Sell Canadian silver coins and silver dollars for the best price

You can sell Canadian silver coins to reDollar with the guarantee to get the best possible price deal for your assets. We pay really high prices extremely close to spot and even more for special coins. reDollar Silver Coin Kit for Selling

Sell your Canadian silver coins for a great price:

Maple Leaf .999 silver Sell for $29.29
Canada Silver Dollar .800 silver Sell for $15.74
Canada Silver Dollar .500 silver Sell for $9.83
Canada Predator series .999 silver Sell for $29.29
Canada Superman  .999 silver Sell for $29.29
Canada SuperLeaf  .999 silver Sell for $43.93
Maple Leaf Silver Coin Maple Leaf Silver Coin Canada Au .999 Canada Silver Dollar 1966 Canada Silver Dollar Coin 1966
Sell for $29.29 Sell for $10.19
 Canada Superman Silver Coin Canadian Superman Silver Coin Au .999 Peregrine Falcon Silver Coin Canadian Peregrine Falcon Silver Coin
Sell for $29.29 Sell for $29.29

Sell Canadian silver coins & dollars online

reDollar is specialized in trading precious metals and thus the best place to sell Canadian silver coins like silver dollars, Maple Leafs and other silver coins. We don’t only promise to pay highest prices, we really do so. reDollar is a Fintech Startup company founded to revolutionize the experience of selling Canadian silver coins and other precious assets.  We are attacking the gold buying industry by offering services beneficial and transparent like a bank. The reDollar experts have handled thousands of silver coins from Canada, USA, Mexico and from all over the world. Our experts are working in groups to ensure that silver coins that show a higher value than the silver price, get found if they are hidden in your lot, and are not processed like scrap silver coins or investment coins. You can sell Canadian silver coins and Canadian silver dollars easy like 1-2-3,  waiting relaxed for our in-depth laboratory report. Our laboratory reports summarize in detail what you have delivered and how much we can offer you. The entire selling process is designed to provide you with the best services and the most satisfying financial result. If you already know your coins’ facts like purity and weight, you can use our silver calculator to calculate your payout amount before you finally sell your Canadian silver coins to us. But don’t worry if you don’t know your coins specifications or if you don’t have the time to do a research. reDollar’s experts do the job for you as if the coins would be their own coins. We promise you to carefully sort all your delivered coins, find and recover all hidden values in it.

Did you know that you can calculate the value of any silver coin by using our  silver calculator?

Sell your Canadian silver coins by using our kit

We know that most people seek a very convenient way to sell Canadian silver coins and other assets. To fulfill this desire, we have created the “reDollar Selling Kit” providing you with all materials needed to pack, ship and sell your coins. This kit comes with sorting pouches and bubble wrap for packing your Canadian silver coins carefully before shipping in our envelope at no costs. If you are in a hurry, you can start online just requesting a free shipping label for the delivery without any delays. Both ways are hassle-free, safe and easy to process. Trust – the best place to sell Canadian silver coins, silver dollars and other assets.

Ship – Agree – Get Paid

After ordering a selling kit, packing your silver coins and shipping to us we send you our analysis report into your email inbox on the same day. The analysis report contains a list of all coins/ assets delivered and the amount we can pay you. You’ll also find additional information about your sale if we discoverer something very valuable, unusual or special. It’s then up to you if you would like to proceed by getting paid. Our billing department is on duty almost 24 hours ensuring to provide you with instant payment methods like PayPal even in the late evening hours.

Maple Leaf on US dollars with reDollar box

reDollar Kit for Selling

Maple Leaf Silver Coins on envelope for selling

You sell your Canadian silver coins & we pay you the highest prices

The first work step a reDollar expert has to perform is sorting your coins. Our experts differ between investment coins and rare coins or limited edition coins. All rare silver coins undergo a detailed value-check, performed from two experts. They check the rarity, the authenticity and the value. We don’t offer you just the material value for rare or valuable silver coins like many other buyers do. We offer you a very attractive purchase price – very close to its real value.

Modern Canadian Silver Coins

 Maple Leaf Coin Maple Leaf Coin Canada Silver  $8 Grizzly Bear, 1.5 oz $8 Grizzly Bear 1.5 ounces silver coin
Sell for $29.29 Sell for $43.93
Red Tailed Hawk Coin Red tailed hawk silver coin Canada Pronghorn Antelope Coin Pronghorn antelope silver coin Canada
Sell for $29.29 Sell for $29.29
Superman Silver Coin Canada silver coin Superman 20$ Queen’s 90th Birthday Anniversary 20$ Queen's 90th Birthday Anniversary Silver Coin
Sell for $29.29 Sell for up to $100
Breast Cancer Awareness Coin 2006 Canada Breast Cancer Awareness Silver Coin $20 Aircrafts of the I. World War Canada $20 Aircrafts of the I. World War silver coin
Sell for up to $35 Sell for up to $50
Maple Leaf Anniversary Maple Leaf anniversary silver coin special edition Canada Coat of Arms $25 Canada Coat of Arms silver coin
Sell for up to $40 Sell for up to $45
$5 Olympics Ice Hockey $5 Olympics Ice Hockey Canada Silver Coin $20 Bugs Bunny Silver Coin $20 Bugs Bunny Silver Coin Canada 2016
Sell for $30.80 Sell for up to $10

Canadian Special Edition Coins

Dragon Boat Festival Coin Canadian Dragon Boat Festival Coin Silver Canada Goose .999 Silver Canada Goose .999 Silver Coin
Sell for up to $65 Sell for up to $250
50 Cent Howling Wolf 50 Cent Howling Wolf Canada Silver Coin 30 Dollars Northern Lights 30 Dollars Northern Lights Canada silver coin
Sell for up to $200 Sell for up to $280
$250 Forever Maple Leaf Colored $250 Forever Maple Leaf Silver Coin $50 Queen’s 60th Anniv. Canadian $50 Queen's 60th Anniversary Silver Coin
Sell this 1kg coin for up to $650 Sell this 5 oz coin for up to $125
Canada Dollar 2007 A B C Canada Dollar Silver Coin 2007 Murano “Autumn Radiance” Canadian Murano "Autumn Radiance" Silver Coin colored
on request Sell this 5 oz coin for up to $200
20$ Venetian “Murano” Turtle 20$ Venetian "Murano" Turtle Silver Coin Canada 1$ Renewed Silver Dollar 1$ Renewed Silver Dollar Canada 2016
Sell for up to $50 Sell for up to $125

You can sell Canadian scrap silver coins for the most cash

Did you know that we pay you a great price even for damaged Canadian silver coins? It’s a common practice of most silver buyers in the US to deduct a decent amount of money for damaged silver coins. We think an undamaged investment silver coin is still as valuable as a damaged coin as long as the damaged coin and the undamaged coin have the same weight. We believe silver stays silver no matter about the condition or optical appearance. And in fact, the value of 1 fancy ounce of silver equals the value of 1 ounce of scrap silver if you solely look at the material value. Consider, that applies only to investment coins and not to antique coins or very rare coins. Condition matters if rare silver coins get offered to us.

Canadian Silver Dollars

Canadian silver dollars are made of nickel, .500 silver, .800 silver, .925 silver and pure silver. Canada Dollar silver coins on US dollars and envelope

Canadian Silver Treasure

The Canadian silver Maple Leaf is one of the most collected and traded silver bullion coin. Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins on Canada map

Canadian Olympic Silver Coins

The 10 dollars coin weighs 48.60 grams and is made of .925 silver. The “little brother” is also made of .925 silver but weighs only 24.30 grams. Canadian Olympic Silver Coins Montreal 1976

Silver unlike gold

Did you expect, that those 41 Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins are almost exactly as valuable as the small portion of gold we’ve displayed here.  Canada Maple Leaf silver coins compared with gold nuggets on scale

Canadian Silver Dollars – Designs & Values

Canada silver dollars are made of .500 silver (between 1971 and 1991), .800 silver (between 1935 and 1967), .925 sterling silver (proof silver dollars between 2007 and 2011) and .999 silver (proof silver dollars from 2012 to date). Between 1968 and 1986, Canada dollars were made of 100% nickel.

Canada Dollar 1973

Canada silver dollar 1973 "RCMP"

Canada Dollar 1977
” Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II”

Canada Silver Dollar coin 1977 Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II

Canada Dollar 1984

Canada Silver Dollar Coin 1984 Toronto

Canada Silver Dollar 1988
“Saint-Maurice Ironworks”

Canada silver dollar coin 1988 Saint-Maurice ironworks

Canada Silver Dollar 1992
“Kingston to York Stagecoach”

Canada silver dollar coin 1992 Kingston to York Stagecoach

Canada Dollar 1974
“City of Winnipeg”

Canada Silver Dollar 1974 City of Winnipeg 100 years

Canada Dollar 1981
“Canadian Pacific Railway”

Canada silver dollar coin 1981 Canadian Pacific Railway

Canada Silver Dollar 1985
“National Parks”

Canada silver dollar coin 1985 National Parks

Canada Silver Dollar 1989
“Mackenzie River”

Canada silver dollar coin 1989 Mackenzie River

Canada Silver Dollar 1993
“Stanley Cup”

Canada silver dollar coin 1993 Stanley Cup

Canada Dollar 1975
“City of Calgary”

Canada silver dollar 1975 city of Calgary 1875 to 1975

Canada Dollar 1982

Canada Silver Dollar Coin 1882 - 1982 Regina

Canada Silver Dollar 1986

Canada silver dollar coin 1886 - 1986 Vancouver

Canada Silver Dollar 1990
“Henry Kelsey”

Canada silver dollar coin 1990 Henry Kelsey

Canada Silver Dollar 1994
“RCMP Northern Dog Team”

Canada silver dollar coin 1994 RCMP Northern Dog Team

Canada Dollar 1976
“Library of Parliament”

Canada silver dollar 1876 - 1976 library of parliament

Canada Dollar 1983
“World University Games”

Canada Silver Dollar Coin 1983 World University Games

Canada Silver Dollar 1987
“John Davis 400th Anniversary”

Canada silver dollar coin 1987 John Davis 400th Anniversary

Canada Silver Dollar 1991

Canada silver dollar coin1991 Frontenac

Canada Silver Dollar 1998
“125th Anniversary of RCMP”

Canada silver dollar coin 1998 125th Anniversary of RCMP

Canada Silver Dollar Value: .500 silver $9.83 | .800 silver $15.74 | .925 silver $18.08 | .999 silver $21.82


Alex Fordham is reDollar’s expert for coins, medals and ingots. As our manager of the coin department, he’ll take care of your Canadian beauties putting all his attention and skills in your delivered coins.

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