We price watches: how much is your Gucci watch worth?

We have a passion for watches and Gucci is a brand that our appraiser team really likes. The classical Italian designs are one of a kind and appreciated all over the world. You may found this expert article by researching how much your Gucci watch may be worth. Let’s look into it.

Below, is a price list for some very common Gucci watches. We are always a buyer for high-end Gucci watches – preferable, newer models.

Price List for Common Gucci Watches

Gucci Watch ModelValue
Diamond Gucci 101G Custom “G” watch, model YA101334, 6 carats in diamonds$2,075
2 Timezone i Gucci diamond watch, 5 carats in diamonds$1,350
Gucci 100M “G diamond encrusted watch, approx. 415 diamonds$1,275
Gucci 101 G-Chrono black diamond watch, model YA101347$1,120
Gucci Chrono 101M diamond watch, model YA101324, stainless steel$1,050
Gucci 101G chronograph, white ceramic Swiss quartz, model YA101345$810
Gucci 18K solid yellow gold mechanical watch, model number 3115$550
Gucci 7700 chronograph diamond watch$625
Gucci YA128505 G-Frame watch, 18K gold with diamonds$480
Gucci 126.2 G-Timeless chronograph watch$400
Gucci 112 diamond GG-monogram, model YA112503$400
Gucci 18K gold watch, model 705M$300
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Unfortunately, we cannot accept your vintage Gucci watch for purchase as we are currently overstocked. We are interested in modern fine Gucci watches which are not older than five years.

reDollar experts appraising Gucci watchHi redollar team! My name is Olivia, and I would like to know, how much is a Gucci watch worth? I have two Gucci watches and would like to sell them because I don’t wear them anymore, and to be honest, I could use some extra money. I’m a college student and am often short on cash. Please help me find out how much my Gucci watches are worth. Thanks in advance!
Olivia from Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Olivia! Thank you very much for contacting reDollar. I’m pleased to help you with your question. Gucci watches are wide-spread, and there are so many different models and series. Please be so kind and send me some pictures of your Gucci watches so that I can get a better idea of which models we are talking about. I will discuss all the details with you and then estimate a fair market value of your Gucci watches based on the information available. Best regards, Steve Redrich
reDollar appraiser Steve Redrich

Olivia wants to know, how much is a Gucci watch worth?

Olivia: Hi Steve! Thank you very much for your quick answer. Have you had a chance yet to check the photos of my Gucci watches?

Steve: Good morning, Olivia! Thanks for sending me the requested photos. I just received them. Your Gucci watches look pretty nice, and it seems that they are in good condition. Are there any considerable defects or flaws that I might not be able to detect in the photos?

Gucci Ladies watch gold mother of pearl dialOlivia: Actually, no. I would say both Gucci watches have minimal signs of wear, but no notable scratches or any other defects. The glass faces of the watches are scratch-free, and both Gucci watches work perfectly.

Steve: That’s positive. Thank you for your feedback, Olivia. The first watch that I will appraise is a relatively young model. It’s a Gucci horsebit bracelet stainless steel watch. This model seems to be very young, I think. The watch has a 28 mm stainless steel case, is Swiss made, and has a light-brown sun-brushed dial. In addition to that, it has a quartz movement and is water resistant. Do you know the model number, Olivia?

Olivia: Yes, there is a number: YA139501. Is this the number you were asking for?

Steve: Yes, that’s the model number. Thank you.

Olivia: What do you think, Steve? How much is my Gucci watch worth?

Steve: Your Gucci Horsebit watch has a retail price of $620-$820. I found your Gucci watch on eBay for $620, and on the Gucci website your watch is offered for $820. But these prices are unfortunately not what you can expect for your used model. I would estimate a fair market value of $250 for your used Gucci watch.

Gucci Diamond Chrono Watch 101G Stainless Steel Olivia: That’s fine! Of course that’s much less money than I paid for the watch, but I already knew that the loss of value is tremendously high for fashion jewelry like that from Gucci.

Steve: Yes, that’s true. It’s like that with any other brand new goods. The loss of value is always very high. That’s why so many people love to buy pre-owned watches and jewelry. If you buy pre-owned watches, you can save a lot of money, but it’s also a question of taste if you prefer to buy goods that have been worn or used before.

Olivia: Yes, I agree. I think it depends. In some cases I would buy pre-owned items, but in other cases I would rather buy the items brand-new. But I agree, when you buy second-hand you can get some great bargains.

Steve: Yes, that’s true. Now let’s take a look at to your second Gucci watch. This watch is an older model, the popular 1100-L model with 16 bezels in different colors. These bezels are the special characteristic of this watch, as they can be changed very easy. It’s a great idea, because this way fashion-conscious women can adjust their wardrobe with the respective bezel. This Gucci model is gold plated with 18K gold. This sounds very promising, but in fact the gold plating is very, very thin, so the amount of gold is not really worth mentioning. It would be different if the watch were made of solid gold.

Olivia: I know, I loved the watch a lot, but I would prefer to buy a new one. That’s why I want to sell it. I’m tired of the design. How much is a Gucci watch, like the 1100-L model worth?

Gucci watch Grammy editionSteve: I would estimate a fair market value of $200-$300 for this watch. The thing with watches like this is that collectors may pay $300 or $325 for it if the watch is in near-mint condition, and people who just want to buy a vintage Gucci are only willing to pay $200. It strongly depends on the demand and your luck with finding a collector. This watch is perfectly suitable for eBay. The drawback is that it can take time for it to sell for a good price, and you have to consider the eBay fees. If you want to make a deal faster, then it’s recommended to sell it to a reliable buyer like us. We can’t pay collector’s prices, but we can guarantee a quick sales transaction. The choice is yours.

Olivia: Thank you for your estimation, Steve. That sounds very plausible to me. I’m not sure what to do. Actually, I wanted to sell the watches very quickly, but I admit that it sounds promising to get a little more money from collectors. I will rethink my decision and then come back to you.

Steve: Of course! That’s very wise. Take your time and consider what works best for you. You can reach me whenever you want. It was my pleasure to determine the value of your Gucci watches.

Olivia: Thank you, Steve! I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. You are the first gold buyer that doesn’t want to push its clients to make a deal. It’s really comforting to know that there are still gold buyers out there who we can trust. I thought that was nearly impossible.

Steve: Thank you for your kind words. I will also relay your compliment to our management.

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