Mail in your jewelry to a trusted buyer like reDollar for quick cash!

Mail in jewelry for cash services are getting more and more popular in the US because people know that local pawn shops or jewelers usually pay less money than online gold buyers. But but very careful with your choice because some mail in programs are designed to scam you. The good news is that the bad guys are easy to identify because the unreliable buyers never publish their current purchase prices.

So what you do before you pick a mail in jewelry for cash service is looking for either a gold calculator or a price list giving you an idea how much they pay per gram, pennyweight or ounce.

We offer the best “Mail In Jewelry For Cash” service is an online buyer with best ratings. We clearly display the current gold price and how much we can pay you. You are also welcomed to compare the rates with other buyer because we know that we always offer the highest possible price.

Gold is a very valuable precious metal and its appearance doesn’t affect its value as long as it’s not branded jewelry. An estimated percentage of 95% of jewelry in circulation is worth the current gold price. The jewelry’s condition has no impact on the value. You can sell a broken gold chain and actually you can expect to get paid the same price as if it was not broken. That’s good for consumers because it makes it possible to understand pricing what gives you the possibility to differ between a good purchase offer and a bad offer.

Learn how much we pay for gold jewelry, today

Check our prices to understand that reDollar pays you the most money.

Sell Per GramSell Per Pennyweight
10K Gold$28.80$44.64
14K Gold$40.50$62.78
18K Gold$51.92$80.48
22K Gold$63.42$98.30
24K Gold$73.01$113.16

Mail in Jewelry for Cash – Process

A reliable company strives to inform their customers about the whole selling process. We believe it’s important to understand how it works that the whole process runs smooth. And the good thing is that there is not much to learn about our jewelry mail in program. It’s designed to get your money as fast as possible what is most important for people with selling plans.

You also may think that it’s kind of a risk to mail in jewelry for getting cash. The answer is yes and no. Yes, if you decide to work with a bad company and no, if you decide to work with a company like reDollar. But where is the difference? Let’s take a look on our competition. We know a punch of online buyers and most buyers promises to insure your shipment. They really do so but most cover only gold worth 500 dollars, sometimes 1,000 dollars.

If you decide to work with reDollar’s jewelry mail in program, insurance coverage up to $150,000 is possible thanks to our partnership with UPS Parcel Pro. Because we pay so high prices, we attract customers from all over the US. Some people just sell a single ring but other have plans to sell gold bars for big money. We like to work with both why we have an insurance program fitting all selling needs.

mail in jewelry to cash out

reDollar pays 90% of the current gold value for jewelry and even 95% of the current gold price for coins and bars. The competition usually pays only between 40% and 60% of the current value. Watch out! Use reDollar’s mail in jewelry to get cash program for getting paid the highest possible price.

How much can I get for jewelry?

Most gold and silver jewelry sells for the material value as long as it’s not branded jewelry or jewelry with diamonds or gemstones. Our company pays additional for branded jewelry, diamonds or gems. If there is an additional value present, we pay you for that as well.

Gold Necklace

Heavy women’s gold necklace just perfect for selling.

women's gold necklace

Selling Value: $4050.12

Gold Bar

This is a highly valuable 500 grams gold bar and accepted for selling.

500 grams ofpure gold
Selling-Value: $36503.03

Opal Ring

Opals can be very valuable like this Ethiopian opal ring.

opal gold ring

Selling Value: approx. $1,500

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