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The Italian luxury goods-brand Bvlgari is worldwide a dazzling term for finest jewelry of outstanding designs and distinctiveness. Founded in 1884, the brand is nowadays present with 16 stores in the USA. Bvlgari jewelry is something special, therefore it also needs a special buyer. Sell Bvlgari jewelry with reDollar and benefit from the many advantages that we offer our clients. Against the general opinion that pre-owned jewelry is much less worth than brand new jewelry, pre-owned Bvlgari jewelry can be sold with us to top conditions. Pre-owned jewelry from a famous brand like Bvlgari does not face such a decisive price drop than jewelry from non-famous manufacturers. You can sell Bvlgari jewelry to top prices no matter if the jewelry is used or not. Very often collectors look for a special piece to complement their jewelry collection or other clients prefer vintage pieces to latest modern jewelry collections. Fine jewelry from Bvlgari is never out of fashion and will always find a buyer and admirer. Also if you plan to sell damaged jewelry, we are your first address. Our in-house gold smiths work solely with pieces from famous brands and particular complex jewelry works with artistic and lavish character. Sell your Bvlgari jewelry with us, we are sure you won’t regret it.

With reDollar you can sell every kind of Bvlgari jewelry

We are proud to announce that we buy every kind of Bvlgari jewelry. The age and condition does not influence our purchase interest. Modern Bvlgari collections of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, chains, cufflinks, or clips and also older models are very welcome. Vintage jewelry pieces can be much more valuable than new designs, simply because the pieces are rarer or have an interesting background history. Bvlgari jewelry from the 1920’s was strongly influenced by the Art Deco style which is visible in numberless of pieces, especially diamond jewelry with platinum mounts or convertible pieces. At the end of the 1940’s Bvlgari presented their acclaimed “Serpenti” watch, a snake-shaped bracelet-watch which is now and then a sough-after piece of Bvlgari admirers and collectors. A wonderful piece of jewelry art which exists in varied variants. Later after the Second World War, wealthy customers flocked to the Bvlgari stores attracted by opulent jewels with precious gemstones like the Tremblant brooches. In the 70’s the brand formed more and more their own individual character and typical Italian Style, away from the Parisian designs. Yellow gold was omnipresent in this time period, especially long necklaces called Sautoirs were becoming increasingly popular during this time period. In the 80’s and 90’ opulence is the term that dominated the jewelry industry. The world economy is booming and people wanted to show their wealth in form of extravagant jewelry compositions. Bvlgari produced wonderful, profusely jewels with precious gemstones of all kinds. The most celebrated Bvlgari motif “Parentesi” was also born in that period. The 21st century is the century of high jewelry. There have never been more billionaires and millionaires in the world than ever before. The young rich elite on the world’s parquet demands for high jewelry of complex designs. Also white metals like platinum and white gold play a more important role than before. The Bvlgari design has radically changed by the new Millennium. The Lucea series of Bvlgari perfectly demonstrates this change. Bvlgari is not any brand, in the past and also today the Italian jewel manufacturer sets the highest standards in the jewelry market. Jewels like the “Tubogas” gold bracelet watch, diamond and precious gemstone jewels in the most diverse variations, and also the adored Parentesi watch, are pieces of outstanding uniqueness, just to name a few. If you want to get paid a fair price for your Bvlgari jewelry, then sell with us. We are the professionals in this business sector who pay an adequate price based on the current market situation.

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Selling fine jewelry online has never been so popular and convenient before, than these days. A large part of the leading companies in this country, expands with their business divisions in the internet. Making delicate transactions over the internet is nothing out of the ordinary anymore. Everyday people sell and buy jewelry, luxury watches, art, antiques, and other goods of above average value via the internet. Why not you? Get in touch with us and let’s talk about the jewelry you would like to sell. Meet our appraisers for a free appraisal and find out “How much is my Bvlgari ring worth” for example. Alternatively you can use our gold calculator to calculate our current purchase prices for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and diamonds. Proceed by filling out a short sales form, pack your Bvlgari jewelry very well, choose a convenient shipping method, and wait until our experts have completed the analyzing process of your jewelry. We will make you an offer for your Bvlgari jewelry which you can accept or decline. An instant payment is a matter of course as well as an instant return if you would reclaim your jewelry back. With us you don’t have any costs or stress. Our shipping models include a full coverage, at any time. Payment options like PayPal, Money Order, Check or Bank Transfer offer our clients full flexibility. Give us a try and let us convince you of our professionalism and customer friendliness, make the deal with us and sell your Bvlgari jewelry with reDollar!

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