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reDollar is the greatest place place to sell unwanted gold because we really pay the highest prices in contrast to our competitors. We are a FinTech Startup company revolutionizing the way of selling gold. With millions of dollars ready to buy your unwanted gold, we are prepared for little gold deals as well as big gold deals.

Today, one gram of pure gold is worth $76.63 at the stock market and we pay you $72.87. Isn’t that a very fair and reliable deal? Don’t wait any longer and sell your unwanted gold with us. There is no better place available.

You own unwanted gold and you don’t have any use for it anymore? You have recently checked your jewelry box and you found brooches, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, pins, cufflinks, earrings, an engagement ring or other unwanted gold jewelry from the past or from your granny? You have no use for this unwanted gold and if you don’t devote on this pieces it would be wise to sell them if you are in need of cash. The point of time is very good these days. The gold price is very high so if you plan to sell unwanted gold then consider to do it nowadays. reDollar is a highly recommended address where you can sell unwanted gold to top conditions and in a convenient sales process. Selling jewelry online is a very modern, secure and discreet method of selling. You can start the sales process just with 2 clicks, the rest will be done by our company.

14K yellow gold braceletUnwanted gold like this gold bracelet is hidden spending money. This tiny 14K gold bracelet weighs 14.50 grams and sells for $586.20 with reDollar.

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unwanted gold: rings, pendant, watch case, scrap goldHere you can see 10K gold. Some rings, some scrap gold, a pendant and a watch case. In total 24.70 grams, selling for $710.08 with us.

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Baume & Mercier 20 dollar gold coin watch Many folks see in this gold coin watch just unwanted gold. We see a very decent amount of $2623.42 waiting for you to get paid.

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18K white gold ring with black diamonds Many gold rings can be seen as unwanted gold. Take a look at your collection. You’ll find outdated or mismatched rings like that. This ring sells for $336.89

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Do you know our prices for unwanted gold?

We pay for 24K gold $112.95 per dwt
We pay for 18K gold $80.34 per dwt
We pay for 14K gold $62.66 per dwt
We pay for 10K gold $44.56 per dwt

We pay for 24K gold $72.87 per gram
We pay for 18K gold $51.83 per gram
We pay for 14K gold $40.43 per gram
We pay for 10K gold $28.75 per gram

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For many people, gold is just an unknown territory. reDollar is more than just a place to sell unwanted gold. We see it as our obligation to provide you knowledge to become able to understand the value you own. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions.

    Many gold buyers promise to pay the highest prices for your gold. But do you know how you can find out easily if they are just liars? Just check if they publish binding purchase prices like reDollar does or call them to ask for prices per gram or dwt.

    If you know how much a gold buyer is willing to pay you per karat or gram or pennyweight, you are able to compare offers. It’s  worth to put time in comparing offers. Just recently we paid $2,750 for a nice gold bracelet, while local competitors only offered up to $1,500.

    Selling unwanted gold is new for me – how does it work?

    Like Amazon or eBay, reDollar is a Dotcom Company that operates via the Internet only. Our perfected sales process allows our clients to sell unwanted gold or jewelry in general through the internet. You can start the selling process online with just two clicks. It’s very convenient and discreet. With us, you can keep your anonymity, you don’t have to visit several gold buyer stores in person to get a price comparison. You don’t lose precious time for searching parking spaces to visit the gold buyers in your town. With reDollar you save time, money and nerves. There is no reason why selling gold to an online buyer is not a convenient way of getting rid of unwanted jewelry. We guarantee a fast handling, the highest prices and above that all our services like appraisals and shipping are free for you. We have learned from the mistakes of our competitors that’s why we offer the best spot to sell unwanted gold online. You don’t believe in our promises, no problem, please give us a try and let us convince you from our great online services.

    This is how it works: You start the sales process online by filling out a short description of your valuables. Afterwards please choose a convenient shipping method. We know how valuable your unwanted gold is, therefore you can ship your gold to us by using a secured courier pick up or alternatively by using our prepaid shipping labels. In any case, your unwanted gold is fully insured. 1-2 days after shipping you will get an in-depth appraisal from our experts which includes our price offer for your gold. You can then decide what happens next. With us you have no obligation to sell, at no point of time. If you agree to our price offer, you will receive your cash almost immediately without any deductions and delays. You see, sell unwanted gold has never been so easygoing before!

    Accepted items when I sell unwanted gold

    We accept all kinds of unwanted gold. Unwanted gold can exist in many different forms. The term unwanted gold is very wide-ranging. Unwanted gold can be old or antique jewelry as well as bullion or dental gold. The condition and the age of your unwanted gold does not affect our prices directly.

    For unwanted jewelry that is broken or damaged we pay the same prices as for jewelry that has strong marks of usage. For outstanding pieces with nice gemstones or diamonds or with a special hand-craftsmanship and also for pieces from famous brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston or Van Cleef & Arpels, just to mention a few, we pay higher prices of course. For each piece of unwanted gold we pay the fair and adequate market value. That’s our promise to you. From the beginning on, our knowledgeable support team is always available for you via phone, email or chat. You can reach us 24 hours/day. We guarantee a fully transparent and hassle-free process. Give us a try and start “sell unwanted gold” now!

    Sell unwanted gold jewelry

    Did you know that you can sell unwanted gold jewelry easy like 1-2-3 from all over the US? And did you also know that shipping is fully insured? Thanks to UPS High Value Services, we are able to insure gold and precious metals up to $100,000.

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    unwanted 14K gold chain on US dollars, seal ring and bracelet

    We accept any kind of unwanted gold jewelry for selling

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    college ring, seal ring, designer ring and diamond ring on 100 us dollar bill

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