Dental Gold – What is it? What makes it valuable?

Once, dental gold was of great importance, widespread and in high demand. Gold is easy to cast and alloyed with silver, platinum or palladium very resistant against compression. Gold causes no allergies and is completely resistant against corrosion. It’s just the perfect metal for dentures. But the demand dropped significantly over the last years. During the last 5 years, the demand for gold used to produce dentures was reduced by 60%.

While approx. 67 tons of gold was used to produce dental gold every year by the end of the 1990s, today’s demand is less than 20 tons a year. But what happened after the end of the 20th century? Ceramic replaced gold as the most common material for dentures because it’s durability got improved significantly, it was more affordable and looking more natural than gold.

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Our Dental Gold Expert Articles

Does it make sense to sell gold crowns?

The American people own tons of gold crowns and dentures containing valuable precious metals. Most people know that those golden remains are worth more than just a fistful of bucks and selling is from the financial point of view highly attractive. Even a single gold crown can get you a nice amount of money.

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Who buys dental gold?

Usually online gold buyers, pawn shops, jewelers, gold buying operations and gold refiners buy dental gold. The “perfect” dental gold buyer offers a transparent calculation of the amount he is offering and especially who he came to the offer. Dental gold can be very valuable especially if a high-graded gold was used to produce it.

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Cash for Grandma’s Gold Teeth

It’s common that while liquidating a household, gold teeth pop up. Grandma and grandpa probably tucked the teeth away in knowledge that they are worth keeping and probably selling. Even though a single teeth is not worth a fortune, a collection is worth a very nice amount of money.

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How works selling dental gold?

Selling dental gold is easy. You can either use a mail in program to sell your dental gold online or you shop around and ask local pawn shops for an offer. Under no circumstances, selling without knowing the dental gold’s value or comparing buyers can get you in a bad deal. At least weigh your dental gold.

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Can I calculate the dental gold value?

Many people don’t know where the value in dental gold comes from. Common guess is that it’s only the gold making dentures valuable but besides gold, also platinum and palladium can have a significant impact on the item’s value. Most buyers differ between white dental gold an yellow dental gold.

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Who legally owns my pulled teeth?

Did you know that you are the only legal owner of pulled gold teeth or crowns? Lots of people either don’t know about their ownership or simply don’t care. But never forget about the dental gold’s value and even when a crown isn’t worth a fortune, at least it’s worth selling.

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Common Denture Compositions

In the United States, dental gold is usually made of 16 karat gold or 17 karat gold; sometimes even made of 18 karat gold. Platinum and palladium dentures are not so common but even existing. Till the 1990s, yellow dental gold was very common and popular – white dental gold alloys rather rare.

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Dental Gold Recycling

Dentists, laboratories and clinics have the responsibility to get the denture’s precious metals back into the recycling cycle. First to help saving the environment resources and second because of the financial point of view. Dentures can be valuable and nobody wants dumping money. A dental gold refinery can hep out with that.

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How much is dental gold worth?

You are probably holding a sterilization pouch with a gold tooth in your hand; asking yourself how much this little, golden something may be worth? It may surprise you, that even a single teeth is worth some money. Your teeth may pay for your next dinner night.

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Sell Dental Gold

It’s actually fairly easy to sell dental gold. Most buyers will be happy to take your valuable teeth. Don’t sell your dental gold too quickly – especially not to the next available pawn shop or local gold buying operation. It will need a buyer with a laboratory to get the most out of your gold.

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Who Buys Dental Gold?

Pawn shops, coin dealer, jewelry stores and even thrift stores will buy your dental gold. But better watch out – you can easily loose a lot of money by working with the wrong buyer. You should only sell your dental gold to an experienced buyer with appropriate testing equipment.

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Dental Gold Alloy

If you are searching for “dental gold alloy” you probably have already elevated knowledge. Most folks don’t’ know that their dental gold may contain other precious and valuable metals. It’s a good start to collect some deeper knowledge to understand the value better.

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Selling Dental Gold

Selling dental gold can be very rewarding – especially if you know  the right buyer. Consider as your first choice to sell. Don’t think “it’s just a small crown” where there’s not much too loose. A check from an experienced dental gold buyer can be significantly higher.

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What metals are in a gold crown?

Besides gold, there can be other metals found in your gold crown. Platinum, palladium, silver, chromium or zinc are just a few example. You are very likely mainly interested in the precious metals hiding in your crown as they can pay you top dollars.

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Is dental gold worth anything?

Some people really believe that dental gold isn’t worth anything – some even throw dental gold away. Very often, it looks nasty with the tooth still attached. Don’t get fooled by the look and yes, dental gold is worth to sell; even if it’s just a single crown.

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