Sell Broken Gold Jewelry & Sell Broken Gold

Sell Broken Gold & Sell Broken Gold Jewelry

The United States of America is the biggest market for broken gold – all over the world. There is no other nation able to compete with the amount of broken gold in circulation.

You probably look for a way to sell broken gold or broken gold jewelry for a very high price and to a reliable buyer? Great, because is the best place for your selling plans.

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We offer two ways convenient ways to sell broken gold and jewelry. You can either order a selling kit designed for broken gold and jewelry or you simply request a high value shipping label for gold worth between $50 and $100,000.

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      REQUEST A FREE SHIPPING LABEL! Use the shipping label to mail in your assets fully insured! No obligations apply! Reclaim your items anytime! No hidden fees! Immediate payment: Zelle, check, direct deposit, money order, cashier's check & wire transfer. Select Insurance Value

      The term “broken gold” refers to damaged jewelry, damaged coins or damaged accessories made of any gold alloy. The item is not necessary damaged heavily if someone speaks about broken gold or scrap gold (Learn more: what is scrap gold?). It became a common practice to name mismatched, outdated or scratched jewelry “broken gold or scrap gold” even when it’s not literally broken or scrapped.

      Typically items described as broken gold are damaged coins, broken jewelry, dental gold, old-fashioned accessories, scratched metals, mismatched rings, unused watches and any items without usage.

      Also fine gold like coins or bullions can be described as broken gold if the item is in a bad or unmarketable condition. Any piece of gold that has to undergo a melting and refining process can be described as broken gold. But broken gold is valuably and can be easily sold to any US gold buyer.

      But beware of unreliable assessments

      • Broken gold is not very valuable.
      • I have to melt down your broken gold. It’s not much worth
      • I cannot sell your broken gold like what it is. It’s less worth.
      • Melting your broken gold is expensive.

      Broken gold is valuable because of its material value and the item’s condition never influences the selling price that you can expect. All statements reducing your item’s value are untrue and unreliable. Learn further down how to avoid becoming the disadvantaged part in a gold deal.

      You can start evaluating your broken gold’s value by yourself if you have a scale at home. Just weight your broken gold and sort it by the different alloys. Use our gold calculator for your final calculation. Keep in mind that beginners can just do a circa-calculation because broken gold often comes in combination with base metals. You need to have some knowledge to identify base metal parts and you also have to remove them all before weighing to get a proper result.

      Today’s, Broken Gold Value

      • 10K gold | per gram | $28.64
      • 10K gold | per dwt. | $44.39
      • 14K gold | per gram | $40.27
      • 14K gold | per dwt. | $62.42
      • 18K gold | per gram | $51.63
      • 18K gold | per dwt. | $80.02
      • 24K gold | per gram | $72.59
      • 24K gold | per dwt. | $112.51

      Did you know that you can calculate the value of broken gold or broken gold jewelry directly online? Use our gold calculator to learn more about our extremely high purchase prices.

      How much it’s worth?

      10K broken gold jewelry: pendants, chains, rings, crosses

      This jewelry mixture is currently worth $883.98 containing 30.87 grams of 10K gold.

      How much it’s worth?

      14K broken gold jewelry: chains, earrings, rings, gold remains

      This jewelry mixture is currently worth $1717.87 containing 42.66 grams of 14K gold.

      What makes my broken gold valuable?

      Gold jewelry, gold watches, dental gold or even gold coins (if they are not made of 99% gold) are made of pure gold, pure silver and/ or pure copper. Sometimes even palladium or platinum and/ or base metals were used to produce your item. And it’s important to understand that the compound of an item is responsible for its remaining value and not it’s optical appearance. Period. Do NOT believe anything else. Even a very ugly and damaged item can reflect a very high value!

      Understand the value before you sell broken gold

      Do make the understanding of broken gold’s value easy, we displayed a photo showing the rough materials used to produce a gold chain.
      This particular 32 grams weighing 18K gold necklace was made of

      • 75.00% pure gold = 24.0 grams pure gold
      • 12.50% pure silver = 4.0 grams pure silver

      12.50% copper = 4.0 grams copper

      Thus you have to get paid at least for 24.0 grams of pure gold.

      Get paid proper for broken gold & jewelry!

      We know that most gold buyers, pawn shops or jewelers pay only between 40% and 65% of your gold’s real value. We believe that selling broken gold is like selling a monetary instrument and you probably would not sell a foreign currency for 40% to 60% of its real value, right? This is the reason why reDollar pays between 90% and 95% for your gold.

      And our regular customers from all over the US proof that we offer an amazing buying service: every second customer sells at least two or three times to us! Can you believe that? Get your broken gold ready to sell online.

      This is what’s in your gold jewelry

      It needs pure gold, pure silver and copper to create a gold necklace like that. The most valuable part of all metals is the gold and if you sell broken gold jewelry, this is what you have to watch out:


      a gold necklace contains pure gold, pure silver and copper

      Besides gold, pure silver and copper was used to create a 18K gold necklace.

      pure silver and copper filled in test tubes on reDollar box

      Goldsmiths! We buy your granules, nuggets and broken gold!

      natural gold nuggets and artificial gold granules on 100 dollar bills

      Did you know that we buy broken gold from commercial clients for even higher prices? It’s amazing to learn how much we pay: reDollar refinery

      We also buy broken silver!

      hardly damaged coin with hole

      Did you know that we buy broken silver, broken platinum, and broken palladium besides broken gold? Learn more: sell scrap silver

      Sell broken gold jewelry

      Broken gold is almost always just scrap gold and worth just what its precious metal content represents. Sometimes broken gold comes with diamonds or gemstones. Little diamonds have a little value but it takes a lot of time to take them out of the jewelry. Most of this stones are worth just some Dollars and you would need a trained man working for 15 minutes on each stone to take it out of the mounting. Taking out little diamonds is very uneconomic. But perhaps you’re one of the lucky guys who owns broken gold coming with a diamond more than 0.5 carats weighing. Diamonds of at least that size can be sold for extra cash beside the gold value. You can benefit from our free of costs treasure seeking program if you sell broken gold jewelry to our company. This means that every piece of your offered broken gold will be examined in detail. We catch the valuable diamonds and gemstones out of your jewelry and add the extra dollars to your total payout amount.

      Learn more: Jewelry Identification can offer a lot more than an online auction house because with us you can be sure not losing money because of unidentified treasures coming with your broken gold jewelry. Our employees work in a modern lab with access to the newest technologies for determining jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. A diamond looking-like-stone can be identified within seconds as treasure or trash.

      Sell broken gold watches

      Almost everyone how has inherited some old gold jewelry from the grandparents knows that this lots can come with pocket watches made of gold or wristwatches made of gold. Nearly all watches, also the good looking ones, are just scrap gold. They are old fashioned or worn over the years and often look unattractive. To come straight to the point, not adequate for resale anymore. But some of this old fashioned watches you dislike so much, are handmade in France or Swiss and may have a very special clockwork that could be very interesting to collectors. We catch out the interesting watches for you to add some extra dollars to your total payout amount. Don’t risk to auction your broken gold watches without knowing what you own. You’ll have to pay dearly for any mistakes. And the only winning party could be the winning bidder. Avoid selling mistakes and get started right now.

      Alan is our expert for broken gold and precious metalsAlan is our expert for precious metals and broken gold. If you have any questions about your gold or the process to sell broken gold jewelry – Alan is here to help. He will reach out to you as soon as possible. Don’t make the fatal mistake and sell gold local right away to the next gold buying operation. A deal done too fast can turn out as a really bad deal. Always compare first and check how much we pay for your broken gold.

      Ask Alan a Question – It’s Free

      Sell Broken Gold Jewelry, Online

      It’s easy to sell broken gold jewelry online. Just ship your broken gold, receive an offer withing 24 hours and get paid on the same day if you agree.

      • with UPS Parcel Pro High Value Services, your gold can be insured up to $100,000

      UPS truck with broken gold on reDollar box ready to sell

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