Sell broken jewelry

You look for a good place where you can sell broken jewelry? Welcome to reDollar the reliable gold buyer of the United States. We operate our business online only and we offer our clients a new and modern way how to sell gold and broken jewelry. We would like to turn away from the dusty and old fashioned image of local gold buyers. We are the next powerful and motivated generation of gold buyers. What old hands will never change, is what we have already changed yesterday. Selling gold is something that concerns us all! Also the younger generation is in possession of gold, maybe jewelry they bought, or maybe inherited jewelry but just in case you would like to sell your broken jewelry, it needs to know a perfect partner for a fast and smooth selling transaction and reDollar understands itself as innovative internet gold buyer who has a solution for every needs.

Selling broken jewelry is a matter of confidence because it’s a matter of money. And what is most important to make a good deal? The price, it’s always the price, regardless of what other people say. We offer you great prices because we avoid running hundreds of local stores and buying expensive advertisings. Our servings are your profit. We operate from our head office where all our know-how and expertise is bundled. This business strategy allows us to pay you peak prices for your gold and broken jewelry. You don’t believe us? Give us a try and get started now or use our gold calculator to calculate your payout amount by yourself. You are surprised that you can do that? Well, the majority of our competitors makes a big secret about their purchase prices but we don’t understand why. We have no secrets and we see no reason why to hide our prices from the public. We are proud of our high purchase prices and we want to share this most important information with our valued clients. Do you know why other gold buyers hide their prices? Simply because they want to make a big profit with your gold sale. Some try to rip you off and some make their prices by face check. It’s a nightmare with which shady business practices so many gold buyers perform their business. That’s why we are so successful, we make it different, transparent, open and understandable, for all of you.

Sell broken jewelry to the transparent online gold buyer

With our great service tool the gold calculator, we make it possible for our clients to calculate our purchase prices by themselves. The only thing you need to know before using it, is the alloy of your gold and the weight. With this information you can easily handle the gold calculator. Sell broken gold jewelry with us and benefit from our transparent and accurate working manner. Fill in the weight of your gold and choose a suitable alloy, that’s it. Within seconds you know how much money we can offer you, when you sell broken jewelry with us. Our gold calculator can calculate the prices for 10 Karat gold, 14 Karat gold, 18 Karat gold, and 24 Karat gold. In addition to that you can also calculate our prices for dental gold, silver, platinum, palladium and diamonds. You are surprised? We hope we haven’t promised too much but we are optimistic that you will love the way how easy and convenient selling broken jewelry to reDollar is. The internet business has already overtaken the real economy so why not selling gold online? There is no big con and no barrier. The shipping and handling of valuables has become very safe and secure. Within only two working days we can process your gold sale. You don’t even have to leave your home when you want to sell broken jewelry with us. Just fill in our sales form, choose a convenient time for a secured pick up and lean back. We make the rest for you. Within 48 hours you will get offered a great price for your broken jewelry. An immediate payout by check, money order, bank transfer or PayPal makes the deal perfect. We buy all kinds of broken jewelry, the age and condition does not play a significant role. Sell your broken jewelry with reDollar and become a new, happy customer. We are waiting for you.

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