You need a dental gold buyer to sell your gold teeth?

You own a single gold tooth, an inlay, a gold bridge or maybe a jar full of dental gold? You plan selling? Awesome, we are the place of your needs because is a dental gold buyer with a guarantee to get paid the highest prices. We analyze every single tooth or we melt down your whole lot in once. It’s up to you. We serve individuals as well as commercial clients like dentists, dental laboratories or dental clinics. You can sell just a single tooth or jars full of dental gold or medical recycling trash. We don’t make compromises when it comes to the dental gold analyze: we test your teeth on gold, silver, platinum and palladium as well. Especially white dental gold needs qualified dental gold buyers with a lot of experience and the technical support of a modern laboratory.

Sell dental gold with reDollar Dental gold buyer for private individuals

There are two ways for individuals to get dental gold. First, you got gold teeth, inlays or a bridge from your dentist back. Reliable dentists always hand over removed dental material because it’s valuable. A single gold tooth can be worth between $50 and $150 or think about a whole gold bridge. Gold bridges can sell for some hundred dollars. We had bridges on our analyze table selling for $800. Another widespread way of becoming a dental gold owner is an inheritance. We are very sure that your grandparents or your parents collected some dental gold. Especially in the 1980s and 1990s, dental gold was not sold or recycled because the gold price was not very attractive to run efforts. But time changed and gold is more worth than ever before. Check the current gold price and notice especially the price development within the last 10 years. You will understand why it’s so popular to turn dental material into cash. We recommend you, only trust reliable dental gold buyers like if you plan to sell dental gold. One dental gold buyer offers maybe only $30 for a tooth worth $100. Be aware and run in any case a comparison.

Online dental gold buyer

Online dental gold buyer reDollarAn online dental gold buyer offers a very convenient way for selling your gold teeth and other dental material. Companies like provide an elaborate selling process, mostly easy like 1.2.3. Make sure that the company you have chosen for selling has a transparent purchase price philosophy. A comparison is only possible, when you are able to check prices with a calculator or a price table. And trust our experience saying never sell to the first dental gold buyer. There are realistic odds of getting ripped off if selling to the wrong buyer.

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How to see trough unreliable dental gold buyers

Dealing with dental gold requires long experience and technical machines to do a good job, as we told you. An X-ray gold analyzer, for example, is a very important machine to offer a reliable and outstanding job. Why? Only an X-ray analyzing machine is able to determine the precious metal content without failing. Yellow colored teeth can be gold as well as trash and even white colored teeth can be made of gold or platinum. Furthermore, a reliable dental gold buyer will remove the base metals for you as good as he can to avoid weight deduction to your disadvantage. Buying gold teeth can’t be done in seconds at the counter. It needs some time and technical equipment.

reDollar dental gold calculatorHow do identify a reliable dental gold buyer:

  • He owns a machine like shown on the photos
  • He examines each tooth
  • He files of gold from some teeth
  • He weighs yellow teeth separated from white teeth
  • He is able to tell you your teeth’s precious metal content including platinum, silver or palladium besides gold
  • He removes base metals like cement

Warning: It doesn’t say that your consulted dental gold buyer is reliable and honest, even when he proceeds like listed above. Always fetch some more purchase offers before you finally sell. Also use tools like this gold calculator to get an idea about the existing value.

Dental gold buyer for commercial clients

Not only individuals are in need of reliable dental gold buyers. Especially, commercial clients need a most qualified place to achieve a high selling price. A high selling price let a commercial client make profit. And profit is urgent to run a business properly. Dentists, clinics or laboratories sometimes have huge amounts of dental scrap materials. melts the dental scrap material down to reach a homogenous mass. We drill the mass on at least 5 positions to remove some drill samples. This drill samples will be analyzed in the next step using an X-ray machine. We run a second melting process, if the ascertained data deviate from each other more than 1%. This handling procedure guarantees a very accurate result for your company. We run the evaluation, based on the achieved data paying you a very high price coming with a report for your records.


reDollar form to sell assets onlineIt’s so simple to sell your dental gold. Get started online and mail-in your dental gold today and get paid, the highest prices, as fast as possible. If you know the weight of your dental gold, use our calculator and find out how much we pay for your gold. There is no better way to turn your dental gold into cash because reDollar offers the highest purchase price.


sell dental gold with reDollar kitWe’ve created a tailored selling kit to sell dental gold. Selling valuables online has never been so convenient before. The kit comes with an air cushioned envelope and an extra thick plastic bag for safe shipping.  The well-thought-out packaging guarantees that sharp edges of your dental gold don’t cause any damages. What are you waiting for ? Order your reDollar Selling Kit Now!

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