Scrap gold, what is it? Where can you find scrap gold?

The term scrap gold summarizes all items made of gold that are probably old-fashioned, unwearable, damaged or even junk. Except from coins or bars, jewelry is not very often made of pure gold. Pure gold will be alloyed with base metals to receive a long-living result that makes customers happy. Anyway jewelry, coins or even bars can get damaged or broken. Thin necklaces can get teared, rings can get scratched or stones can fall out of ring mountings. Any item made of gold that got damaged will be named as scrap gold. The same applies to old-fashioned or unwearable jewelry. Jewelry made in your grandmother’s period is very often old-fashioned and therefore also named as scrap gold. Merchandise like coins or bars can also become scrap gold. A damaged gold coin cannot be sold to a coin collector and will also be classified as scrap gold.

Scrap gold has to undergo a melting and refining process to return the melted gold to the recycling cycle. If you own some scrap gold items hopefully your are lucky to sell scrap gold to a reliable company offering high prices for your property.

Our actual scrap gold prices. Amount payed without deduction:

  • 10K pure gold content ounce, dwt, gram
  • 12K
  • 14K
  • 18K
  • 20K
  • 22K
  • 24K

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Where to find scrap gold?

scrap gold found on the beachYou can find scrap gold in your home: So many Americans have inherited jewelry. More than 90% of all this inherited jewelry can be named as scrap gold. Check your jewelry box or your safe deposit box. Perhaps you tucked away some scrap gold many years before and you can´t remember. This scrap gold is valuable and perfect for some extra cash between your pay checks.

You can find scrap gold on the beach, in the park, on the playground and anywhere in the nature where someone could have lost it: If you have ever been in Del Mar beach (CA) you should have seen quite a few people searching for gold using a metal detector. But this does not happen only on beaches like Del Mar. You can find hundreds of people all over the US searching for gold in parks, on beaches, on playgrounds, in state parks or anyplace where people could have lost jewelry made of gold or silver.

You can find scrap gold in old computers and cells: Gold is a highly conductive metal and used by the Electrical industry. Gold is one of the most important metals besides the rare earth elements and silver used by technology groups. Minor amounts of gold are used to produce merchandise like cells or computers. You would need tons of this items to get out a relevant amount of gold that you could sell.

You can find scrap gold between the teeth: Gold is well-tolerated by humans and used for dentures like crowns or bridges. Perhaps you got back some dental gold from your dentist or you have inherited some dental gold from your gran or your grandpa? That would be great! You can
sell dental gold for high prices to a reliable dealer.

You can find scrap gold on eBay: Many people are selling scrap gold on eBay. One reason is that it´s really hard to find a reliable gold buyer. It´s hard to imagine because there are thousands of outlets offering a gold buying service. If you want to get a good quote for your scrap gold you have to shop around for days. For the same amount of gold you could get offered $100 at the first gold dealer and perhaps $500 by another dealer. Therefore many people decide to auction their scrap gold instead of hanging out in countless gold stores. But keep in mind that eBay is asking for a commission and PayPal is asking for a transaction fee. This charges reduce your net payout. 10% of your money could disappear into thin air.

But where to sell my scrap gold for a competitive quote?

You ask where to sell your scrap gold? There are many ways to sell gold besides eBay. is just one reliable alternative. We have compared some ways to sell gold for you.

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What else can be named as scrap gold

  • gold jewelry like necklaces, rings, cuff links, coins, bars
  • gold dental crowns or bridges
  • gold dust and sweeps
  • gold nuggets and gold flakes
  • gold ingots and gold coins
  • gold pins, gold sheets, gold shots, gold sizing stocks, gold solder or gold sponge


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