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Welcome to reDollar, your first gold buyer for fine jewelry and luxury good brands like Bvlgari. Bvlgari is a well-known Italian jewelry brand that exists since 1884. Founder of this outstanding luxury brand was the jeweler Mr. Sotirios Voulgaris who opened his first store in Rome. His grandson Gianni leaded the company since 1966 and initiated the internalization of the former family company by opening stores in Monte Carlo, New York, Geneva and Paris. The foundation stone of an unprecedented career and advancement was build. If you are in possession of a fine jewelry piece from Bvlgari, then please don’t make the fatal mistake to sell it with unskilled gold buyers or jewelers. Choose an expert like us to sell Bvlgari rings or other pieces of Bvlgari jewelry. Bvlgari jewelry is famous for its elegance and outstanding high quality and it needs a long lasting and well trained appraiser to determine the value of Bvlgari jewelry. The good news are that reDollar has many well-educated and experienced appraisers on board. Our global network of jewelry collectors allows us to pay the highest prices for your Bvlgari rings. Sell Bvlgari rings of any kind with us, the age and condition does not play a significant role for us, we also have the financial power to buy huge collections of jewelry. Give us a try and sell your Bvlgari ring or other jewelry with us. We understand the value and rarity of your jewelry, that’s why we offer great selling solutions for our wealthy clients. A highly insured shipping with armed couriers and discreet payment solutions are a matter of course for us.

Photo Information for Selling
Bvlgari Serpenti Ring You can sell this Bvlgari pink tourmaline Serpenti ring with us. It’s made of 18k gold and also called “wrap band ring”. You can sell this Bvlgari ring for up to $1,200 with us.
Bvlgari ring made of 18k gold with diamonds You can also sell Bvlgari rings like this 18k gold ring weighing almost 15 gram. Over 50 brilliant cut diamonds make this piece valuable. Sell this Bvlgari ring for up to $1,200.
Bvlgari B.Zero1 3 band ring We also accept women’s Bvlgari rings like this B.Zero1 18K white gold 3-band ring. The stylish looking ring is sought after lots of Americans. Therefore you can expect a high price if you sell such a piece with us. Sell this Bvglari ring for up to$700 with us.
Bvlgari Jade Ring This is a rare Bvlgari jade ring made of 18k gold you can sell for up to $700 with us.
Bvlgari Bvlgari Flip Ring This so-called Bvlgari-Bvlgari flip 18k pink gold ring with a 0.25 carat diamond is ready for selling with us. You can sell this Bvlgari ring for up to $650 with us.
Bvlgari B.Zero1 yellow gold ring The so-called Bvlgari B.Zero1 ring is also available in yellow gold as you can see here. White gold and yellow gold rings of that edition enjoy almost the same popularity. You can sell this Bvlgari ring for up to $700 with us.
Bvlgari B.Zero Ring This Bvlgari B.Zero ring is not as thick as the B.Zero1 rings but at least as fancy. You can sell this or similar B.Zero ring for up to $500 with us.

Bvlgari rings, an homage to the elegance

reDollar names itself as an expert for fine jewelry. If you plan to sell Bvlgari rings, then do it with us. You won’t find a better buyer on the Internet, than us. Nobody else understands it better to guarantee a satisfying selling experience. We provide you solutions for every demand. Sell Bvlgari Bvlgari rings, Bvlgari B.Zero1 rings, Bvlgari Save the Children rings, Bvlgari Allegra rings, Bvlgari Astrale rings, Bvlgari MVSA rings, Bvlgari Parentesi rings, Bvlgari Intarsio rings, Bvlgari Serpenti rings, Bvlgari Monete rings, Bvlgari Diva rings, Bvlgari Sapphire flower rings, Bvlgari Dedicata a Venezia, Bvlgari Griffe rings, Bvlgari Corona rings, Bvlgari Marryme rings or Bvlgari Diva rings.

What is important to know when I sell my Bvlgari ring?

The most important advice that we can give you, is selling your Bvlgari rings or jewelry only to a trustworthy buyer that has consolidated knowledge. Unfortunately there are thousands of unreliable gold buyers on the market who promise great services and great prices. Sadly the majority of gold buyers and also the online buyers can’t keep their promises. We have made a nationwide test to find out how our competitors perform their business. The disillusioning result showed us that two third of the active gold buying stores, jewelers and pawnshops don’t offer a satisfying service. Two thirds of the consulted companies failed, due to lack of knowledge, weighing fraud, distorter facts, unfriendliness, and given incorrect information. What can help you to avoid negative experiences? You could make a price comparison or you request a free appraisal from an independent appraiser. That way you learn “how much is my Bvlgari ring worth”. When you know the fair market value of your Bvlgari jewelry it’s much easier to find a reliable place where to sell Bvlgari rings. You can negotiate on eye level and nobody can tell you weird and untrue stories. reDollar offers such independent appraisals for our customers. Get in touch with our appraisers and request your free Bvlgari appraisal. Please consider that our services are cost-free for you. To no point of time you have the obligation to sell your jewelry with us. Also if you let us make the appraisal and finally you sell with another company. The reason why we offer free appraisals is that we would like to help consumers avoiding to get ripped off. We would like to place our company on the market as number one trustworthy and reliable online gold buyer. We want to advice people and help them to make a satisfying and profitable selling experience. Your recommendation is our recipe for success. Sell Bvlgari rings with reDollar and learn what the new and smart internet generation makes better!

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