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Warren Pressler, Appraiser since 40 years
American Institute of Gemological Research offers the most money for gold products like necklaces. I know the market and competition for over 40 years and no company is able or willing to pay more than reDollar. Our Institute is sending all customers looking for a selling outlet to reDollar. They are 100% legit and trustworthy.

On this page, we provide precious information about selling gold necklaces. Take the time to get educated or sell right away.

You can sell any gold necklaces

Omega necklaces, plain chain necklaces, Herringbone necklaces, diamond cut necklaces, Figaro link chain necklaces, multi strand necklaces, byzantine necklaces, cobra link chain necklaces, diamond necklaces, gemstone necklaces, Cuban necklaces, designer necklaces, vintage necklaces, antique necklaces, damaged necklaces, Italian necklaces, Milor necklaces, Choker necklaces, coin necklaces, double strand necklaces, cable link necklaces or even broken necklaces are happily accepted for selling with our company. Remember our promise that we pay the highest possible purchase price for your jewelry. Check our reviews and you’ll be impressed about our flawless reputation.

How much we pay, today

Most gold necklaces, except branded ones, are priced per weight based on the current gold price.

This is how much we pay you!

Sell 10k gold: $29.58 per gram
Sell 14k gold: $41.60 per gram
Sell 18k gold: $53.34 per gram
Sell 22k gold: $65.14 per gram

Sell Your Gold Necklace For The Highest Price

Most people know that finding a reliable gold buyer is not easy. The industry is know for unreliable business behavior and scam. And this is why was founded. We are attacking the industry with highest prices and unbeatable services. Even appraisers recommend selling gold products to our company as they know about our business morals and they highly value or purchase price philosophy. You can sell your gold necklace to knowing that no other company can beat the amount we are going to offer you.

10k Gold Necklace

Sell per gram:  $29.58
Total value:  $785.44

10k yellow gold necklace

14k Gold Necklace

Sell per gram:  $41.60
Total value:  $1363.29

European, vintage 14k gold necklace

18k Gold Necklace

Sell per gram:  $53.34
Total value: $1682.71

18k rose gold link necklace

Sell your gold necklace trough insured mail-in service

reDollar does nothing but buying online what helped us to create the perfect online selling transaction for gold and jewelry. All shipments are insured trough UPS ParcelPro what is the high-value shipping division for very expensive merchandise. Shipping is fast, free and really easy to handle. Get your gold necklaces and other things you would like to sell together, pack it, ship it, relax and wait to receive our offer. Our processing time is no longer than 8 business hours what ensures you to get a quote on the same day after your package arrived. Sell your gold necklaces to no other place as you will deeply regret that you missed the chance of making a one of a kind experience with the best place for selling online –, Transparent & Beneficial Like A Bank.

Mail In To Sell A Gold Necklace

ship to sell your gold necklace with a reDollar selling-box

Pre-calculate before you sell your gold necklace

We want you to get educated because an educated customer values our purchase prices. Even more. Let us learn you calculating the value of your gold necklace.

use a calculator to evaluate the selling value of your gold necklace

It’s actually pretty easy to calculate the value of your gold necklace. Follow, our easy guideline and know its value in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Find the stamp on your gold necklace indicating the purity: 10k, 14k, 18k or 375, 416, 585 or 750
  2. Weigh your gold necklace using a digital scale
  3. Use our gold calculator to find out how much it is worth

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