How much is scrap gold worth? We unlock the value of scrap gold!

What can you see on this photo? You see scrap gold in form of broken jewelry like clips, pendants, necklaces, ingots, cufflinks, brooches, studs, a money clip, a wedding band and a class ring. All these items are scrap gold, even when they are not damaged. Scrap gold is gold that nobody wants to wear anymore. And nearly every US household owns scrap gold at home, maybe tucked away since years. Discover your property, we are pretty sure that you will find scrap gold which is easy to turn into cash. The value of scrap gold determines by two factors: the weight (measured in dwt or gram) and the quality (measured in karat). If you know these two facts, you can calculate the value of your scrap gold by yourself. Just use a gold calculator or find the prices in our scrap gold list stated below. Remember, you are selling scrap gold which has to undergo a melting and refining procedure. You can’t expect getting paid the current gold price for your scrap gold. Expect a selling deduction in the range of 10% and 15% of the current material value. This deduction covers the refining costs and the dealer margin. Never sell your gold to a dealer asking for more than a 15% deduction of the current value.

How much is your scrap gold worth? Discover our prices:

Well, scrap gold is just scrap gold and not fine jewelry or awesome, rare coins. But anyway, scrap gold is gold and gold is valuable. Even small amounts can be sold for some hundred Dollars. You will be more than amazed to hear that you qualify for fast cash if you own scrap gold.

  How much is 24k scrap gold worth? How much is 18k scrap gold worth? How much is 14k scrap gold worth? How much is 10k scrap gold worth?
1 oz  $2152.16 to $2271.72  $1615.73  $1260.27  $896.19
dwt  $107.61 to $113.59  $80.79  $63.01  $44.81
gram  $69.20 to $73.05  $51.95  $40.52  $28.82

Guideline for beginners: how to discover your scrap gold value

Knowing more about your scrap gold is a great benefit for selling. And it’s childishly simple to find out how much your scrap gold is worth. You need healthy eyes to spot the gold markings and a digital scale to measure the weight. That’s it. It’s like 1-2-3 to unlock your scrap gold’s value.

How much would you like to get paid?

Have you ever heard this question before? If yes, we think you have already visited some gold buyers before. Can a gold buyer pay you proper if he asks questions like that? That’s more than questionable? A gold buyer should tell you the value of your scrap gold. It’s not your job to ask for the right amount. But that’s the big problem of the gold buying industry. Many gold dealers are not reliable. They try to buy gold for little money to make a fat margin. But guys don’t “donate” your gold to a gold buyer! Sell it for a satisfying amount based on the current material value.

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