Sell Gucci watches online

Welcome to, your fist gold buyer on the internet. In this article we would like to present you the benefits of selling Gucci watches online. Gucci watches are valuable watches which need a best possible sales opportunity. reDollar offers such a perfect sales opportunity for you. We are well-known for our remarkably high purchase prices and our excellent customer services. There are many hundreds of different Gucci watches on the market, in many different price ranges. It needs expert knowledge to determine the value of a Gucci watch properly. We have those experts on board. Our appraiser Steven Redrich is responsible for our watch department. If you have a Gucci watch which you would like to sell, then contact Mr. Redrich and request a free appraisal. There is no other platform on the internet which offers such an incredible service. We are not only gold buyers, we understand ourselves as advisors too. Unreliable gold buyers damage our reputation. This is a big problem for us. We try to fight against this generalization because we don’t want to be placed under the same umbrella with untrustworthy moneymakers. Selling with reDollar should be a great pleasure, that’ is on what we work for, every minute and every day. Sell Gucci watches is a good option if you need liquid funds. But beware of local gold buying shops, pawn shops, jeweler stores or even gold parties that offer their services for buying your gold. It’s no secret that this branch has a really bad reputation but no wonder, there are so many competitors who give reason to that low opinion. Bad prices, weighing frauds, badmouthing, rude and unfriendly behaviors, pushing clients to make the deal, just to name a few negative aspects. The best what you can do to avoid getting ripped off, is to get to know what you have. Learn from us how much is a Gucci watch worth. Our appraisers will answer your question promptly and professional, then you can decide to sell Gucci watches with us or not. We don’t push our clients because we are very convinced about our high prices and our excellent selling procedures. You can sell your Gucci watch with us but to no point of time you have the obligation to do so.

I would like to sell Gucci watches – which models do you accept?

We accept all kinds of Gucci watches. With us you can sell used Gucci watches, vintage Gucci watches, Gucci watches that don’t run, and also brand-new Gucci watches. Unfortunately we can’t accept damaged or broken Gucci watches. Gucci watches come in different designs and different materials. We don’t prefer a special design or series. Sell Gucci watches like the diamond horesebit bracelet stainless steel watch, the guccissima collection watch with diamonds, the Gucci g-timeless collection, the interlocking watch large steel case set with diamonds, the bamboo collection watch, the Gucci 1921 collection watch, the g chrono collection watch, the Gucci sync medium watch, the u-play collection, the Gucci twirl collection, or even the I Gucci collection watch. We are prepared for any situation and any Gucci watch. Our proud appraisers can give you an idea about the fair market value within hours. So selling with reDollar is a very quick way how to sell Gucci watches.

How does the online sales process works?

The sales process is very simple, safe and quick. Once you have decided to sell your Gucci watch with us, please fill in our sales form and specify your basics. After this step, please choose a convenient shipping method. We offer free pick-ups or alternatively a self-organized shipping with our pre-paid shipping labels. We should receive your Gucci watch on the next day after shipping. Our appraisers will immediately check your Gucci watch and will make an evaluation. Our friendly and trained service representatives will present you our offer, you can then decide if you want to accept it or not. If you accept, we will make an immediate payout optionally by check, money order which is like cash, bank transfer or PayPal. If you should decline our offer, we send back your Gucci watch on our expenses. The shipping of your valuables is always fully covered against theft or loss. The shipping of valuables is nothing unusual these days. Diamonds, luxury fine jewelry, precious watches and many other high value luxury goods will be shipped every day, all over the world. Give us a try and sell your Gucci watches with us, we are sure you won’t regret it. Choose a different and innovative way of selling, and experience the positive and outstanding difference of selling valuables by doing it online. Honesty, fairness, transparency, accuracy and respect, that’s what our name stands for.

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