Follow this steps to successfully selling your diamonds online

You are a busy guy, right? Or maybe you hate wasting time by stuck in the traffic for a diamond comparison? Or you are not interested in meeting countless diamond dealers putting pressure on you. Maybe it’s one of this reasons why you’re looking for a “how to sell diamonds online” guideline? You will be very happy to hear that selling diamonds online is nowadays safe, convenient and perfectly organized by companies like Mounted diamonds, loose diamonds or even uncut diamonds can be sold with our company. And we are very well known to pay best prices for diamonds of any amount. Furthermore, diamond sellers benefit from our transparency philosophy. We offer a diamond calculator and price lists for diamonds of 0.5 carats and more.

How to sell diamonds online using your diamond calculator?

Our diamond calculator gives you an idea about the selling value of your stones. You can calculate the value of a single stone as well as from a whole lot you plan to sell. The diamond calculator shows you the up to value of a calculated diamond but if clicking the carat size you can also get a complete overview about all prices for a special stone. Maybe our pawning solution is an alternative, if you plan to sell because of financial needs. You can also find our pawning prices as well as our buying prices. Furthermore you will appreciate that we really pay what we promise. There are no hidden fees or costs for shipping or evaluation. You get what you have calculated, that’s for sure. But consider that you have to calculate the right way to pay you our offered amount. We have to modify your calculated price, if you calculate the price for a 1 carat diamond and it turns out that your diamond has a carat weight of only 0.9 carat. But this scenario is the only scenario where we have to work on your calculated amount.

I don’t know the carat weight?

If you don’t have a certificate or a bill of sales where you can find your diamond’s carat weight, you can measure the diameter of your stone. Please consider that this method of carat determination is just thought for an overview, because it’s a very inaccurate measure technique. Use a ruler or better a caliper for measurement and bear in mind that very flat stones are calculated different.

How to sell diamonds online without certification?

A certificate or a bill of sales is helpful for selling diamonds with us and providing such documents can increase your payout amount but it’s not a must to have this paperwork handy. You can also sell diamond rings or loose diamonds without a certificate or even without a bill of sales.

How to sell diamonds online, right now?

It’s a pleasure for us to have you as our new customer. Just get started online and tell us some information about you and your diamonds. Choose between a free shipping label or a free pick up at your home or your office. Sit back and wait for our offer. If you agree to our price you get paid in 24 hours. We offer 5 various forms of payment.

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