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You own a fancy Gucci necklace? Awesome! Gucci necklaces have a significant value in case you would like to sell your jewel. Since 1921 the Italian fashion and leather goods brand Gucci stands for the outmost of luxury and elegance combined with sophisticated designs and finest materials. With his continuous company growth and global expanding the proud founder Guccio Gucci and his three sons achieved great success in the fashion industry. In 2013 Gucci was listed as the 38th most valuable brand with a brand value of more than $12.1 billion. If you are a lucky one that owns a fancy Gucci necklace then you are in possession of a little treasure. The value of Gucci jewelry will be determined not only by the used precious metals, also the dazzling brand name Gucci raises the value significantly. Sell Gucci necklace with reDollar and benefit from our high prices and fast selling transaction that we offer online. For clients in all of America the sale of Gucci jewelry is possible with us to best conditions. You don’t have to live in New York or Los Angeles where thousands of buyers are located to get a good price, you can sell with us, even if you live in remote areas or little towns where no good resale market is present. Sell Gucci necklaces with reDollar, you will see we don’t promise too much.

Gucci necklaces show a huge variety of fabulous designs

Gucci necklaces are made of wonderful designs and different material types such as .925 sterling silver or 18k gold in form of rosé gold, yellow gold or white gold. The jewels are mostly studded with beautiful diamonds, corals, or sapphires. The Gucci horsebit necklace, the Gucci Flora necklace, the Gucci Love Britt necklace, the Gucci Diamantissima necklace, the Gucci Bamboo necklace, the Gucci Dog Tag necklace, and also the cross pendant necklace are very well suited for selling with us. Also Gucci necklaces with Swarovski crystals and enamel are trend pieces which can be sold for top dollars. But we are not only interested in brand-new Gucci necklaces, of course not. Also pre-owned vintage pieces or Gucci necklaces with little damages or flaws can be sold with us. We have an in-house goldsmith department that repairs broken jewelry easily and accurate. So don’t worry about that. Gucci jewelry is not only available in Gucci boutiques, also well-known department-stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales or Marcus Neiman offer beautiful Gucci jewelry. If you would like to sell your Gucci necklace because you would like to sort out your jewelry box or you are in need of extra money, then sell it with us.

What are reDollar’s arguments and benefits?

We as Internet buyer of jewelry offer you a quick and easy sales process. It’s not easy to find a good spot where to sell Gucci necklaces quickly and to good prices. You could sell them via online auction platforms but it can take weeks until a potential buyer clicks the “buy now” button or when you auction your Gucci necklace, the price realized can be far below your expectations. We see another problem in local buyers who offer their services to potential sellers. In the majority of cases the offered prices don’t reflect the real market prices. It can happen quickly that a so-called trustworthy jewelry buyer around the corner or in your neighborhood offers you a ridiculous price that is by far lower than even the material value. But when you think the conditions are bad they can become even worse. There are also dealers who don’t even accept your Gucci necklaces for purchase. We have experienced the weirdest situations with local jewelry dealers, whether if we speak about pawnbrokers, jewelers or classic gold buyers. It was always the same frustrating and time-wasting procedure. If you would like to get paid excellent, you want to sell quickly and you appreciate a friendly customer support then you should definitely give our company a try. If you would like to figure out how much your Gucci necklace is worth, then please use our “Meet our appraisers”- program and get in touch with our appraisers who will assist you with your concern. Our appraisals are free, so don’t hesitate to contact us. “How much is a Gucci watch worth” is a question we were asked some days before. If you are still doubtful, then please read our Ethical Codex. We strongly believe in god, human rights and consumer protection. Our company policy guarantees that our customers get served with the best advice, the most experience and get paid the highest prices. You’re convinced? Thank you very much for your trust! Get started now and sell your Gucci necklace with us, we are sure you won’t regret it.

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