Sell Scrap Jewelry

Thousands of pounds of scrap jewelry are circulating in the US. Almost every second household owns some scrap jewelry: mismatched rings, broken necklaces, damaged charms, old-fashioned pendants, a single earring, or scratched brooches. All these items can be named scrap jewelry and can be easily sold online. Most items are made of gold, therefore they are named scrap gold. Other items are made of silver, platinum, and palladium and are named scrap silver, scrap platinum, and scrap palladium. The price for scrap jewelry depends on the amount and the quality of the respective precious metals. Sell scrap jewelry with and get much more money than you have ever expected. Use our gold-calculator to pre-calculate what we can pay for your scrap gold jewelry.

Our scrap gold prices at a glance:

$25.93 per gram 9K gold
$28.83 per gram 10K gold
$40.31 per gram 14K gold
$51.85 per gram 18K gold
$63.33 per gram 22K gold
$69.07 per gram 24K gold

reDollar jewelry experts at workChoose us and sell your scrap jewelry online. Please use our gold calculator to find out how much your scrap pieces are worth. Selling scrap jewelry with brings a lot of benefits for you. We check every single piece of jewelry to determine the precious metal content and the quality, in contrast to many other buyers. We will provide you a detailed laboratory report which explains how we calculated our price for your gold. We also know that some buyers are not willing to buy your scrap silver jewelry, for whatever reason. But silver is valuable as well and attractive for buyers to buy. We always take care of your jewelry and for us it doesn’t matter if you plan to sell scrap jewelry made of gold or silver. A pair of broken gold rings is worth more than a couple of silver rings but they also reflect a certain value. In our opinion a buyer who is not willing to accept scrap silver jewelry is not reliable. Gather information about the scrap jewelry you plan to sell – it’s easy because almost all jewelry is marked with a hallmark, or a stamp which shows you the metal and the purity. Very common US hallmarks for gold are 10K, 14K, and 18K or .925 or STERLING SILVER for silver.

Our scrap silver prices at a glance:

$0.86 per gram .900 silver
$0.84per gram .925 silver
$0.90per gram .999 silver

Compare buyers before you sell scrap jewelry

Team of reDollar jewelry experts at workA fast check of local advertisements show you the places where scrap jewelry can be sold. Almost all gold buyers lure you with “the highest prices” or “nobody pays more” or “get the most cash” into their stores. But be careful, very often it’s more an illusion than the reality. We also tried to sell scrap jewelry to different places and what we have experienced is not very promising. We offered five broken rings to different buyers: Three 18K white gold rings, and two sterling silver rings. The challenge was that all five rings are made in the same color scheme. An experienced buyer would check all 5 rings individually and most of the tested buyers did so, but not all of them. One buyer picked out just one ring and determined that all are “just” made of gold. He was willing to offer $49. The true value was at least $300. We think that’s fraudulent. From time to time the departments for consumer affairs warn about gold buyer fraud, so we were not surprised about this unreliable acting. This should not happen to you when you sell scrap jewelry. But unfortunately this shouldn’t be the only bad offer that day. Another buyer just looked at the rings and stated that he can’t buy just five silver rings. We should go somewhere else. Five other buyers offered between $75 and $150 and two buyers between $150 and $210. There was not one very high offer for our scrap jewelry. Our company would have offered about $275 for these rings. You see, that’s a significant difference. But don’t get us wrong, there are also very honest gold buyers around but the problem is to find them. Sadly but true, the majority of deals are very consumer-unfriendly, intransparent and unattractive. We offer 90%-95% of the current spot price for your gold whereas our competitors offer 40%-70%. This difference is crucial when you sell scrap jewelry.

Sell scrap jewelry online

reDollar jewelry expert reading jewelry lectureConsumers are aware of these problems thanks to TV shows, magazines, and consumer reports. People know that scrap jewelry is valuable. More and more Americans decide to sell scrap jewelry online instead of selling to a neighborhood dealer who does not offer competitive prices. It’s not a secret that online gold buyers like us pay more cash than local competitors. You should also consider selling online. It’s very convenient as we offer you free and  fully insured shipping solutions. You have no obligation to sell and our service is 100% free. Use our smart tools like the gold calculator to gain information.The more knowledge you gain before selling, the better to make a good deal and to find out who pays the most for your valuable scrap jewelry.


  1. Gain knowledge: learn more about the scrap jewelry you plan to sell
  2. Make up your mind and focus on one fact: the offered price
  3. Sell to best conditions: sell for the best offered net amount

How we determine the value if you sell scrap jewelry with us is a very special place for jewelry. We are not comparable with your next door buyer because we have a huge infrastructure to show. You find X-ray machines, melting furnaces, microscopes, gold acids, measuring devices for ultrasound or conductivity as well as diamond testers, gemstone-testing equipment, and numberless of other machines and technology supporting our experts. You don’t believe our promises? No problem. Give us a try and test us with just one piece. We promise we won’t disappoint you.

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