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You would like to sell pink diamonds and you look for an expert who can determine the value for you? We are happy that you found our informative platform which provides useful tips an information for potential diamond sellers. We offer free appraisals for your precious gemstones and a great selling service. We are not a usual next-door diamond buyer, we are experts with long-lasting experience who are interested in your gemstones and not primarily in making a huge profit like our competitors. The most important advice that we can give you before you sell pink diamonds, is to find out the value of your pink diamond. The majority of people who own beautiful jewelry or loose gemstones, don’t know the current market value of their valuables. The bill of sales is not always meaningful, because when you bought your pink diamond many years before, most probably you have paid much less than your pink diamond is worth today. The prices for gold and gemstones have been risen continuously, hence it’s so important to know the value of its valuables before consulting potentially buyers. When you know what you have and how much you should get paid for it at least, then you are almost protected against getting ripped off. So the first step you should do when you plan to sell a pink diamond, is to find out how much it is worth. Take part of our “meet our appraisers”-program and get in touch with our appraiser Mrs. Tamay Rostan, who is responsible for the grading of gemstones. Mrs. Rostan will make an extensive appraisal for your pink diamond and will inform you about the current fair market value of your gemstone. Recently we have answered the questions “How much is a loose diamond worth” and “How much is a yellow diamond worth?

What makes it so attractive to sell pink diamonds online?

The main reason why it’s so attractive to sell pink diamonds online with reDollar is definitely our high prices. Of course we offer a super convenient method of selling diamonds what saves you precious time and trouble with other untrustworthy competitors but the most attractive reason are the prices. We are a Dotcom company that employs many experts in different fields of activity. Our outstanding expert power and our reduced costs for marketing and local branches, allow us to pay you the highest prices for your valuables like pink diamonds. In addition to that a pink diamond is a wonderful investment too which reflects a certain amount of money. There are not only business investors who buy and sell diamonds also for private individuals it becomes more and more popular to invest in diamonds besides in gold and real estates. We offer you the perfect selling spot for your pink diamond. The selling process online takes only 48 hours and is absolutely discreet and anonymous, a preference especially for our wealthy clients. You don’t have to visit us to sell your pink diamonds, we visit you with help of a secured courier pick up. Just pack your pink diamonds very well and hand it out to the courier. 48 hours later we have received, analyzed and finished your sales offer. You can then decide if you agree or not. In all cases there don’t occur any costs for you and all kinds of shipping is always fully insured. Use our diamond calculator to get a first impression of how much is your pink diamond worth. For complex issues, please get in touch with our appraiser or our trained customer representatives. A pink diamond is a very beautiful type of diamond. Pink diamonds are also called fancy diamonds, in our opinion, a perfectly suitable name for a diamond of that fancy color. Make your fancy deal and sell pink diamonds with reDollar, get started right now and make a great selling experience.

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