What is the easiest way for you to sell gold or jewelry for a very high price?

reDollar.com is not only the easiest way to sell gold and jewelry, it’s also the best way to sell as we pay the highest possible prices. We are top-rated on Google, Trustpilot and other platforms, even recommended from independent appraisers and industry insiders and a former police detective who tested our buying-service. We got even called “insane” from a highly respected jewelry-appraiser for offering between 90% and 95% for gold plus extra money for diamonds or gemstones. We can do that as we receive gold and jewelry from all 50 states proving that our company is doing a really great job.

The Easiest Way To Sell Gold & Jewelry – Now

We provide you basically two easy ways of selling: with our without using of our gold calculator. For those who know some facts about the gold they own, the gold calculator is probably a great choice. For all others, selling right away without doing a pre-calculation is just perfect. Both selling-options ensure you getting paid the highest possible gold-rate. No tricks, no deductions – your quotes are 100% guaranteed.

Gold Calculator

Our gold calculator gives you a clear idea about how much we pay. No hidden disappointments as you can compare prices before you sell.

calculate value of gold rings using a calculator


Our gold calculator is a super helpful and trusted tool to do the evaluation-math at home. With just some clicks, our purchase price is calculated and the quote is guaranteed for up to 7 days. About 40% of all folks selling to reDollar.com are using the calculator very actively. The tool is an important part of the easiest way to sell gold and jewelry online. The calculator can be used for little values as well as for high-value selling transactions. Secure your quote for just a pair of earrings or even a whopping gold bar.

Don’t be afraid of using it as false calculations don’t matter. There is no fee for doing something wrong. Try it out – it’s fun to use as prices change constantly and a smart observer is able to make extra-bucks just by securing the deal at the right timing.

More Price Education

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Shipping Is Insured & 100% Free

Shipping is 100% free, 100% insured and 100% secure. We provide you everything needed for the easiest way to sell gold and jewelry.

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reDollar.com learned a lot about shipping gold and jewelry. Our fully insured and free shipping services are another important part of the easiest way to sell gold and jewelry. We know exactly what’s important when it comes to mail in gold and other assets. Our partners are well chosen and depending on the value, USPS, UPS and Fedex are ready to transport your gold secure and fast to our laboratory.

It’s just one click for you to start selling with reDollar. Provide us some facts about the items you plan to sell and we take care about the rest. Shipping, handling, insurance and customers service are top-notch. There are no fees associated with your selling transaction and rejecting our offer without questions asked is a reserved right. reDollar.com is a trustworthy gold buyer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Get Paid The Highest Price

reDollar.com – a FinTech Startup company – was founded to pay the highest possible prices; ensured through or code of ethics.

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Get Paid

The money you’ll get paid matters most. There is nothing more concerning as the proceeds you are going to get paid from a buyer. You, as the lawful owner of valuable items , want to make sure that your selling-partner is able to identify everything properly what is fundamental for getting paid a great price. For making great deals, great equipment is necessary as gold and jewelry can be tricky to appraise. Our laboratory is equipped with latest and super expensive technology what makes the work of our experts easier and because we always know exactly what we are about to buy, our offer is unbeatable. The easiest way to sell gold and jewelry is just one click-away

Transparent & Beneficial Like A Bank

The Easiest Way To Sell Gold & Jewelry – A Summary

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reDollar, The Easiest Way To Sell

  • Always Top Rated and receives 5-star-reviews
  • Recommend by the American Institute of Gemological Research
  • Paying the highest possible prices
  • Not one BBB claim files
  • No hidden fees
  • Fast, insured & 100% secure

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