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You may know that the first Chanel jewelry collection was personally released from Coco Chanel in the earliest 1930s. Over the centuries, Chanel hired famous designers like the Frenchman Lorenz Baumer. You may are in need of a skilled and reliable buyer to sell Chanel jewelry. The good news is that you found the place of your needs: reDollar.com, best known for serving Chanel sellers all over the US with the highest prices and fastest advice. With us, it’s all about Chanel jewelry and other designer jewelry. Our experts know how to evaluate rare, modern or vintage Chanel jewelry. We have access to a huge database full of information concerning Chanel jewelry. That’s an important benefit for you as a seller of jewelry because we have the ability to distinguish between a piece made for the daily use and a rare piece of a limited edition. It’s very easy to sell Chanel jewelry with us: we guide you through a simple online process with the guarantee to get cash in about 48 hours. Don’t make a deal with a dabbler when you know reDollar.com! Start right now to sell your Chanel jewelry.

Chanel jewelry – designed at a famous place: 18, Place Vendôme in Paris, France

Some people may think that Chanel is also one of all this well-known brands, creating jewelry to benefit from their popularity. But that’s not correct, Chanel can refer to its jewelry making business for over 80 years. It’s not just a contemporary idea to create designer jewelry like all the other brands. Experts, like our employees are able to spot a special piece of your collection, that you offer us to buy. We know how and when Chanel jewelry was created and if a special designer was involved. It’s good to trust a highly-recommended buyer like us, if you plan to sell Chanel jewelry you no longer wear, because your taste changed or you got divorced. Our discreet team of appraisers don’t ask for your selling reason. We just do it the best way we can: we calculate the highest possible payout amount for you to make you satisfied and happy.

We are interested in any kind of Chanel jewelry like brooches, necklaces, watches, pendants, rings or bracelets. We can buy extremely valuable Chanel pieces as well as standard prices jewelry.

Very valuable Chanel jewelry you can sell with us:

Let’s talk about value and rarity to give you an idea which Chanel jewelry you can sell with us. We know about one of the most valuable pieces made from Chanel, is the so-called Chanel La Pluie Cascading diamond-sapphire multicolored necklace made of 18k gold. This very rare piece sells for almost $60,000 on the market. Another example for highest value is the Chanel Yellow Gold Pave Premiere diamond watch which can sell for $50,000 as well as for $150,000 depending on the exact model and the amount of diamonds. A third high-value-example is the Chanel Byzantine white gold ring with diamonds weighing approx. 4 carat. This outstanding Chanel ring can sell for up to $30,000. There is nearly no limit into the amount of value, qualifying for selling with us. We can happily accept a $20,000 Chanel watch as well as a modern brooch appraised for some hundreds of dollars. The experts who evaluate your pieces, are most important, when you plan to sell Chanel jewelry.

The variety of Chanel jewelry you can sell with us is endless

Chanel is well-known for precious jewelry – there is no doubt. But Chanel also created affordable pieces like rings, watches, necklaces, brooches or pendants. Some are made of precious metals like gold or platinum but also made of base metals. Some Chanel pieces have diamonds, rubies or sapphires set and others probably pearls. Some examples: the Sautoir Gripoix necklaces is known for glass pearls, the Chocolat watch more for design then for precious materials, Lucite bangles for their unique floral designs or Archimede Seguso necklaces for their handmade Murano glass from a small island in Italy. All of them are real treasures and the reDollar experts are thrilled to work with your Chanel jewelry.

Chanel is considered to be the inventor of costume jewelry. Between the 1930s and 1970s, numberless jewelry collections were created. A main characteristic for Chanel’s costume jewelry were pearls and outstanding long chains and necklaces. Coco Chanel’s first valuable collection was called “Bijoux de Diamants” and was presented to the public in the private apartment of mademoiselle. This event pointed the beginning of a very successful jewelry-division.

For you as a proud owner of Chanel jewelry, it’s very important to know that many Americans tend to underestimate old-fashioned looking Chanel jewelry. Vintage pieces and even damaged pieces can gain a high value. Sometimes rare, valuable pieces are present, but are underestimated from its owners. Hire an expert when it comes to sell Chanel jewelry. It is worth to sell your Chanel pieces online, instead of selling at the next corner of your hometown. Trust our longstanding experience and the knowledge that lots of our competitors offer far too less money.

Good to know for selling with us:

We don’t only buy Chanel jewelry. You can also sell Cartier rings or you sell Tiffany jewelry or jewelry made from any other brand. Branded jewelry, unbranded jewelry or even damaged jewelry can be sold with reDollar.com.

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