Sell colored diamonds of a multitude of styles and price ranges

When we speak about colored diamonds then we speak about really rare diamonds in color varieties and shades of green, red, blue, violet, pink, brown, canary-yellow, and black (gun metal). This colored diamonds owe their special color scheme from defects in the atomic lattice of the stone. Besides that, the color of diamonds can also be artificially changed or improved, by effects of heat or irradiation. Just recently there was a big scandal GIA, the well-known Gemological Institute of America was involved. Hundreds of false diamond reports had to be recalled from GIA. The reason for the recall were treated diamonds which were not declared as such in advance. A big image loss for GIA and a big financial damage for a potential owner of a treated diamond with a false diamond report. Colored diamonds are beside natural completely colorless diamonds the most-sought after and most valuable diamonds in the present. reDollar is a diamond expert. You can sell colored diamonds of any kind and variety with us. Our team of experts and gemologists will determine the value of your diamond within hours. We are prepared for any situation and our consolidated knowledge helps us to offer you the best possible price for your colored diamond. We buy colored diamonds of any carat weight, clarity, cut, and color. Sell colored diamonds with us and benefit from a smooth and quick selling process. What are you waiting for? Get started now or meet one of our appraisers to get a free appraisal for your diamond. If you don’t have a certification or diamond report relating to your colored diamond, then we need to have your stone in our laboratory to assess the value, if you have a diamond report with the most important grading facts, then we can give you a first price estimation just within minutes.

Where to sell colored diamonds for good cash?

Sell colored diamonds via auction houses

A legitimate question. Let’s assume you have inherited a beautiful colored diamond and you would like to sell this stone fast, what can you do? Whom can you consult? Let’s further assume that you don’t live in New York, beside Antwerp the center of the diamond trading industry or in LA where lots of diamond buyers are located. Where can you go? And let’s go one step further, you have absolutely no knowledge about diamonds and above all, there is also no certificate or diamond report enclosed which could give you more information about your colored diamond’s quality and carat weight. To be honest, you face a very tough situation. What you should do first, is to consult an independent appraiser who tells you more about your diamond. Carat weight, color, clarity grade and cut are the most important factors to determine the value of a diamond. The so called 4 C’s. The diamond grading of colored diamonds is much more complex than the grading of white diamonds so it’s very clear that you need an expert for the appraisal job. reDollar offers you this expertise. If you don’t have an expert in your close surroundings, then get in touch with our appraisers. We would be pleased to assist you with a proper and transparent analyzing service. Once you know the basics you can decide which way of selling suits you best. Selling via auction houses is very much an option. Online auctions require a detailed description and we recommend that you have an idea about your diamond’s value before you auction it. That way you can better choose a limit price so that you are protected against selling your colored diamond for a bargain. The difference between online auctions and traditional auction houses is clear. The processing time is shorter when you sell colored diamonds via online auction houses but there are also pros on part of the traditional auction houses. Traditional renowned auction houses offer very reliable appraisals, they inspect your lot with an expert and give you a very meaningful statement to your colored diamond. On that basis they define a realistic estimated value. You can be sure that there is a huge pool of buyers all over the world who is most likely interested in your lot, which means your chances that somebody will buy your diamond is very high. The cons are the long processing times and the high commission fees the auction houses require. It’s not uncommon that you have to wait weeks or even months until your colored diamond will be auctioned. Commission fees up to 25% are the unpleasant reality when you plan to sell your diamonds by auction. So you see, the service is very good and from high quality but this quality and professionalism has its price, in that case selling costs time and money.

Sell colored diamonds with jewelers, diamond buyers or pawnshops- but be careful!

Alternatively, if you look for a faster selling option which does not involve so much personal engagement, you can sell your colored diamonds with common diamond dealers, jewelers or pawnbrokers. If you don’t live in an area where many of this candidates are present, we don’t recommend this selling option. Why? Simply because there are too less possibilities and spots where you could compare the prices. Not seldom jewelers and dealers take advantage of their monopoly position if there is no other place where to sell. When you see yourself confronted with such a situation we would recommend to drive to the next metropolis where you have more selling options or you think about selling with a nationwide online buyer like us. We combine the financial power to buy colored diamonds of any carat weight and quality with the needed expertise to determine the value of your diamonds professionally and in consideration of all price building facts. If you would like to sell to a nearby dealer, jeweler or pawnbroker, then make sure that you get paid a good price for your colored diamond that is not far below the appraised value. The sad thing is that you can’t trust anybody out there. As soon as you show your unknowingness, a buyer will try to get the stone as cheap as possible. So think about our words when you start your selling conversations. Keep straight and smart when you start the selling conversations, let yourself not elicit prices. It’s the buyer’s turn to tell you how much your colored diamonds are worth or rather what he is willing to pay. Also don’t answer personal questions. It’s irrelevant how much money you need. What if you say you need $1,000 and your colored diamond has a value of $3,500? Do you think the buyer is willing to pay you one dollar more than $1,000? Of course not! Why should he. He knows that you are happy with just $1,000 for your colored diamond worth $3,500. If you don’t name a price you can get more for your diamond, think about that.

Last but not least – Sell colored diamonds with online buyers like reDollar

If you live in a remote location, or in a small town, and you have no knowledge about diamonds BUT you would like to sell quickly then the best way to do so is with us. We offer the nationwide purchase of colored diamonds. No matter if you want to sell yellow, brown, pink, green, blue, orange, grey, or black diamonds – we buy them all. We have the financial strength to buy a stone for several hundreds of thousands dollars as well as for some hundred dollars. For us the stone alone matters and the goal to make you happy. Our ethical codex is what we stand for. Our customers get served with the best advice, the most experience, and get paid the highest prices for their assets. This is not a promise, this are our principles. Our service to buy colored diamonds online by shipping is very safe and convenient. Just arrange a secured courier pick up and just within 24-48 hours we can make you an offer for your diamond. Our team of experts will analyze your colored diamond and on basis of the won results we will make you a peak price. Our global network of diamond buyers allows us to pay you highest prices for your colored diamonds. Read our interview with our gemstone expert Tamy Rostan about yellow diamonds. Recently a client wanted to know “How much is a yellow diamond worth?” If you have a question like that, don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s our pleasure to walk you through the entire sales process from the early beginning. Give us a try, get started now and become a new happy reDollar customer.

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