We talk about fancy diamond prices: how much is your yellow diamond worth?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I get in touch with you because I would like to find out how much is a yellow diamond worth. I got this beautiful gemstone from my grandfather some years ago. The stone was thought as a gift for a beloved woman but if the current price is good, I would also consider to sell the yellow diamond. Please help me to find out how much I can get for a yellow diamond like mine.
Thomas from Portland in Oregon

Good morning Thomas, thank you very much for contacting the reDollar appraisers with your concern. It’s my pleasure to assist you to find out how much a yellow diamond is worth. I suggest that we work together on the evaluation, that way you can learn more about the determination of a yellow diamond’s value.
reDollar appraiser, Tamay Rostan

Thomas wants to know, how much is a yellow diamond worth

Loose fancy yellow diamondThomas: Thank you for your response Tamay. I’m really excited to do the evaluation together with you. What information do you need from me? How can I help you to find out how much is a yellow diamond worth?

Tamay: You’re very welcome Thomas. Natural yellow diamonds are very beautiful gemstones, they are also called “fancy diamonds”. The reason why a diamond has a yellow color is because the diamond is not chemically pure and structurally perfect. The chemical element nitrogen is responsible for the yellow shades of a yellow fancy diamond. The higher the amount of nitrogen, the more yellow is the diamond. The most famous yellow diamond is the Tiffany-Diamond, which has an amazing weight of 228.54 carats. The diamond was found 1878 in South Africa in the Kimberly mine. The owner of this outstanding yellow diamond is still Tiffany & Co. and George Frederick Kunz who was a famous diamond cutter gave the Tiffany diamond its amazing cut with 90 facets. Yellow and brown diamonds are after white diamonds, the most frequent colors for diamonds. Another very well-known yellow diamond is the Golden Jubilee Diamond, which was found 1985 in South Africa (Cullinan). Golden Jubilee had a gross weight of 755.50 carats and present it is part of the Thai crown jewels. After the diamond was cut, it reached his final weight of 545.67 carats.

Thomas: That’s so interesting Tamay. Thank you for sharing this fascinating information with me. I’m afraid my yellow diamond hasn’t such a great value. I also have a GIA grading report of my yellow diamond. I will make a photograph of this diamond grading report, maybe it helps you to determine the value.

Tamay: Great! That helps me a lot. Thank you very much Thomas.

Tiffany yellow diamond Schlumberger "Bird on a rock"Thomas: You’re welcome Tamay!

Tamay: From your GIA diamond grading report I could learn that your fancy yellow diamond has a weight of 1.70 carats and a beautiful Princess cut. The color is specified as fancy vivid yellow. Furthermore we have measurements of 6.60 mm x 4.63 mm. Polish and symmetry are very good and there is no fluorescence. The yellow diamond has a very good clarity of VVS2, which means that it only has very, very slight inclusions. That’s perfect. You have a very nice fancy yellow diamond, also from the quality perspective.

Thomas: That’s good to hear but what do you think, how much is a yellow diamond like mine, worth?

Tamay: Well, I would estimate a fair market value of $4,500.00 – $5,500.00 for your fancy diamond.

Thomas: Oh my god! That’s a lot of money.

Tamay: Yes it is but the diamond is from great quality and it has a very nice cut, that legitimates the value.

Thomas: What do you think, where can I sell my yellow diamond?

Fancy yellow diamond braceletTamay: I would recommend to sell this diamond only to a place where experts are on-site. You could sell this diamond with us for example or if you prefer another selling option you could sell it with an auction house. But please consider that you have to pay high commission fees if you sell your fancy yellow diamond via an auction house. In addition to that, it’s not a fast selling process. Local auction houses offer their auctions just in intervals of some months. A third option is a local gold buyer or jeweler. But please take care! Not seldom the local guys don’t bring the necessary skills to offer a competitive price. Confront them with my appraisal and find out how much they can offer you for your fancy diamond.

Thomas: That sounds smart. I will try my luck with locals first, but the better feeling I have if I would sell my yellow diamond with your company. Is it safe to ship a diamond?

Tamay: Yes it is very safe to ship diamonds. All our mailings are fully insured and such high value mailings, we would only ship by secured courier pick up with UPS Parcel Pro. Shipping valuable goods has become a common practice these days in the ecommerce business of trading with luxury goods. Distinguished auction houses, diamond dealers and also luxury fine jewelers ship their goods because online platforms offer their clients very attractive options of buying and selling luxury goods. The shipping carriers are well prepared for such situations and offer amazing services. This is our and also your benefit. You can be sure that you diamond will arrive safely if you will ship it to our head office where our high-tech laboratory is located.

Thomas: That sounds perfect, first I was afraid to ship my valuables but your arguments sound absolutely comprehensible. I will oversleep my decision but thank you so much for your professional analysis. Now I know how much a yellow diamond is worth and I learned a lot from you.

Tamay: You’re welcome! It was a pleasure for me to help you.

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