Sell your designer jewelry with us: from Tiffany over David Yurman to Cartier! We are a trusted designer jewelry buyer!

Designer jewelry needs a very qualified and experienced buyer. Only buyers, who have the ability to work with designer jewelry, are able to offer a proper amount for your pieces, especially if you offer high priced jewelry or jewelry made from exclusive designers or brands. is the place you are looking for. We employ experts working in groups to ensure a very qualified evaluation process. At least 2 of our experts determine the value of your designer jewelry asking our network of international experts if needed. Sell designer jewelry with our company and get offered the best prices on the market. Plus, in comparison with many other jewelry buyers, we are able to afford buying jewelry into the $100,000 range. But don’t get us wrong. We also buy your small treasure. Every piece of designer jewelry in a value range between $50 and $250,000 is very welcomed.

Sell designer jewelry with expert advice

We know that many Americans underestimate or overestimate their property. Meet and ask our appraisers first to get an idea about the value before you sell your designer jewelry with us. And please consider that many buyers don’t have the ability to recognize exclusive pieces. Avoid hassle and sell your designer jewelry with us. 1 carat diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, chains, brooches, cuff links or pins, items made of gold, platinum and palladium in any quality and amount – don’t care, we are the right place for your high demands. Plus, we cherish also your small value. A very nice designer ring made of silver is also welcomed. Our goal is that Americans have one place for all their designer jewelry: a Tiffany silver ring worth $50, Van Cleef & Arpels earrings worth $3,000, or also a Cartier brooch worth $7,000. All your items are treated with a maximum of love and care independently of the value.

Designer bracelet with rubies, diamonds, and pearls.Sell broken or damaged designer jewelry

We know that many of our competitors see in broken or damaged designer jewelry just scrap. Lots of this buyers would offer you just the scrap value for such pieces. If you sell with us, you can benefit from a huge advantage: it’s our very experienced goldsmith. He knows how to repair designer jewelry and he knows how long it takes and how much it costs. So, what we do when you offer broken or damaged designer jewelry is that we ask our goldsmith how grave the damage is. Based on the costs for a repair, we offer a very proper amount for your designer jewelry. A nice Van Cleef & Arpels necklace or a Cartier ring is almost always NO scrap.

I’d like to get started with selling my designer jewelry

Feel free and sell also broken designer jewelry with us. We don’t fob you with scrap gold prices for designer jewelry. That’s written down in our company policy. If you are unsure what to do, ask our appraiser for help. It’s free, unbinding and without any obligations. Sell designer jewelry with us and start online by today. The first step of the selling process is done in less than a minute. Just fill in your personal information and some facts about the designer jewelry you’d like to sell and that’s it. The last step of the selling process is the shipping. We serve customers from coast to coast in our competence center where your jewelry will be delivered. Consider, shipping is always free and fully insured.

What happens next?

As we told you, at least two experts are working on your jewelry. Also jewelry of lower value range is under care of at least two reDollar professionals. This is our standard to ensure that designer jewelry of forgotten but interesting proveniences can be detected too. From time to time designer jewelry from well-known families or people come to light. We don’t want to overlook a part of the American history. It’s not only for you important to know what you have, it’s our demand on ourselves too. We unlock your designer jewelry treasure!

After the evaluation process is done, you receive a first statement in your inbox. Normally, you get informed within 5 hours after the delivery in our laboratory. Only very special items need to be determined longer but normally not longer than a business day. Before we pay you, you have the chance to talk about your offer. You can email, text or call us at anytime. We only pay you if you agree and till your payment permission, you can reclaim your designer jewelry back at anytime. Sell designer jewelry to and experience an outstanding selling process. It’s not more than sit back, relax and wait to get paid.

We like designer jewelry of all brands and epochs:

Cartier, Chopard, Tiffany, Mikimoto, David Webb, VCA, Bvlgari, Winston, Boucheron, Piaget, Verdura, Buccellati, Graff, Seaman Schepps, Van Cleef & Arpels, Yard, Estate, Mauboussin, Harry Winston, Chaumet, Period, Coco Chanel, Blackamoor. Plus Art Deco, Antique, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Georgian, Edwardian, Russian, French, European or Italian designs.

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