Sell your US gold coins online – right now for cash

Sell your US gold coins online – right now for cash

American Buffalo, American Eagle, $5 Liberty, $10 Liberty, $20 Liberty

You have inherited some US gold coins that you would like to sell? Or you plan to liquidate a coin collection? Or maybe you just like to sell one gold coin or some gold coins to get some extra cash?
Don´t worry, we are not interested why you plan to sell your US gold coins for cash – we just provide our gold coin buying service. You might be surprised to learn that some US gold coins can be very valuable. We can offer very high quotes because our experts are used to all US gold coins and the appraisal process is done on the same day.

US gold coins value – how much are they worth?

Gold is one of the metals that has been classified as being very rare. Gold will be found in nature as nuggets or flakes on the surface of the earth, in rivers or in thin gold veins deep under the surface. Mostly it takes a lot of efforts to mine gold and mining becomes more difficult because the worlds most productive mines are on outlying spots. Mining gold also becomes more expensive than the last centuries before. So for this reason the gold price is rising and rising. Almost all US gold coins will be traded based on the current gold price. Our offer is also based on the current gold coin stock value.

Hurry and sell your US gold coins today – learn more about our quotes:

Coins like the American Buffalo or the American Eagle are very common and well known. People from all over the world are buying and trading this coins as a conservative investment. Local gold buyers will also buy this coins but most of them can´t offer a competitive quote. Don´t waste your time by hanging out in different stores searching for an acceptable quote. Get started now and sell your US gold coins for cash. If you are used to your coins karats and weight you can use our calculator to calculate your quote.

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