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some silver rings with gold granules on scaleOwning silver rings is not a very uncommon thing. Optimistically estimated it can be said that nearly every household in the US owns rings or other jewelry made of silver. We often call silver the little sister of gold. Silver is not that expensive as gold,  so as a result more people can afford to buy silver than gold. Although silver has not such a high value as gold has, there is so beautifully handcrafted silver jewelry in circulation, also from very famous brands and designers. Also .925 silver wedding band rings are no rarity for people with a lower budget. If you don’t have a huge budget but you would like to make a special gift to a person you like, a ring made of silver can be a great idea. Also if you would like to get rid of old memories or you simply want to gain some extra cash for whatever reasons, you could sell your silver rings with us. The heavier your silver ring is, the more money you can expect for it, or if you own a silver ring from a special and famous brand such as Tiffany & Co. you can also expect very lucrative price offers for it. Sell you silver rings today and benefit from our high prices that we can offer you. With us, your silver rings get back to the recycle circle, environment-friendly and lucrative. With us you can catch both benefits. Getting the cash you want and saving the environment.

Did you know that rings have a very long history? The oldest rings we know are more than 21,000 years old. This prehistoric finger rings were made of mammoth ivory. This important rings for our historiography were found in the Czech Republic in Europe. Rings were not only a beautiful valuable object, back then they were also an important means of exchange. This kind of ring money belonged to the first pre-numismatic means of payment.

silver rings with amber gemstone  Sell Amber Silver rings with us!
gold plated silver rings with cubic zirconia Sell gold plated silver rings with us!
Various vintage silver rings Sell vintage silver rings with us!
Pandora entangled beauty silver ring with 14k gold and diamonds  Sell branded silver rings with us!
gemstone silver rings with various gemstones set  Sell gemstones silver rings with us!
Antique silver rings with cameo  Sell antique silver rings with us!

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gemstone silver rings and redollar selling kitYou can sell your silver rings with any buyer, maybe you can find a good place in your neighborhood, or town. But the chance to sell your silver rings for a great price is uncertain. Even if you are not convinced of the idea to sell your silver rings online with us, use our gold calculator to precalculate a fair price for your silver rings.  Selling with us is definitely a wise decision because we offer you the best prices for your silver rings but we can fully understand that not everybody wants to ship his jewelry. Many people prefer a quick deal on the same day, choose a buyer, walk-in the store and come back with cash in hands. That’s a convincing argument. BUT what is not convincing are the prices local buyers will offer you. Just a few locals offer their customers fair quotes, the great majority is paying horribly low prices for your precious metals, no matter if we speak about silver, gold or platinum. Selling with means selling via the internet but it GUARANTEES HIGH PRICES, which is the most convincing argument when it comes to sell silver rings online. We pay almost the spot price plus a premium if you sell silver rings from famous brands or jewelers. Very old silver rings with beautiful stones set can be also sold for a premium. No fees apply at no point of time.

Use our precious metal calculator to precalculate a fair price for your silver rings

Using our calculator is very easy.

  1. Look for stamps or hallmarks on your silver rings. It can be said that the majority of circulating silver rings is made of .925 Sterling silver.
  2. Once you have found a stamp or hallmark indicating the purity of silver please go on calculate payout and scroll down to silver, flatware and cutlery.
  3. Now please fill in the weight of your ring in the respective section. If you have some silver rings weighing 150 grams made of 925 Sterling silver you fill in 150 in the appropriate gram field. You can fill in the weight in grams or pennyweight.
  4. As soon as you have typed in the gram value, a price for selling and pawning appears.
  5. If you want to correct your entries, just fill in a new value or click the “x” in the respective row.

silver price calculator redollar

To sell silver rings online is an uncomplicated and simple process

redollar experts checking different jewelry piecesMany people are frightened of selling their valuable jewelry by post or selling over the internet in general. It seems so much easier to just walk into a store, present your jewelry, get an offer, accept it and walk with cash in hands out of the store. But on the second glance you will find out that this selling option is not the best if you want to get the most money for your silver rings or other jewelry. We can proudly say that the majority of our competitors pays less money for gold, silver and platinum than we do. Our prices are in almost all cases the best. This is not an arrogant opinion, this is a proven fact. From time to time we run local price comparisons to find out more about our competitor’s price philosophy or to find out if there is anything we can improve or we can learn from. The results are in most cases disillusioning to shocking. You can confide your silver rings and other jewelry to us – your jewelry is in good hands with us. Did you know that the global luxury ecommerce is projected to double by 2019? In 2014 the global luxury ecommerce generated sales in the amount of $21 billion, in 2019 we will have $42 billion. The shipping carriers are well prepared for high value shipments, so are we. When you are selling your silver rings or other jewelry with us – we provide you with fully insured shipping solutions, safe and secure.

You can absolutely rely on our stated prices. This is a promise! We don’t lure you with high purchase prices. Our high prices are our trademark. No bitter surprises guaranteed!

scrap silver jewelry

What kind of silver rings does reDollar accept?

We accept all kinds of silver rings. The condition does not play a significant role for us. We buy damaged and scrap silver rings with scratches or tarnished rings as well as brand new silver rings. Silver rings with stones are also very welcomed as well as silver rings with special engravings or special designs. We have our team of experts on board who can separate the treasure from the average. We find out immediately if you own a rare silver ring from a popular designer or not. For silver rings like those we can buy higher prices because pieces like that are highly sought-after from collectors. You have the silver rings to sell – we have the expert’s knowledge and we know the sales. So don’t lose much time walking from one local dealer to the next to find out who’s the best, you have already found the best. reDollar is the best for you!

Sell silver rings has never been that stress-free than with reDollar!

get cash flyer redollarWhen you have decided to sell your silver rings to reDollar then you can do it from your home or workplace. You don’t have to pay high fees for valet parking while searching for a convenient silver buyer in your town. Even for people who live in the countryside, reDollar offers the perfect conditions of selling silver rings and other jewelry made of precious metals. You can make the whole transaction from your home and over your computer. Just fill in our sales form, specify your basics and arrange a free pick up from USPS, FedEx or UPS, depending on your sales volume. The couriers will pick up your silver rings you want to sell at your home or alternatively at your workplace. You don’t have to move only one meter to sell your silver rings to us. Order a free selling kit if you want that we provide you a pre-printed shipping label, package materials and a detailed selling description. After receiving your silver rings, we will provide an in-depth appraisal and will inform you about our purchase price. When you agree, perfect, than you will get your money immediately. If not, we will return all your items, fully insured and cost free. With us you have no obligations, you have only earnings. Sell your silver rings now and queue yourself in our line of thousands of satisfied customers!

The rings have a total weight of 106.27gram Sterling silver. Also copper is a component of this rings. The pictured rings contain 92.5% silver (98.29 grams pure silver) and 7.5% of copper (7.97 grams copper).

silver rings copper and fine silver granules

106.27 grams of .925 silver have the same value than 1.28 grams of pure gold.



gold granules on a scale with silver granules below

The shown silver rings have the same value than this tiny amount of gold granules.



gold granules on scale with silver rings as comparison


redollar precious metal expert Alan JensenThis text about selling silver rings was written by Alan Jensen, our reDollar expert for precious metals. Read our articels “Is Sterling silver valuable?“, sell silver online or sell Sterling silver. Meet our appraisers like Alan, and ask a question relating to your silver or gold. It’s our pleasure to provide you the best possible advice and service.  

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