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Are you planning to sell your class ring because you are in need of some cash? Perhaps you just want to sell your class ring to get rid of old memories. Or maybe you bought, found, or inherited a class ring and now don’t have any use for it. Whatever your reason, consider selling your class ring to We buy class rings made of gold as well as class rings made of silver. The most common class rings in circulation are made of 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, and all of them are perfect to sell. Class rings made of gold bring you more money than those made of silver. Are you curious to find out how much your class ring is worth? Hurry up, and get started online to discover your treasure. Most people underestimate their class ring’s value, so it’s quite possible your ring is worth more than you expect!

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With, you can easily sell class rings of any kind. Countless types of class rings have been manufactured. Some class rings have a center diamond, many class rings have a colored stone, and other class rings don’t have any stones at all. It’s nearly impossible to list all the different types of class rings. Some can be very valuable, and some were sold just for the scrap price. Very old class rings, class rings from time-honored universities, and class rings from elite schools and colleges are eligible for selling at particularly high prices. We know that very rare WWII class rings have sold for over $10,000. Because it’s very difficult for individuals to find out how much money their class rings are worth, it’s good to have a qualified and skilled partner like by your side to unlock the value of your treasure. We are able to differentiate between a class ring worth just the gold value and one worth significantly more. Our appraisers know exactly what is highly sought -after by collectors. We perform the evaluation process for class rings by using a list of over 30 facts. Take this opportunity to get a great price for your class ring and get started right now. The initial process can be completed in less than three minutes, and you’ll know the value of your class ring at latest by the day after tomorrow.

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How our reDollar experts work on your class rings

It makes no difference if you sell your class ring with our selling kit or you send it to us on your own using a free shipping label that we mail or email to you. All our incoming parcels are opened under a video camera. We carefully weigh and count all items that are included in your parcel so that we can guarantee a transparent selling process. Our email requests show clearly that one of people’s biggest fears is that their parcel and/or valuables might get lost when they sell online. For this reason, our experts open our customers’ parcels exclusively under video surveillance. That’s also why we provide free shipping with tracking information. After we open and check the contents of your parcel, we send you a confirmation of receipt along with the video recording of the parcel being opened. Next, our experts appraise and determine a purchase value for your class rings or other valuables. For the appraisal process, we employ our full knowledge by using the newest technologies, the latest testing equipment, and expert literature. Afterward, you will get a laboratory report that lists all the items you have sent to us with detailed information like characteristics, gold content, gold purity, condition, weight, and of course the purchase offer. You can then decide if you would like to sell with us or not. If you agree to our offer, you will get paid on the same day. If you choose not to sell with us, we will send back your valuables the next day at the latest at no cost to you. This is our guarantee, not just an empty promise.

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Sell your class ring with the right buyer

reDollar jewelry experts appraising class ringsWhat makes a class ring buyer or a gold buyer in general the right buyer for you? Transparency and honesty are key words when it comes to finding the right buyer. The first two important factors to determine the value of your class ring are gold purity and weight. Once you know your ring’s gold purity (the percentage of fine gold contained in your gold ring) and the ring’s weight in pennyweights or grams, you can use our gold calculator, to calculate the material value of your class ring. Once you know the fair material value, you have done the first part of your homework and significantly reduced the risk of selling your class ring for a price that is too low. But the material value is not the only price-building factor when it comes to the value assessment of your class ring. The origin and history behind your class ring are significant too. There are many class rings on the market that are very valuable because they have special engravings, were manufactured during a particular time period, are considered vintage, or were made only for a limited number of graduates who received special awards for their outstanding achievements. Therefore, it absolutely makes sense to take a closer look at your class ring. Expert knowledge is extremely helpful for recognizing the potential value of your class ring, which is why you should only sell your class rings with professional and skilled buyers, like reDollar. We comprise all the qualities needed to guarantee you a safe and satisfying selling experience.

Did you know that we pay you at least 90% of the market value for your class ring? Such high prices are exceptional in our industry. With our expert gemologists on board, we can also grade your class ring’s gemstone. That’s an additional benefit, an ordinary gold buyer cannot offer you.

How to sell your class ring right now

You’re in luck, because you’ve found an extremely reliable place to sell your class ring. Sell with us if you don’t want to waste time hanging out in local dealer stores, or putting your item up for auction online. Don’t waste your money on gas and parking – sell your class ring to No matter if you plan to sell a high school ring or a college class ring, you’ll get the highest price from us. Feel free to compare prices with local dealers if you don’t trust our top-dollar guarantee. We are not afraid of comparing our prices with our competitors. But we can honestly tell you, you’ve already found the most attractive place to sell your class rings! Give us a try and let us convince you of our great prices, our excellent customer service, our 24 /7 availability, our accurate and honest work ethic, and our genuine wish to make you the next happy reDollar customer.

What are the benefits of selling your class rings with reDollar?

Sell your class ring and get cashFast processing: We work on your sales order just minutes after we receive it. You can count on the fastest possible processing time, even on weekends. High prices: We offer our clients the highest prices because that’s what distinguishes us from other buyers. Great shipping options: There is no shipping option we don’t offer. You can ship with our reDollar shipping kit, we can schedule a pick-up, or you can ship on your own with our prepaid labels. All of these options are free of cost and fully insured. No hidden fees: At no point in time will we burden you with any fees. This is part of our code of ethics. Free appraisal: With us, you get a detailed in-depth, free appraisal of your class rings or other valuables. This is what we consider excellent customer service!


Maria TaitreDollar jewelry expert Maria Tait is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of jewelry. Maria is always available for your inquiries related to jewelry in general and of course to class rings. If you would like to unlock the value of your class ring, get in touch with Maria and ask a question. It’s free, and Maria is always happy to receive new inquiries about class rings of any size, origin, and age.

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