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Size/ WeightToday’s Price
1/10 ounce$221.39
1/4 ounce$553.12
1/2 ounce$1106.96
1 ounce$2213.92
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Let’s see how much your Krugerrand coin is worth, today. Most Krugerrand coins can trade hands for about 95% of the current gold price. Krugerrand coins with minor flaws or scratches trade for a 3% discount and only coins in “fair to scrap” condition trade for 90% of today’s price.

Check your coins with the naked eye. if you see no flaws, your Krugerrand will most likely trade for 95%.

How much is a Krugerrand coin worth, today? Asked Alexander

I got a set of Krugerrand coins in a very nice wooden box. I tried to do some research and found out that Krugerrand coins sell for the gold price. Is that true? And if yes, how much is a Krugerrand coin worth, today? And Alex, is it possible to sell just one coin or is that bad for the whole set? As you see, the set comes with a silver bar. Can you tell me more about it?
Alexander from Indianapolis in Indiana

Dear Alexander, you own a very nice set of Krugerrand coins celebrating 40 years of minting. Generally you are right, a Krugerrand coins sells for the gold value. The gold value of your coins equals more or less the gold price and differs between the weights of your Krugerrand coins. An ounce is more worth than a half ounce but the whole set shows a higher value.
reDollar appraiser, Alex Fordham

Alex wants to know, how much is a Krugerrand coin worth, today?

Alexander: In 2008 I got a very nice set of gold coins from my dad. I finished the college and for honoring my good performance, I got that set. I always knew that its worth a lot but I never thought about selling, especially because my dad swears by gold and forecasts rising prices for my set’s value. But now, I can need some money for an important advanced training. If possible, I wouldn’t sell the whole set but I guess that’s bad for the whole set, isn’t it? How much is a Krugerrand coin worth, today? And how much is the whole set worth, Alex?

Alex: First, it’s a very nice Krugerrand set and you assumed rightly that selling a single coin destroys the set and reduces the total value. You have to know that your set is really special. Only 700 “40th Anniversary Krugerrand Sets” were minted in 2007. I guess your dad bought the set also in 2007 or maybe in an auction in 2008. The set is really rare and sought after by collectors. Alexander, just 700 sets were minted as I said – 700 for the whole world. That’s really rare. And the set comes with a nice ingot too. The ingot shows the springbok and the minting process in 1967 on the reverse. Important to know is that the ingot is not made of pure silver, it’s “just” .925 silver. I don’t want to say that this is a bad silver quality but I and other experts wonder why they have chosen sterling silver as alloy for the ingot. The price difference between sterling silver and pure silver isn’t that much and silver art bars like that were almost always made of pure silver. But anyway that’s a very nice set as I said.

Alexander: That’s good to hear. What about the value now? How much is a Krugerrand coin worth, today if we don’t speak about the whole set?

Alex: Ok, let’s assume that your coins just come as single coins without a box and without the ingot. The ounce is worth $1,290 today. You can sell this coin to a reliable gold buyer for around $1,225. Your half ounce is worth $645 today and can be sold for about $610. The quarter ounce is worth $320, today and sells for about $300. And your last coin, the tenth ounce is worth $129, today and can sell for about $120. In total your 4 coins are worth $2,384, today and can sell for about $2,255.

Alexander: Ok, I see. What happens if we compare the value of the single coins with the value of a whole set?

Alex: Even the value of the whole sets orientates on the gold price. I think there is a surcharge of about 20% for the whole set on top of the gold price. The total value of the whole set is about $2,700, today.

Alexander: Yes man, that’s a difference. The thing is I just would need about $1,200 for my advanced training. I don’t know what to do. I would like to keep some coins.

Alex: That’s a decision I don’t want to influence. If you need the amount for a short time, maybe a pawn loan would be a solution.

Alexander: Probably yes but maybe not. I’m not sure if the company hires me. Taking a pawn loan is a risk for me at the moment.

Alex: I understand, that’s a knotty situation.

Alexander: Let me think some days and maybe I just sell an ounce to your company.

Alex: It’s up to you. You are more than welcomed, Alexander.

Alexander: Thanks for your time, Alex.

Alex: I thank you for asking and showing a wonderful set. I have never had such a set in my laboratory. We bought Krugerrand sets from other years before but the 40th Anniversary Krugerrand set is our premiere.

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