You need cash for watches but where to sell?

Of course to reDollar, your expert when it comes to sell watches for cash! You need instant cash because there are medical bills to pay or an unforeseen expense has occurred? You have watches to sell but you are unsure about the value? No problem. reDollar has several experts on board who are able to appraise your watches that you would like to turn into cash. We operate in this business since decades and we have already bought thousands of watches. Watches made of gold or other precious metals, watches from famous brands like Rolex, Cartier or Breitling just to mention a few. If you need cash for watches, with us you make the right choice. We don’t set priority on the condition of the watches, we buy damaged watches as well as brand new watches also antique vintage watches are more than welcomed and can have an enormous value if they meet certain criteria. We have a network of experts that operate all over the world, so equal if you sell European watches or very rare watches, we will find out the adequate value for you.

Cash for watches – the payment options

We don’t ask our clients for a SSN. Cash for watches is a simple thing with us. With you can get instant cash if you need it. We offer payments by money order which you can turn into cash in thousands of stores like Walmart, Publix or Winn Dixie. Also payments by check, PayPal or direct debit are possible, if this are your preferred methods of payment. We don’t operate like bank institutes asking you thousands of questions why you are in need of cash. For us your satisfaction is in focus and that includes that we operate with discretion equal which certain amount of gold or other valuables you would like to turn into cash.

Very helpfull to get cash for watches:

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Sell Rolex  watches

Cash for watches at local buyers – cash for watches at an online gold buyer like reDollar

The advantage of getting cash from local buyers is that you have it in hand at the same time when you sell your watches, the disadvantage can might be the lower price that you can expect at a local buyer. With the risen prices for gold and other precious metals, thousands of unskilled watch buyers popped up nationwide but unfortunately not all of them can be named as experts. Many of those guys just want to make quick money don’t paying attention of the client’s situation or needs. They don’t care about your personal situation they just want to make a good deal on your watch. Also many of those watch buyers have to pay high rents for their shops, this costs they have bring in with the profit they make with your watch. Also a big problem is that many of those buyers don’t have the consolidated knowledge that is needed when offering cash for watches. To buy watches you need to be a professional, you can’t treat a very valuable Rolex or Cartier watch like a watch from the supermarket. This business is very delicate and it’s not enough just having a nice looking designer-store where you offer your unskilled services.

With reDollar you don’t have this worries. When you sell with us, we guarantee a super transparent and professional treatment. We work together with a network of international watch buyers and in house we employ several watch experts who make the appraisal of watches, very often in teamwork. That way you can count with the best possible results and our success is your profit. Having such a profound knowledge makes us able to pay you great cash for your watches. We have only a little margin but our aim it is to attract thousands of clients with our customer-friendly philosophy. In opposite to the local watch buyer we as internet operating company cannot hand out your cash on the same day personally, but we can offer you MORE money for your watches. Of course there are also very reliable and great local watch buyers out there but the art herein is to find the needle in the haystack.

Sell your watches to reDollar and get your cash for watches!

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