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Trustworthy Gold Buyers – The Summary

It’s no secret that gold buyers have a bad image in the US and consumers are looking for a trustworthy selling partner as the risk of getting underpaid is very high. Some people really like the famous and friendly Las Vegas Pawn Stars as they are painting a better picture of gold buyers and pawn shops but also they can’t make people’s doubts disappear. The doubts are justified as most buying outlets offer really bad deals.

We at buy gold and jewelry for the highest possible price and we have profound, deep knowledge about the gold buying industry. In this article we share some business secrets with you and educate you to better understand the value of your precious items.

#1 Hint: Know & Calculate

It’s helpful if you know what you own as you can use a gold calculator to do the math by yourself and to calculate a purchase price for your items. – A Trustworthy Gold Buyer is a 100% trustworthy gold buyer.  We are well-known, respected and highly recommended by our (regular) customers but also by industry insiders, appraisers, and even by a former police detective. Before we point out some details, let’s summarize what makes a gold buyer trustworthy.

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In fact, it’s just one very important business behavior.


Paying highest possible prices is what customers deserve and what makes them really satisfied.

Use Gold Calculator to Check Value

What else makes gold buyers trustworthy?

Transparent Prices means providing a customer accurate purchase prices. In most cases gold jewelry is priced per gram or pennyweight and providing the purchase price offered per karat and weight is fundamentally essential for claiming to be a trustworthy gold buyer. provides a gold calculator what makes a value-calculation possible without even getting in touch with our customer service – day and night.

Transporting Knowledge means providing educational content about selling and evaluating gold, silver, jewelry, and other assets. Most people are very curious and always happy to learn something new. Providing educational knowledge about items customers would like to sell, generates a better customer relationship and makes it easier for people to agree to a selling-transaction, as they better understand the value of their pieces.

We provide major educational materials on our website, making it very easy to learn about the value of items made of gold, silver, platinum, watches, diamonds etc.

Honesty means that a gold buyer does not exploit a seller’s ignorance to make extra money on his items. If unknown values such es gemstones, diamonds, or special designers are present, an honest gold buyer will always share his knowledge with the seller. strongly believes in honesty and our company slogan “Transparent & Beneficial Like a Bank” points out what we stand for: a selling place working, like a bank does with your money – every single item gets full attention and will be credited to your total payout amount. provides detailed analysis reports for every selling-transaction no matter if it’s a 50-dollar transaction or a high-value transaction.

Unreliable Buying Behavior

Non-transparent Purchase Prices means claiming to offer “HIGHEST PRICES” without telling a customer how much money he can get paid per gram, pennyweight, or ounce. In addition, it also means refusing to give out quotes on request. Approximately 6 to 7 out of 10 gold buyers refuse to give out quotes without physical examination of the item(s) people would like to sell. The unreliable strategy behind that is simply explained. A person who is obviously in urgent need of money will most likely receive a bad offer whereas relaxed sellers who are shopping around and comparing buyers will probably get a better offer. Unreliable gold buyers NEED TO SEE YOU AND YOUR ITEMS before they make you an offer per gram. In certain situations the physical examination of an item is important but approximately 9 out of 10 items are priced per weight and very easy to evaluate.

Dishonest Value-Evaluation means that gold tested positive for being 18K gold, is priced as 14K gold. While 18K gold contains 75% pure gold, 14K gold contains “only” 58.3% pure gold what means that you get paid almost 17% less. It also happens with 14K gold-tested items that they are priced on lower-graded 10K gold.

Incorrect Weighing Practices are also common. In fact, you get paid for less weight due to unreliable weighing practices. Some gold buyers don’t weigh all items the customer is providing, or they deduct by far too much weight for non-precious parts. The worst case is if they just estimate the value of a piece without even weighing it. It’s hard to reveal for laymen but if sellers don’t get a precise breakdown of the items they’ve offered, it is a strong sign for getting scammed.

gold bars, bullion and gold scaleConcealing Unknown-Values means that unreliable gold buyers hide value-increasing facts. A stone considered glass could be a diamond, a ring with special markings could refer to a renown military academy, or an unmarked silver-colored ring could be white gold. There are many ways to hide extra-value from sellers. That’s the reason why we highly recommend to pick your buyer very carefully. works like a bank and we see it as our obligation and big chance to unveil hidden value- power. We make our customers happy by paying the highest possible price.

Wrong or Empty Advertising Promises are a common practice to lure people. It’s so easy to promise “WE PAY THE MOST CASH” or “NOBODY PAYS MORE” if the advertiser has actually zero intention to do so. Unfortunately, those companies are not getting prosecuted although they really would deserve it. Promising to be the best place for selling gold, but offering just bad deals is not just unreliable and dishonest, it’s also unwise as those type of buyers will go out of business sooner than later.

Trustworthy Gold Buyers help you to Understand Value

We believe that there is nothing wrong in getting customers engaged in the evaluation-process and most of our sellers highly appreciate to be part of the whole process. We believe that a happy customer is a customer who feels comfortable with his buyer and who puts his full trust in the buyer of his choice. We provide tons of knowledge on our website making it possible to do a first-hand research to get a rough idea if substantial values are present. Online gold buyers like offer a wide range of information and knowledge the customer can benefit of.

Seller Education is very important

Appraisals can be very tough for buyers as they almost never reflect the real (selling) market situation of the items appraised. The most mail box promoting gold buying servicecommon types of appraisals are insurance-appraisals and market-value appraisals, whereas latter are less common. It happens too often that both appraisal types vary widely from the realistic market situation. A diamond, market-value appraised for $20,000 can trade hands for $5,000 or even less. It depends on the appraiser but an estimated 99% of appraisals in circulation are almost useless when it comes to find an appropriate selling-price. An appraisal can be helpful to understand the characteristics of your item but unfortunately it does not serve as basis for understanding the selling-value.

Appraisals are a serious factor why we try to educate our customers as good as possible. Appraisals are super hard to work with and a big disappointment is predictable as the appraised value is almost never achievable on the market. Learn more, browse our educational content, and work with us together. We provide you the best-possible purchase offer and we help you understand how we came to our result.

Why reDollar? A Trustworthy Gold Buyer!

  • Highest prices guaranteed and not just promised.
  • We pay 90% to 95% of gold’s real value.
  • 100% transparent purchase prices.
  • Recommended by appraisers.
  • Only Top Rated.

Why not selling to the competition?

  • Most buyers pay only 40% to 70% of gold’s real value.
  • Most buyers don’t provide purchase prices.
  • Most buyers work non-transparent.
  • Most buyers push you to sell.

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