Sell your wonderful Tiffany flatware online

Do you have old and unused Tiffany flatware at home that you would like to sell? You inherited this vintage pieces but you can’t find a convenient way to sell your Tiffany sterling silver flatware? At auction houses the auction results for comparable Tiffany flatware are quite too low, the fees and additional costs too high? The local dealer price’s are also not satisfying and you don’t feel good handing out your precious Tiffany silver flatware item’s to dubious tradespeople? We can fully understand your concern. Selling Tiffany silver flatware is a delicate issue because on the one hand you would like to get a top price and on the other hand you don’t want to sell your Tiffany sterling silver to anybody. Your search for a place where to sell Tiffany silver flatware to top conditions has an end, Sell to Your reliable and transparent buyer for Tiffany sterling silver. We have the expertise to buy your Tiffany silver flatware to top Dollars without any hidden costs or fees.

What we buy and how it works

We buy any kind of Tiffany sterling silver and silver flatware. We don’t care about the condition of your items, for us only the raw material value of the precious metals that you would like to sell, counts. We buy antique, vintage Tiffany silver flatware pieces as well as new collections such as Elsa Peretti, Chrysanthemum, Hampton, The English King, The Faneuil Collection, The Provence Collection, and the Shell and Thread Collection. Sell to us your Tiffany sterling silver in form of spoons, knives, gravy ladles, butter spreaders, forks, Turkey roast carvers, teaspoons, cold meat forks, cake servers, tablespoons, pizza cutters, cocktail forks, carving forks and many many others. Get started now and turn your Tiffany sterling silver into cash, right now!

The process of selling your Tiffany silver flatware to us is that simple and quick. Just start with our online sales form where you fill in your basic details such as name and a short description of your items. Then wrap your Tiffany pieces very well and choose a convenient shipping method. We offer a free pick up which can be scheduled by request or alternatively we send you a free shipping label for USPS or FedEx, that’s the option if you would like to send your Tiffany silver flatware by yourself. When you have finished the shipping process you can lean back and relax. 24 hours after you have shipped your Tiffany silver flatware you can count with an price offer from us, when you agree, we cash out immediately selectively with PayPal, direct deposit our money order. If you don’t agree, we return your items free of charge. The appraisal of your Tiffany sterling silver don’t costs you only one Dollar, all our services are free for our appreciated clients, equal they sell or not. To no point of time you have the obligation to sell your Tiffany silver flatware. That’s part of our philosophy: Client first!

Any questions?

If you still have any questions to the sales process online, then please get in touch with our friendly reDollar service representatives. It’s their pleasure to assist you with all your concerns.

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