Sell your gold for cash!

You own valuable gold but to get some extra money you want to sell your gold for cash? No problem, we are your first partner for a perfect deal like that. We operate as online company like Amazon or eBay and this way of operating our business allows us to pay our clients top-dollar prices. Our highly equipped laboratory is the place where our expert analyze your gold. All our knowledge and expertise is bundled on that place. We are not nobodies in that business. A long company history formed all our employees and is the fundamental of our working principle. We offer our clients top prices, a discreet and fast handling, and the necessary expertise and accuracy to handle also big quantities. If you own gold, regardless of which color, quantity, condition or age. We should be your first address where to sell your gold for cash.

Sell gold for cash – a delicate business

If you plan to sell gold for cash then please take care of finding a reliable gold buyer. Unfortunately the majority of gold dealers does not make their jobs very well. We have made a nationwide comparison to find out how our local competitors perform their business. First we just wanted to get a price information by phone but believe it or not, nearly nobody was willing to answer our simple question. We asked the guys “How much is a gram of gold worth?” The disillusioning result is that nearly nobody of the local gold buyers that we have tested, wanted to answer our question precisely. The majority of gold buyers we called, just told us that they cannot give us a price information on the phone. They have to see the gold before they make a price. But we ask ourselves, why do they act like that? Why don’t they show more transparency? When I want to sell something, I should have the possibility to compare the prices, isn’t it? This is the only possibility for uninformed clients to find out who pays best. reDollar makes it better than the rest. We offer a super transparent gold calculator for our appreciated customers. We don’t want to rip somebody off, we don’t have secrets, and we don’t make our prices by a face check. Sell your gold for cash to reDollar means every customer gets the same fair prices. We make no difference. If you want to sell gold for cash, please use our gold calculator to find out the value of your gold. If you are unsure where to sell your gold, then run a comparison and find out who pays you best.

Selling gold for cash to reDollar means unbeatable services for sellers!

Selling gold with an online company like us is by far not as insecure as you think. We offer free and insured shipping solutions for all our clients. That protects you against lost and theft. Above that we only offer shipping solutions with highly recommended mail service providers like USPS, FedEx or UPS. Wherever you live, we can serve all clients in the entire United States of America. That’s a great benefit, especially for elderly people, very busy people or people who live far away from the next biggest town where they can find the next gold buyer. And who guarantees that this buyer buys you best? Nobody. Avoid long car rides and disappointing visits at local gold buyers. Give us a try and let us convince you about our high professionalism and our customer friendliness. Sell your gold for cash to us and finish the transaction in only two business days. From the very beginning we guide you through the sales process. Meet our appraisers if you have a special question, they will be happy to assist you with your concern. Get started now and see that we make the difference!

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