Italian Fine Jewelry: How much is my Bvlgari ring worth?

reDollar fine jewelry expertsLadies and Gentlemen, I would like to sell my Bvlgari ring because I fell in love with another jewelry designer and recently I realized that I don’t wear my old Bvlgari ring anymore. A friend of mine came up with the idea of selling unused jewelry, that’s why I searched through Google and found your website. Is it true that you can make an appraisal for my Bvlgari ring? This would be fantastic because I have no idea how much money I can get for this ring. Thank you!
Allison from El Paso in Texas

Hi Allison! Thank you very much for contacting us. It’s our pleasure to help you with your concern. Yes, that’s absolutely true. We offer our valued clients free appraisals for their jewelry, diamonds, bullions and watches. We would like to convince you of our transparent and fair business philosophy, that’s why we offer this services. The appraisals are free and come without any obligation to sell. We can start right away if you want.
reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

Allison wants to know, how much is my Bulgari ring worth

Allison: Hi Maria! Thank you so much for your quick reply. As I have mentioned initially I would like to sell my Bvlgari ring but before I proceed with the selling process, I would like to learn more about the value. As a result, I can better vague if it’s worth selling the Bvlgari ring or not. I’m very excited what you can tell me about this nice piece of jewelry.

Bvlgari B. Zero 1 18 karat gold ring with diamondsMaria: Dear Allison, thanks again for your interest in our appraisal service. It’s my pleasure to assist you with your appraisal request. Bvlgari jewelry is famous for its tremendously elegant design and high quality. Only gemstones and precious metals from finest quality will be used for the manufacturing of Bvlgari jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and ear jewelry. It’s a pleasure for me as appraiser to deal with such delicate jewelry. Before I can finally start the evaluation process, please be so kind and provide me a photo of your Bvlgari ring. If you have a certification relating to your Bvlgari ring, please also add a photo of the certificate.

Allison: Maria, I have just sent you the photos of my Bvlgari ring and yes I have a certification too. Please let me know what you think about my ring and how much my Bvlgari ring is worth.

Maria: Thank you Allison, I have just received your email. I see you have a really nice diamond “B.Zero1” ring. Your Bvlgari ring is an 18 karat 4-band ring with pavé diamonds. The color of this gold ring is really beautiful, it’s not a usual yellow gold because your ring has a fancy rich pink gold.

Bvlgari Parentesi 18k white gold ring with diamondsAllison: Maria what is the difference between pink gold and yellow gold? I know it looks different but I don’t know the exact difference.

Maria: The difference between yellow gold and pink gold are the compositions of the alloys. Pink gold is a very common gold alloy for jewelry, especially for wedding rings and bracelets. The characteristic of this alloy is that it contains gold and copper. The color of the copper gives pink gold its special look. There are different types of reddish colored gold. Pink gold, rose gold and red gold. Pink gold has the lowest amount of copper included and red gold the highest. 18 Karat pink gold consists of 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver. Red gold for example consists only of 50% gold but 50% copper. That makes red gold much cheaper than pink gold.

Allison: Oh that’s interesting.

Maria: Yes it is. At the beginning of the 19th century reddish gold was very popular in Russia. It was also called the Russian Gold but nowadays this term is archaically.

Allison: Good to know, thank you for this fascinating background information Maria.

Important Bvlgari Trombino platinum ring with an untreated Burma rubyMaria: You are welcome Allison. I could also find an engraving on your ring, “Bvlgari, no.61”. So there is absolutely no doubt that this ring is authentic. A very elegant and popular Bvlgari ring.

Allison: Yes and I didn’t wear the ring very often so it has only very few signs of wear.

Maria: Initially you asked me “How much is my Bvlgari ring worth” and after my extensive evaluation I would estimate a fair market value between $1,800 and $2,250 for your Bvlgari ring.

Allison: Well that sounds like a good offer I think so. Thank you very much for the evaluation. Unfortunately I don’t know how much my ex-husband has paid for the ring but I’m sure it was much more.

Maria: Yes of course. When you buy such fine jewelry rings like yours brand new, then you have to pay much more money. That’s the reason why auctions are so popular these days. More and more people buy jewelry and other luxury goods pre-owned. That saves a lot of money.

Allison: Yes I agree. I love to buy art from auction houses but I would have never took into consideration to buy jewelry too, but it’s a fabulous idea.

Important Bvlgari blue Sapphire and dimond ring Maria: You could also consign your Bvlgari ring with an auction house but you have to consider the commission fees which can be very high and the retarded selling process. So selling with an auction house can be an attractive option to sell luxury jewelry but when you prefer a fast transaction then it’s not recommended.

Allison: Yes, you are right. I think I will sell my Bvlgari ring online with your company. I would like to test this way of selling jewelry over the Internet. First I was scared to mail-in my jewelry but now I feel very confident.

Maria: Thank you very much for your trust in us! I’m sure you will enjoy the convenient way of selling jewelry online. It’s safe and simple. If you have any further question regarding selling process, please get in touch with our great team.

Allison: Thank you Maria! Bye!

Maria: Good bye Allison, it was a pleasure meeting you.

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