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Krugerrand coin ready for selling on dollar billYou have made plans to sell Krugerrand gold coins and now you look for a buyer paying you a very high price? Great, is the place you need to sell Krugerrand coins fast and easy while getting paid the highest possible price. To bring it to the point, we pay you $2213.92 per 1 ounce Krugerrand gold coin what is the highest possible offer.

Sell Your Krugerrand, Now

Very important to know is that we buy any kind and quantities of Krugerrand gold coins. We are happy to buy your small 1/10 oz Krugerrand coins as well as 50 ounce coins or Krugerrand jewelry like pendants or rings.

How much we pay for your Krugerrand

It’s important to us that you understand how Krugerrand pricing works. Understanding the value of your Krugerrand coins makes it possible to compare our offer with other buyers and make you understand that our purchase price is unbeatable. We listed the 4 most common Krugerrand gold coins accompanied by our current purchase offer.

TypePure GoldSell for
1 Ounce Krugerrand31.10 grams$2213.92
1/2 Ounce Krugerrand15.55 grams$1106.96
1/4 Ounce Krugerrand7.77 grams$553.12
1/10 Ounce Krugerrand3.11 grams$221.39

More about Krugerrand gold coins and ways to sell them

Krugerrand gold coins are very common all over the world, very likely the Krugerrand is even the most-known gold coin in the US besides our American gold coins. You can sell Krugerrand gold coins for the highest possible prices with us. We don’t charge you deductions or other fees for selling. You get paid the amount stated here. That’s guaranteed by our company philosophy. Beware of unreliable gold buyers. We’ve heard stories about gold buyers saying that Krugerrand gold coins have to be melted because they are not sell-able here in the US. They are only popular in Asia and Europe, they argued. That’s nonsense! Krugerrand gold coins are also popular here in the US and are traded as bullion and absolutely not as scrap gold. Beware of such guys who insist on that and especially don’t sell to them. You can sell Krugerrand gold coins online with us, accompanied by the guarantee to get paid an awesome high price. Depending on the current gold price, we offer about 95% of the current value. That’s a lot and much more than most gold buyers are willing to offer.

Good to Know!

The Krugerrand gold coin was named after Paul Kruger (lived from 1825 to 1904), General Commander at the war of independence against Great Britain. He leaded his forces to win the first Boer War and became the first president of the State of Transvaal. Since today, Krugerrand gold coins are sought, bought and traded all over the world.

Questions our experts answered!

How much is a Krugerrand worth?
How much is a Krugerrand coin worth, today?

mail in Krugerrand to sell

Sell Krugerrand Coin Online is the perfect buyer for your Krugerrand coins. We pay highest prices and we ensure that you experience a very smooth and satisfying selling experience. In contrast to other buyers, you’ll know exactly how much we pay you for your coins upfront without negotiating down the price. Basically, there are just 3 simple steps to sell coins and getting paid in less than 48 hours.

Start Online, Ship & Get Paid

To sell a Krugerrand coin or other assets, you start online and decide if you either prefer to receive a High Value Shipping Label immediately or if you feel better in getting a selling kit mailed to your home or office. The selling kit contains everything what you need for selling. Pack your coins and get them in the mainstream. Your job is done. We’ll get you than a purchase offer within 24 to 48 hours. Agree and get paid immediately. That’s it. You are able to monitor every step. There is no obligation to finally sell your Krugerrand coins and of course we do not charge you any fees.

TypePurityWeightGold ContentDiameterSell for
50 oz22K1,696.50 g1,555.15 g100.00 mm$110706.45Sell Now
5 oz22K169.65 g155.515 g50.00 mm$11070.64Sell Now
1 oz22K33.93 g31.103 g32.77 mm$2213.92Sell Now
1/2 oz22K16.965 g15.552 g27.07 mm$1107.10Sell Now
1/4 oz22K8.482 g7.776 g22.06 mm$553.55Sell Now
1/10 oz22K3.393 g3.110 g16.50 mm$221.39Sell Now
1/20 oz22K1.696 g1.555 g12.00 mm$110.70Sell Now
1/50 oz22K0.679 g0.622 g8.00 mm$44.28Sell Now

Sell one Krugerrand coin or a whole collection

After 2009, many Americans bought gold coins in fear to lose savings because of the huge financial crises. Many bought Krugerrand gold coins instead of US gold coins because they were afraid of a gold prohibition like seen in 1923 under Franklin D. Roosevelt. Buyers of Krugerrand coins thought that in case of a new gold prohibition they could be protected because Krugerrands are foreign gold coins. So many Krugerrand gold coins are circulating in the US and because times have changed and the economy became better, Americans think about selling. You can make a nice profit, if you bought your Krugerrand in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s or the earliest 2010s. But don’t cut your margin. Sell Krugerrand gold coins online with our company and be very happy about our prices. You can sell a single coin or 100 ounces at once. We are prepaid for every selling situation.

You can sell Krugerrand coins worth $100,000

Many consumers think about selling 1, 2, 3 or 5 gold coins online. But only the minority thinks about selling hundreds of coins online. But that’s possible. Our company works with an armored car service, offering insurance and liability for gold into the $500,000 range. Thanks to newest technologies we are able to reveal Krugerrand fakes even when they are tungsten filled. We have a perfect equipped laboratory to appraise Krugerrand coins and to melt down Krugerrand coins. If there are authenticity doubts present, we melt the affected coin down to ensure that it contains the correct quality of gold. That’s most important for buyers, willing to pay the highest prices for Krugerrand coins. Get started today and sell your Krugerrand gold coins online with us.

Ship & Sell

Simply ship your coins to sell them for the highest possible price. We bear the shipping costs and we also ensure that your coins are fully insured. Thanks to UPS Parcel Pro, we are able to offer free insurance up to $100,000.

UPS truck picks up Krugerrand gold coin

Krugerrand’s Color

Why does have Krugerrand coins special color? A Krugerrand coin is made of 91.67% pure gold and 8.33% copper. The copper gives the Krugerrand its special color.

Krugerrand compound: 91.67% gold and 8.33% copper

Copper gives the Krugerrand its special color

Krugerrand Value & Prices in 20 years

Gold has an eventful history. Within the last 20 years the value of Krugerrand coins has changed significantly. Gold became more valuable and valuable. Thanks to the risen gold price, Krugerrand coins can sell for top-dollars today. Follow this price table starting in 1982. Isn’t that a very interesting performance?

2016: $1,2502015: $1,0602014: $1,1992013: $1,204
2012: $1,6642011: $1,5312010: $1,4202009: $1,087
2008: $8692007: $8362006: $6352005: $513
2004: $4352003: $4172002: $3422001: $276
2000: $2721999: $2901998: $2881997: $287
1996: $3691995: $3871994: $3831993: $391
1992: $3331991: $3531990: $3861989: $401
1988: $4101987: $4861986: $3901985: $327
1984: $3081983: $3801982: $447

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