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Sell inherited jewelry – an expert guideline

When it comes to an inheritance, expert advice is priceless. Especially if you inherited jewelry, gold, diamonds, or watches, you need a reliable partner to help you sell your items for a great price. reDollar.com offers inheritance consulting for individuals, liquidators, or attorneys. We’ll help you get an idea of how much your inherited jewelry is worth, and of course, you can also sell inherited jewelry to us.

Detailed Report for Records

It’s very important to know that you’ll get a detailed report if you sell your inherited jewelry with us. We list the value of every single item, and we also explain how we determined the value of each individual piece. A detailed report is extremely important if the proceeds will be split among multiple heirs, or if a liquidator or an attorney needs proof of how much money can be paid for the inheritance.

reDollar.com vs. independent appraisers

Many people think that hiring an independent appraiser is good first step when selling inherited jewelry. The problem is, appraisers often estimate the retail replacement value or the insurance value, not the fair market value. The difference between the replacement value and the market value is significant. If you take a closer look at auction results, you’ll see jewelry appraised in the range of $20,000 selling for $5,000 or even less.

If you’d like to sell inherited jewelry, you’ll want to get a clear idea of the current market value and not of the retail replacement value. Don’t get us wrong – it’s better to hire an appraiser than to just sell to a local pawn shop or jeweler without knowing anything about your jewelry and its value. But the costs for appraisals are also significant. You can easily end up paying $75 to at least $125 per item for an appraisal. If the appraised item is worth just $1,000, that means you’ve already spent about 12.5% just to get your item appraised.

Best way to sell inherited jewelry

The best option for selling inherited jewelry is reDollar. We provide you with an estimate and a report without charging you for our appraisal work. There is no obligation to ultimately sell with us, and you can reclaim your jewelry at any time if you decide you want to make a (local) comparison. The whole process takes only one to three business days and is fully insured.

reDollar jewelry experts

As soon as your jewelry arrives in our laboratory, our managers, Maria and Alan, will ensure that every item gets recorded and evaluated immediately. Your incoming package will be opened under video so that all internal processes are transparent and traceable. Our team of experts even takes photos of your jewelry that we will gladly share with you.

How we work with your inherited jewelry

When you sell your jewelry with reDollar, you can feel confident knowing that we work in a very professional manner. Our laboratory is different from what you’d probably expect. We work with advanced technologies like XRF testing machines and ultrasonic testers. We are able to evaluate any kind of jewelry ranging from outdated gold jewelry to highly valuable diamond jewelry and fine jewelry.

You can sell inherited jewelry of any kind

We are happy to accept gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, palladium jewelry, fine jewelry, estate jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, damaged jewelry, designer jewelry, jewelry collections, etc.

will - old letter and gold jewelry

How much we pay for your inherited jewelry

Below we’ve pictured some value examples for you to get an idea how much we pay. Remember, you can get a free evaluation for your jewelry without an obligation to sell with us.

Inherited Brooch Collection
brooches made of 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold and sterling silverMixture of vintage brooches made of 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold and silver.
Value: $3052.18

Inherited Jewelry Collection
inherited antique jewelry collectionBrooches, pins, bracelets, pendants, rings made of gold and platinum.
Value: $6453.19

Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry
Diamond and gemstone bracelet made of white goldDiamond and gemstone bracelet made of white gold and platinum.
Value: $4585.16

Antique & Vintage Jewelry
outdated but valuable jewelryPredominantly outdated items with high material value.
Value: $11511.09

Damaged Gold Jewelry
damaged jewelry made of 14 karat goldDamaged gold jewelry worth the current gold price. 136 grams of 14 karat gold.
Value: $5477.41

Antique & Damaged Silver Jewelry
antique and damaged silver jewelry3.25 pound of antique and damaged jewelry made of sterling silver.
Value: $1216.85

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