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Sell pure gold to our company and get paid truly high prices. buys, pawns and melts gold and other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium. We offer a very reliable, honest and professional service to individuals and companies. Unlike to our competitors we buy your pure gold calculated on a daily price list. You get paid the amount in total without any deductions. Just get started online to sell your pure gold. There are just 3 simple steps to get cash. Use our gold calculator when you are used to pure gold like coins, bars or jewelry. You will be amazed how much money we can offer for your pure gold.

Most jewelry comes not made of pure gold. Pure gold is very soft and will be alloyed with base metals to make the jewelry stronger and more attractive for a daily wear. Typical jewelry alloys are 22k gold, 18k gold, 14k gold or 10k gold. But there are also some jewelry items made of pure gold. This rare goods are not very popular in the US and come from countries like India, Singapore, Indonesia, Iraq or Saudi Arabia. Jewelry made of pure gold is not common but very valuable and perfect to sell. is happy to receive any types of pure gold from you: jewelry, coins, bars, ingots, gold dust, gold solder, scrap gold or junk gold.

Do you know our competitive quotes for pure gold?

Our quote for pure gold that hasn’t to undergo a refining process: $2314.63*
Our quote for pure gold that has to undergo a refining process: $2147.59

  per gram per dwt per ounce
Your quote for pure gold that hasn’t to undergo a refining process $74.43 $115.36 $2314.63
Your quote for pure gold that has to undergo a refining process $69.05 $107.38 $2147.59

*This are items ready for resale. Gold bullion coins like: American Eagle, American Buffalo, Maple Leaf and all other coins without any damage. Besides ready for resale merchandise without damages and made of pure gold like bars and ingots.

Pure gold also has to undergo a refining process

Pure gold goods like damaged coins, damaged bars, gold dust, gold solder or jewelry have to undergo a melting and refining process to determine the exact purity. Items marked as 24k gold can contain .999 gold as well as .998 gold, .997 gold, .996 gold or sometimes even .995 gold. We have to determine the exact content for your knowledge and also because we offer the highest prices based on the marked price and calculated exactly on hundredth pennyweight. Even a small deviation could cause a much worse payout amount for you. Therefore runs a specialized refining and melting department to get sure that your pure gold is analyzed exclusively correct. Sell your pure gold coins, bars and scrap to our company and get a better than expected service and payout.

How can I sell my pure gold?

We are operate nationwide. Therefore we don´t run local branches. But we offer a mail in your gold -program with the best benefits that you can imagine: all mailings are fully insured, mailing is free of charges, no obligation to sell guarantee, top Dollar guarantee and no evaluation charges if you don´t agree to our offer. Hurry and sell your pure gold now just by getting started online. Fill in your basic information in less than 3 minutes and decide between a self organized shipping supported by our USPS or FedEx shipping label and schedule a free pick up at your home or your office.

Safe your precious time and sell pure gold like bars, coins, scrap or jewelry without ever leaving your home or your office. Looking for a local dealer offering a fair quote for your pure gold is time-consuming and frustrating. Jump over this step and sell your pure gold to

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