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You have old and/or damaged jewelry that you want to sell? Great that you found us! Sell damaged jewelry with the honest and trustworthy buyer reDollar. We pay 90%-95% for your damaged jewelry gold. Please keep in mind that the great majority of local gold buyers only pays 40%-60% for your gold. Our high prices are the most convincing argument to sell damaged gold with us. You are afraid to mail-in your gold? Don’t worry! High-value shipping solutions from UPS guarantee a highly safe and insured shipping of your gold. Against the general fear of mailing valuables we can tell you that the shipping of highly valuable items such as gold, jewelry, luxury goods or diamonds is very, very safe these days.

Sell damaged jewelry with reDollar – the highest bidder

Different scrap gold itemsThere are two ways to calculate the value of damaged jewelry. First, you can look for the precious metal content and its purity or you see jewelry as a piece made from a special designer or a well-known brand. The majority of gold buyers, jewelers or pawn shops just see the scrap value if the jewelry was not made from one of the most popular brands like David Yurman, Cartier, Tiffany, Graff, Mikimoto, Chopard, Bvlgari or Harry Winston. But what about other great brands like Movado, Mallory Marks, Bernard Passman, Ifandco or Judith Ripka? Pieces from such brands get often evaluated just by paying attention to the material value. Not so if you sell damaged jewelry with our company. Thanks to our goldsmith and jewelry-repair division we are able to pay more than just the scrap gold value for designer jewelry, even when the pieces are damaged and even when they don’t belong to the most sought-after brands. Well, gravely damaged pieces can be bought for the material value only. We remember a customer who sent a designer necklace which was badly damaged from his ex wife. Can you imagine how the necklace looked like? It came in 5 pieces with completely deformed links. Such pieces have to undergo a melting process even when they are made from very well-known designers or jewelers.

Our scrap gold prices at a glance

24K per gram $69.18
22K per gram $63.44
18K per gram $51.94
14K per gram $40.51
10K per gram $28.81

Minor damages like broken links, damaged closers, cut chains, bent pendants or some scratches qualify for our “we-see-more-than-just-scrap-in-your-designer-jewelry” program. We are very experienced with damaged jewelry and we do our best to improve and upgrade the deformed or damaged jewelry pieces. For this reason we can offer a very decent amount of money, based on the costs for repair and the possible resell value. A general knowledge to better understand the value of gold jewelry will help you understanding the pricing process. is a very transparent buyer for damaged jewelry and we see it as our obligation as a trustworthy company to transfer the knowledge needed.

Example More Information for Selling
damaged jewelry setting You can sell damaged rings with missing stones. It doesn’t matter if the setting is damaged or even the whole ring.
damaged ring You can sell damaged rings like this broken piece. It doesn’t matter if your ring has a small damage or if it’s completely destroyed.
damaged watch band We are happy to accept damaged gold watch bands or even completely damaged watches. You can sell unbranded watches with damages as well as watches made from designers or popular watch brands, such as Rolex.
damaged necklace A broken necklace is not a problem at all. It’s fine to sell scrap classified necklaces as well as designer pieces. A great benefit of selling with us is that we can make repairs in-house what means that we can offer more money than the great majority of  our competitors.
damaged gold ring An old fashioned, broken gold ring is still an asset and can easily sell with us. 10k gold, 14k gold or even 18k gold – all alloys are very welcome in our labs.
damaged jewelry stones Damaged gemstone jewelry is annoying. has the solution for damaged or broken pieces because we are willing to offer the highest prices for such jewelry. Thanks to our experts we can make repairs and offer best prices to you.
damaged jewelry closer A damaged closer isn’t a barrier for selling. Old fashioned jewelry without a market for resale undergoes a melting process and resellable jewelry get’s a repair.
damaged jewelry closer A damaged designer necklace, with or without gemstones can sell with us for great prices. Besides melting we also make repairs and for this reason we can offer higher prices.
damaged watch A damaged watch is perfect for selling, especially if it was made of gold, platinum or silver.
damaged bangle A damaged diamond bracelet with a missing diamond is no drama. is an outstanding expert for damaged diamond and gemstone jewelry. Don’t bring your jewelry to an unqualified scrap dealer without asking for offer before.
damaged jewelry is the best place to sell damaged jewelry. We offer the highest prices for scrap jewelry as well as for damaged designer jewelry. Very valuable jewelry with damages is very welcome. Our experts bring all skills to serve you with profession.
damaged coin pendant with rim nick Coin pendants with rim nicks can sell with us. Small rim nicks can hide under a setting and still look very pretty.
damaged jewelry watch case This petite watch case is made of 18k gold and still valuable. Since the gold price has risen and risen, damaged jewelry became more and more valuable. You should also consider to sell small pieces of gold. It pays off.

Our skills are your benefit to sell damaged jewelry

reDollar experts appraising gold jewelryBesides the knowledge and skills to deal with damaged jewelry, it also needs years of resell-experience to calculate the highest prices, very close to spot. Our company is employer to lots of experts who share their proven skills in dealing with damaged jewelry and precious metals. If you plan to sell damaged jewelry with us, you ensure that you can get paid more than just the material value. Don’t hesitate to compare pawn shops or jewelers in your neighborhood. We are convinced that almost all will offer just 40-60% of the scrap metal value. Moreover less than that: from the statistic point of view, the majority of gold and jewelry buying companies offer very low prices – even for scrap. We tried to ask them for quotes on the phone. And guess what happened? A 8 out of 10 gold buying companies were not willing to tell us their current quote for scrap gold. “It’s only possible to tell you the price when you come in the store” they argued. But why the hell should we? Scrap gold stays scrap gold. There is no need to see scrap gold in person to inform about the price each pennyweight or each gram. Watch out and don’t sell damaged jewelry blindly without running a comparison before. Plus, don’t act narrow-minded. Also consider to sell online. Reliable online gold buyers like our company bring capital to buy very valuable items, experienced appraisers and the wish to serve clients with the best advice all over the US.

Sell damaged jewelry for the scrap gold price

Maybe you see yourself confronted with damaged jewelry, but not only damaged jewelry is perfect to sell with us. Think about mismatched jewelry, tucked away in your jewelry box or gold jewelry you don’t longer wear because of a change in taste. This kind of jewelry can be easily turned into cash. Probably it’s cash you have never expected. And what do we all love more besides god, family, friends, piece and healthiness? Right, it’s extra cash!

What are you waiting for? Sell now and get your money tomorrow

Start sellingGold chain on Cash bills your gold right now! Sell damaged jewelry right away – online. We have set up an “easy-selling-process” easy, understandable for laymen as well as experts. We are happy to accept pieces from private individuals as well as companies. Even for commercial clients, selling with us brings huge benefits: fresh liquid funds to re-invest in new works or for paying bills. Believe in our words when we say, is one of the best places to sell damaged jewelry and precious metals in general. Become a new member of our exclusive buying-service. 90-95% of the stock market value is the gold price we promise you. Not seldom people ask us “How can you make money?” The answer is simple, our little margins don’t make us rich tomorrow, but our goal is to become America’s first address for selling gold online and this ambitious goal we can only reach if we offer the most perfect and attractive services.

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