Sell silverware for cash: 3 steps to cash out

You have inherited some silverware and you don´t have use for? Or maybe you need some cash to cover unexpected expenses? Or you would like to sell your silverware for cash just to get rid of it? There can be hundreds of reasons why you could plan to sell your silverware. But don´t worry. We never ask our clients for their selling reason. We just provide a fast and secure way to buy your items. Get started now: there are just 3 steps to cash out. And keep in mind we also accept scrap silverware or just single parts of silverware sets.

Many years before the new generation of cell phones popped up, collecting silverware was very popular. But the collectors market changed after the turn of the millennium. High-end consumer electronics like cells or tablets became the new loved collectors items. The younger generation isn’t interested in polishing silverware anymore. So silverware sellers getting up in years and as the silver price began to raise lots of people decided to sell their silverware. This is an unbroken trend and selling silverware is still very popular. But don´t trust your local dealer blindly. There are many dealers offering very bad quotes for your silverware. Better decide to deal with specialized companies like reDollar. We have found a convenient way to buy your silverware online with a couple of benefits like our “Top Dollar Guarantee” or our “No obligation to sell” agreement. Get started today and trust our experience.

We find collectible silverware for you

Over 90% of all produced silverware is not interesting for the shortened collectors market. This silverware will be divided from the base metals and has to undergo a refining process. No fear, we don´t destroy valuable artifacts. Our experts will inform you immediately if they find an interesting item in your silverware bundle.

We accept all kinds of silverware

We accept .800 silver, .900 silver and .925 sterling silver silverware as well as silverware made of other silver alloys. We accept modern, vintage or scrap silverware like bells, beakers, biscuit boxes, bleeding bowls, boxes, butter shells, cake baskets, candelabras, candlesticks, cast sticks, chambersticks, coasters, coffee pots, chocolate pots, hot water jugs, cream jugs, cruets, dinner plates, meat dishes, epergnes, flatware, cutlery, goblets, inkstands, kettles, leaded sticks, mustard pots, punch bowls, salat cellars, salvers and trays, sauce boats, sauce tureens, soup tureens, strawberry dishes, sugar bowls, tankards, mugs, tea caddies, tea pots, tea urns, wine coasters, wine coolers or wine jugs.

American Silversmiths marks

Silversmith City State years marks
Adams Pygan New London CONN 1712-1770 PA
Aiken George Baltimore MD 1765-1832 GA,
S Ayres Lexington KY 1805 S.AYRES LEX.K.
Babcock Samuel Middletown CONN 1788-1857 Babcock
Bailey & Co Philadelphia PA 1850 BAILEY&CO
John Hull Boston MASS 1624-1683 IH
Jaccard & Company St Louis MO 1850 JACCARD&CO, STLOUIS
Samuel Kirk Baltimore MD 1792-1872 S.K,
Jacob Kucher Philadelphia PA 1813 I.KUCHER
Pierre Lamothe New Orleans LA 1822 Lamothe
John Le Telier Philadelphia PA 1770 ILT,
Paul Revere Boston MASS 1735-1818 PR,
Philip Syng Philadelphia PA 1703-1789 PS
Philip Syng JR Philadelphia PA 1676-1739 PS

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