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Everybody was already in the situation of needing liquid funds for sudden expenses. The car repair needs to be paid, the rent is due, the college fees need to be paid or a medical bill is still due, you have to buy presents for you beloved kids or for any other reason you are in need of cash.

Pawning-Selling, what’s best for your needs

Pawning rings or other unwanted jewelry can be an option if you need liquid funds but you would like to keep your rings and don’t want to give them away finally. In comparison to selling, pawning allows you to get back your valuables. Have you ever pawned rings before? Maybe, but we make things better than our competitors. With us you don’t have to pay balloon interest fees, our fees are affordable for our clients because we want to help our customers and not to burden them. When somebody contacts us and is interested in pawning rings then it’s obvious that this person needs money for whatever reason and we offer him our help in form of a fair payment, in our opinion high interest fees do not help anybody and are on top of everything not fair.

Have you pawned rings at your local pawn broker and you were not satisfied with the business there?

The majority of people who pawned rings or their items before are returning customers but unfortunately not every returning customer is a happy customer. Many people are forced pawning rings or other valuables at their local pawnbroker because this store is maybe the only one with a radius of
50 – 100 miles and the people have no other alternative where to pawn their assets. Also many pawn stores don’t look very inviting, the inventory is maybe shabby. We were told that people feel uncomfortable to walk in their local pawn store, the atmosphere is not very friendly and quite often other people walk in staring at the items that clients are pawning. And to be honest, who wants to have witnesses of your own misfortune or unlucky situation? Pawning is a delicate business and people want stay as anonymous as possible when they are pawning rings or other assets and valuables. is the pawn broker of your trust that guarantees your anonymity

We operate nationwide, with us pawning rings is possible from anywhere and anytime. You can start the pawning process whenever you want, we have no opening hours and we are there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Pawning with reDollar is very attractive because you can do it anonymously. Start the pawning process online, describe the items you want to pawn, book a pickup of your assets or ship them self-organized to us using our pre-paid shipping labels. All our services are free for our appreciate customers. Nobody knows about your pawning deal. You keep it anonymous. 1-2 days after shipping we will get in touch with you and make you an offer for your pawned rings. Our payments are quick and flexible. You can choose between a money order, check, direct transfer or PayPal. Our interest fees are very affordable. Pawning with us is fun and not a nightmare. For you no fees occur, your pawned rings are the collateral the worst that can happen is that you can’t get back your rings but you have nothing to pay in addition.

Start your pawning deal with us, start pawning rings and maybe take your pawned rings from your untrustworthy pawnbroker if you don’t have confidence in this pawnshop anymore!

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