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Chanel "Camélia Secret" watch with diamonds and rubiesChanel watches – Haute Couture for dainty hands. A Chanel watch is by far more than only an everyday time piece. Chanel watches are very exclusive pieces of jewelry with well thought-out details in materials, gemstones, movements and designs. Only collectors and connoisseurs know about the value of these French made watches. And probably you need a connoisseur or a very skilled expert if you have serious plans to sell a Chanel watch. You probably know that a Chanel watch can be worth a few hundred dollars but even many thousands of dollars. Our very experienced and accredited luxury watch experts are able to work with any kind of Chanel watches. Contact our Head of Watches, Steve Redrich, if you’d like to sell a Chanel watch. If you are already prepared for selling, start online right now. The entire sales process is created for our customers from all over the US and also our highly valued international clientele. We are interested in all kinds of Chanel watches, no matter if we speak about brand-new models or vintage Chanel watches. It’s not a must that you Chanel watch is in pristine condition or not running perfectly. Our watch experts see the great potential in your luxury watch.

Mademoiselle Coco ChanelMademoiselle Coco Chanel had a great taste for appropriated accessories, jewelry and watches. She was highly talented in understanding the demand of buyers and admirers of luxury goods and with her on-of-a-kind designs she has become a legacy of the fashion world. Chanel is the epitome of luxury and elegance. When we think of Chanel we think of the casual, radiant elegance of a French woman. That is what makes Chanel watches. The first Chanel watch designs were petite and unobtrusive – well thought out for the former preference in watches. Nowadays, these classic designs have become popular again. We are the perfect buyer if you own a vintage Chanel watch you plan to sell from this previous time period. is known for professionalism, expertise and great customer service. We are more than happy to accept Chanel watches of all value ranges and time periods. That’s our understanding of providing a full service for prospective watch sellers. Our watch experts carefully distinguish and fine luxury watches like a Chanel “Camélia Secret” made of 18k gold, lavishly set with diamonds is no rarity on our laboratory desks. Trust and transparency are our guiding principles and the basis of a great seller-buyer relationship. Sell Chanel your Chanel watch with the professional buyer, reDollar.

Sell different Chanel watch model with us: classic models & modern models

reDollar accepts almost all Chanel watches with an exception of unwearable watches. But even hardly damaged Chanel watches are accepted for selling. If you have doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate and get in touch with our watch experts. Normally, we can tell you immediately if your Chanel watch qualifies for selling with us or not.

Some very valuable Chanel watches you can sell with us:

Chanel J12 watches, black or white, with or without diamonds, special editions
Chanel H3106 chronometer watch, black titanium
Chanel H3105 J12, ceramic meets titanium watch
Chanel classic ladies wristband watch made of 18k gold
Chanel H3252, Premiere watch
Chanel J2357, Poussière D’étoile Comète watch
Chanel Premiere gold-based diamond watch
Chanel Mademoiselle H0007, pearl bracelet watch
Chanel CHA01, 18k gold wristwatch
Chanel Matelassée gold watch
Chanel 1932-Collection in white gold
Chanel Matelassée watch
Chanel Chocolate watch
Chanel Première Taille L en plaqué or et cuir watch
Chanel “Camélia Secret” watch

Chanel Watches – the Rollout in 1987 brought continuous success

Chanel J12 model sketchWithin only a quarter-century of watchmaking, Chanel earned the respect from stong and important competitors and critics. To ensure quality and growth, Chanel bought in the early 1990s, G&F Châtelain, a La Chaux-de-Fonds based company. This acquisition was fundamental importantant for their highly successful invention of the Chanel J12 watch. Chanel J12 became an outstanding bestseller from the USA to Asia. Made of special-treaded ceramics and also available as a diamond edition, this watch is the best example for unexpected triumph. You can also sell the J12 Chanel watch with us.

The next great invention was a sporty chronometer white as snow and made of ceramics as well. The horological industry was speechless and the number of sales was incredible. Nowadays Chanel is a well established brand for luxury watches and highly sought-after from collectors as well as fashion-conscious people all over the world. For you with your plans to sell Chanel watches, our benefits are convincing: you get paid highest prices, you’ll get served with best knowledge and a maximum of care. We permanently discuss and improve our customer’s needs to serve you with a convenient sales process. Proceed with the next step and start online right now to sell your Chanel watch with us.

Sell your Chanel watch online is the perfect place to sell your Chanel watch online. Our experts are used to all Chanel watches and bring the ability to distinguish between extremely valuable Chanel Premiere watches worth up to $60,000, and Premiere watches worth only some hundred dollars. You can sell very common Chanel watches like the J12 or the Karl Lagerfeld watch as well as vintage, more uncommon models like a Chanel Mademoiselle wristwatch. The whole selling process is really easy to understand and created to be safe, secure and smooth. Sell your Chanel watch online by clicking START NOW! We solely offer shipping solutions that are 100% secure. Our shipping partner UPS Parcel Pro guarantees fast and fully covered shipping solutions for your valuable luxury watches.

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      What makes the difference between selling a Chanel watch with reDollar or competitors?

      reDollar experts are appraising a luxury watchWell, we think that an awesome selling experience that leads to a customer recommendation, begins with a fast and skilled communication. Many customers are not sure if selling a luxury watch is the right decision. When it comes to a selling plan, the purchase amount is important. Some people already know that we pay highest prices and therefore they sell directly to us because they trust us and know that our payouts are exceptionally high. New customers have more questions to our experts. It can happen that they don’t know the series, materials, or even the market value of their watches. First they contact one of our Chanel watch experts like Steve Redrich, to clarify important selling related questions. In the majority of cases, selling comes next and so the money. In contrast to our competitors, doesn’t have any selling restrictions. We even accept Chanel watches classified as “replacement parts”.

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