or gold buyers will offer quick cash for your gold coins. Sellers should keep in mind that a local gold coin selling transaction is often associated with a larger discount. The highest selling proceeds can be achieved when the transaction is not being rushed as comparing offers is the most important step.

Can you turn gold coins into cash?

Nothing easier than turning gold coins into cash. Usually, you have the choice as hundreds or even thousands of gold buyers in the United States are happy to exchange your gold coins back to cash. As long as you are the legal owner of the coins for sale and you are not a minor anymore, selling is super easy. Always consider that selling is very easy but getting paid a high price is usually the challenge.


reDollar expert Alan JensenThe reDollar experts Alan Jensen and Alex Fordham created the article “Sell Gold Online” in an effort to provide detailed information about the selling process with a focus on the value of gold coins. Alan and Alex have a keen interest for gold coins, and they have tons of literature available for reference if you deliver really rare gold coins. They are eager to investigate your coins, so don’t wait any longer – sell your gold coins to reDollar today!

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