Sell gold flakes with us – reDollar is a buyer for natural, raw gold!

bottle filled with gold flakes and nuggetsYou plan to sell gold flakes? You will be very happy to hear that we are buying any type of gold flakes. Of course, we can only buy authentic gold flakes and no flakes from an art store to cover frames or other things like that. The gold flakes we buy have to be natural gold – mined gold as a lot or just some flakes in a bottle. Consider that a whole lot of mined gold brings a lot more money than just a bottle of gold flakes from a vacation trip. You will be well advised to keep your bottled gold as a memory because bottled gold will be sold for just some bucks to tourists. If you own more than just a handful of flakes, you are more than welcomed to sell your gold flakes with us. Our prices are amazing and extremely competitive. Shop around to compare gold buyers and find out fast why is the place for your plan. We never rip you off and we would never offer less money for your gold flakes. Ready, set, go! Get that cash for your gold flakes.

Do you know our competitive purchase prices for gold flakes?

 Sell 1 oz for Sell 1 dwt for Sell 1 gram for
.999 gold flakes  $2097.39  $104.53  $67.44
 .950 gold flakes  $1994.52  $99.41  $64.13

Individuals, sell your gold flakes and nuggets with us

Don’t underestimate the value of your flakes. As described, bottled gold flakes are only very little money worth but only some pieces of real mined gold flakes can be worth a few hundred dollars. Sometimes gold flakes were bought countless years before by a deceased relative. They were tucked away in a box and forgotten. Now it can turn out that you own valuable and good sellable gold flakes. Don’t miss this opportunity and sell your gold flakes or nuggets to our company.

Find out more, if you plan to sell gold nuggets.

Attention – miners

reDollar banner for selling gold flakesNot only individuals own gold flakes they would like to sell. Also miners are always looking for a reliable place to sell their mined gold. You should read the following information carefully, if you are a local gold miner and if you didn’t hear about reDollar before. We are more than just a “tiny, cute” gold buyer. We are running a gold refinery department, serving great business solutions for local mining companies. We provide higher purchase prices for nuggets and flakes besides a precise melting analysis. Upon request, we pick out nuggets and flakes which can be sold for more than just the gold value. For this nuggets and flakes you get paid more money into your account than for your melted gold. Also good to know is, that we pay you for silver, platinum and palladium coming with your mined gold.

Also small claim miners are more than welcomed. You can trust our experience and our solutions for small business. Sell gold flakes, nuggets and other mined or recycled gold with us and become a new satisfied customer.

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